Acer Aspire One Netbook Review


If you are looking for a lightweight notebook with a powerful processor, then the Acer Aspire might be just what you need. This laptop can handle various tasks, from web surfing to downloading documents, thanks to its 10.1-inch screen, Intel Core 2 Duo processor, and Windows XP.

10.1-inch screen

Acer’s Aspire One 10.1-inch screen is an excellent netbook. It has a decent keyboard and screen and a price that’s attractive to budget-conscious consumers. It also has a solid battery life and proper hard drive space.

While Aspire One has a lot of positive aspects, it lacks a few things. As a result, it’s not an ideal choice for anyone who wants a laptop for gaming or heavy computing, and it’s not a good choice for those who wish to use a Windows-based operating system.

Acer’s Aspire One 10.1-inch netbook is available in two versions. The D150 version comes with a smaller keyboard and six-cell battery, while the AOD150 has a more compact design and a better battery. In addition, Acer Aspire One AOD150 is priced at $349, which is $50 to $150 cheaper than the most popular 10-inch netbooks.

Wi-Fi switch

Acer Aspire One laptops have a Wi-Fi switch. The switch is usually located on the front or side of the device. The button is designed to turn on and off your wireless network. Some have a small LED indicator that lights up when the feature is activated.

There are several reasons your Acer Aspire One laptop can’t connect to the Internet. The most common cause is the wrong driver. You can check for any drivers that need updating with the Acer Driver Updates page. If you cannot find any, you may want to contact the laptop manufacturer.

The fn key will sometimes be the Wi-Fi switch on your Acer Aspire One. Some will have a blue LED indicator that lights up when you enable the wireless feature.

XP version offers the best battery life.

The Acer Aspire One is a solid choice whether you are looking for a portable office pc or a lightweight desktop replacement. It has a slick look and an affordable price tag. The mini-notebook is also impressive on the battery front.

Despite the Acer Aspire One’s modest spec sheet, it packs several features. It boasts a small but bright 8.9-inch screen, a solid-state drive, and a good selection of ports. Aside from the apparent keyboard, the device can also run DVDs and CDs, a feat that most other models of the ilk can’t touch.

The Aspire One is a compact machine weighing in at just 2.1 pounds. While this isn’t the lightest weight on the block, it is more delicate than its competitors. Similarly, it boasts a hefty battery pack of six cells. This gives it an estimated 7 hours and 21 minutes of XP-fueled fun.

Battery life is shorter on HDD configurations with Windows XP.

Acer’s Aspire is a mini notebook that packs a punch regarding power and portability. With a six-cell battery and a 120-gigabyte hard drive, it’s no slouch. However, it’s not quite up there with the MacBook Air. Nevertheless, it’s still a worthy competitor in the notebook computer arena, despite the hefty price tag. Acer opted to go all out with a McAfee suite, a Cyberlink DVD player, and a slew of game demos.

The Aspire One’s $379 MSRP might be steep for a PC, but the company makes a compelling case for its diminutive size and performance. With Windows XP installed, this machine shines. It’s not without its quirks, though, as it’s been known to take a while for its eponymous OS to boot. It also carries the dubious honor of having the lowest battery life. So if you’re in the market for a small form factor laptop, make it a priority to shop around.

XP version of the Aspire one is a good buy for those on a tight budget

Acer’s Aspire One is a solid choice if you’re looking for good value for your money. It’s compact, light, and packed with a nice amount of hardware for its low price. However, there are a few niggling issues that prevent the Aspire One from being perfect.

Battery life is short. The Aspire One only lasts two hours and twenty minutes on a three-cell battery. A six-cell battery will give you seven hours of power. But that’s still more than you’d get with a cheaper netbook, like the ASUS Eee PC 901, which has a five-cell battery.

Aspire One’s screen is bright and has a good resolution for an 8.9-inch screen. In addition, it has four sections you can customize: Connect, Fun, Files, and Work.