5 Cloud Video Editors


Whether you’re making a video for your business or a personal project, it’s essential to have a quality video editor. These tools allow you to re-arrange, edit, and organize video shots to present all of the information in your video easily.

Online editing vs. cloud-based editing

Several options are available, whether you are a video editor, freelancer, or a consumer looking to create a movie. Using the cloud for video editing offers several benefits.

The best video editing workflows consider storage capacity, speed, and reliability factors. While many web services address pain points in the post-production workflow, selecting meets your needs.

Cloud-based v is criticalideo editors offer access to images, stock clips, templates, audio, and more. You can even create content automatically from scripts. You can also access your files while they are uploaded, eliminating the need to copy them to your hard drive.

Cloud-based video editing offers more flexibility for both solo and collaborative editing. You can even create short presentations and documentaries with a cloud editor. You can also make use of a wide variety of plug-ins. You can also add animation and other effects to your video.


iMovie is one of the best video editors available. It has a simple user interface and supports advanced features such as multiple transitions. It also offers a variety of predefined themes that can be customized.

iMovie supports various output formats and allows users to export their projects to various destinations. It also supports Ultra High Definition (4K) export. However, the files produced are pretty large. The exporting process can take a long time.

iMovie has a simple layout with two tabs. The left tab allows users to start new projects. The main menu includes a video library and popular videos. It also contains a camera and an effects menu.

iMovie also has a touch panel. This panel allows users to add filters and backgrounds to videos. In addition, iMovie supports the stabilization and shaking of video clips. It also offers a time stamp feature.


Known for its ability to deliver high-quality digital video, Lightworks is a powerful video editing application. While any professional can use it, there are also many features and functions that beginners will find helpful. Lightworks offers a host of video effects and transitions to help users create impressive video projects. Whether you want to speed up a video, change the speed of audio, or select tracks for a slideshow, Lightworks has various tools to help you achieve the look you want.

One of the most valuable features of Lightworks is its ability to speed up and slow down a video. This is important because the speed at which a video is played back is called the frame rate.

Another helpful feature is the ability to play an edit out to a tape. This is useful when exporting a video edit to a tape-based device, such as a camcorder.


Whether you are looking for video editing software for personal or professional use, Movavi video editor can help you create great videos. The program is easy to use, making it perfect for beginner users.

The program is designed with a clean and uncluttered user interface. It has a video player that lets you preview your video before editing it. The interface also contains a series of tabs for accessing file menus, special effects, and transitions.

The program can be used for various projects, from video editing to recording screen captures. It supports multiple file formats, including AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, and more. Moreover, it can export footage in several forms, including NTSC DVDs, PAL DVDs, and widescreen TVs.


Among the best free video editors, Lumen5 video editor is an excellent choice for creating professional-looking videos in minutes. This software uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform written content into a video. The software also offers an easy-to-use interface.

This video editor features a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows users to edit videos in the browser. Users can also add text, music, watermarks, stickers, and more to their videos. In addition, they can brand their videos and upload them to any social media platform.

The software also includes a text-to-video feature, which allows users to convert written content into a professional video clip. The AI-powered part can also highlight the best pieces of content. For example, it can focus on a specific explanation of an article.