AAA Auto Insurance Reviews


There are various online review sources, and you can use these to find the best AAA auto insurance. We’ll look at rates, customer service, mobile apps, and roadside assistance. We’ll also give some advice for choosing a policy. After all, you don’t want to pay more than you have to.

Customer service

If you’re having trouble with your AAA Auto Insurance coverage, you have a few options for resolving your issue. You can call the company directly, visit an office, or write them a letter. When writing, explain your concerns clearly and write down any relevant details. If possible, send the letter by certified mail. This will ensure that the letter arrives at its destination intact and alert AAA that the matter is serious.

The AAA Insurance website mainly lacks information on auto and other types of policies. It is aimed at drivers and only offers a small amount of information about each policy type. Rather than offering comprehensive insurance information, the website will direct you to request a quote or speak to an agent. This can be unclear, especially if you move from one state to another.


AAA auto insurance rates vary from company to company. The rates listed on the AAA website are estimates only. Full coverage with AAA averages about $1,948 per year, but you can pay as little as $672 a year for minimum coverage. Rates vary based on your driving history. Speeding tickets, accidents, and poor credit can all raise your premiums. It would help if you considered shopping around to find the best deal.

Using the AM Best ratings is another way to compare insurers. This rating measures a company’s financial stability and its likelihood of paying claims. An “A” rating means an insurer is stable and in an excellent position to meet your needs. However, an “A” rating does not guarantee that the insurer will remain in business forever.

Mobile app

If you’re looking for the best car insurance, you should check out AAA Auto Insurance. Not only does this insurer have one of the best auto insurance rates in the business, but it also has an app that allows you to quickly and easily file a claim. The mobile app is also helpful for getting an insurance quote, providing digital proof of insurance, and paying for insurance. The app can even help you get a quote in some states.

The AAA auto insurance reviews mobile app is available on the Apple App store and Google Play and can help you manage your insurance information from wherever you are. The app also offers a Spanish-language service, which is helpful if you don’t speak English or are traveling to a Spanish-speaking country. Additionally, AAA is a big supporter of its community and has many programs focused on sustainability. Their popular ecotourism project, Freedom’s Way, is an example of how they give back to their communities.

Roadside assistance

If you have AAA auto insurance, you can feel confident they will help you if you need to call for help on the road. Whether on a long road trip or a quick commute, it is never easy to run into problems, and roadside assistance is an excellent option for this type of emergency. For example, you can get help repairing a flat tire, dead battery, or empty fuel tank, and you can save money on expensive repairs by calling the service when you need it most.

When looking for AAA insurance, remember that you can always get a quote online or talk to a customer service representative. In addition, most policies offer roadside assistance, and a member can even log in to see their current rates and account information online. You can also sign up for the AAA OnBoard program and get rewards for good driving habits. These features make AAA an excellent choice for insurance and have competitive rates for their policies.

Claim forgiveness

To lower your auto insurance premiums, you should consider claiming forgiveness on AAA auto insurance. AAA has more accident forgiveness options than many competitors. For example, if you haven’t had an accident in five years, you can get claim forgiveness. You can also purchase the Claim Forgiveness Ultimate program for additional benefits, including cash rewards and renewal credits.

However, before you opt for this benefit, you should first understand its limitations. It doesn’t erase the accident from your driving record, but it does exclude it from future premiums. Getting this kind of coverage might also be challenging if you’re a newly licensed driver.