Best Part Lyrics


Lyrically, great lyrics tell a narrative tale. The verse may introduce the chorus, condensing song seeds into short phrases supported by repeated melody.

The lyrics tell a powerful tale of love and how it can profoundly alter one’s life and emphasize how crucial it is to express our emotions towards someone special.

Verse 1: “I love you”

This song makes it easy to remember all the different ways to say “I love you,” as well as many practical, romantic expressions in English. This makes it ideal for learning English or expressing their feelings to someone special; its moderate tempo of 75 BPM provides ample room to do just that! Written by Jordan Evans, Matthew Burnett, Daniel Caesar & Riley Bell, this track was first released for public consumption in 2017.

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Verse 3: “I love you”

Both artists sing about how vital their partners are in the song; H.E.R. compares her lover to coffee in the morning and sunshine on a rainy day, while Caesar shows his affection by saying she’s like water in a desert or paracetamol for headaches. Together, they encourage one another to express their emotions freely and remind one another they’re “the best part” of their lives.

This duet, recorded in 2017 and featured on Caesar’s album Freudian, won the 2018 Soul Train Award for Best Collaboration Performance and certification platinum by RIAA.

Verse 5: “I love you”

In verse 5, he tells her she is like coffee in the morning and sunshine on rainy days; also, like paracetamol when headaches strike – suggesting her essential role in his wellbeing.

The last verse of the song features Caesar apologizing to H.E.R for all the abuse he inflicted upon her and promises never to make her try to stay with him or beg for his acceptance when she leaves him again, also acknowledging he owes her blood for all she took and still loves regardless. This single was released in 2017 and included in both albums Freudian by Caesar and H.E.R’s self-titled release by H.E.R.

Verse 7: “I love you”

The seventh verse depicts him leaving for extended periods, likely drinking and visiting nightclubs. When he tells her, “Don’t ever think that I will try to make you stay, and maybe when you come back if possible,” this indicates he doesn’t love her; perhaps instead, he appreciates how much money she gives him in return, with which to buy clothes he enjoys wearing or other things he finds fulfilling.

Composers often employ deceptive cadences when writing songs; one example is “together for always” and “forever.” It adds an authentic emotional quality that would otherwise remain unfulfilled by traditional Valentine’s song sentiments.

Verse 8: “I love you”

“Best Part” by Daniel Caesar and H.E.R was released as a single 2017 from their respective 2017 albums: Freudian for Caesar and H.E.R’s self-titled offering for H.E.R in 2017. This track won the 2018 Soul Train Music Award for Best Collaboration and has since been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. In the song, Daniel and H.E.R. compare their relationship to an iconic movie scene: they believe spending time together would highlight life, noting how essential each other is. Daniel compares her to coffee in the morning and sunshine on rainy days, while H claims she can bring him relief during headaches from her presence. Daniel makes similar comparisons between two movie scenes, and the two protagonists describe each other like characters from movies – they tell both being parts of life movies!

Verse 9: “I love you”

The ninth verse of “Best Part” is a passionate love song in which artists express their deep appreciation for their significant other. Likening life to a movie, they represent that spending time together is their favorite part. At the same time, artists encourage their partners to tell how much they cherish them and say how much love there is between them.

H.E.R. has stated that she loves her partner so profoundly that she would choose them even if they weren’t her best friends, likening their presence to coffee in the morning and sunshine during rainy days. Daniel Caesar expresses his devotion by associating his partner’s presence with water in a desert environment or paracetamol when treating headaches. Also, he intends to ride slowly together and appreciate all that life offers them.