Ceres Unified School District Calendar 23-24


Ceres Unified School District offers its students a diverse array of educational programs, such as dual-language immersion and career technical education programs. Additionally, there are various extracurricular activities for them to choose from.

The district calendar provides key dates for the academic year, including holidays and breaks, to assist students, parents, and teachers with planning their schedules effectively.

First day of school

Students, parents, and teachers all must know when the first day of school will occur – this calendar highlights important dates – like first/last days/holidays/teacher professional development days; it also covers events like parent-teacher conferences/district board meetings.

Ceres Unified School District’s calendar consists of 180 school days that begin in late August or early September and end in late May or June, reflecting the traditional academic calendar while providing breaks and holidays tailored specifically to students, teachers, families, national holidays such as Labor Day, Memorial Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day as well as longer holidays such as two-week winter break in December and a one-week spring break in March that provide ample time for quality family time together and exploring personal interests.

Parents anticipating the start of a new academic year will find the Ceres Unified School District Calendar an invaluable asset in planning their activities. It outlines important dates such as opening and closing dates of school, holidays, teacher professional development days and testing periods, student performances and graduation commencements, etc.

Ceres Unified School District offers students an unrivaled educational experience thanks to its highly qualified teachers and specialized programs. It strives to foster a positive learning environment, helping students attain academic success as well as personal growth. Their mission is to prepare them for future challenges while they value collaboration among educators, parents, and communities alike.

As part of its efforts to assist families in keeping up with immunizations for their children, the CUSD has joined with local organizations in hosting immunization clinics throughout the city. You can visit either their website or call them for further details; all events are open and free to everyone!

Last day of school

Ceres Unified School District is one of California’s premier educational systems. Students benefit from an exceptional academic curriculum and many sports and extracurricular offerings at Ceres USD. Furthermore, its dual language immersion program gives its pupils the chance to acquire both Spanish and English simultaneously – helping to build strong language skills as well as global perspectives.

Our academic year typically runs 180 days from August/September through May/June and includes breaks for students and staff alike to relax and recharge over Thanksgiving and winter break periods. Veterans Day, Martin Luther King Jr Day, and several national holidays such as Memorial Day are observed as part of this schedule – giving everyone ample opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones! The district observes various national holidays such as Veterans Day and MLK Jr Day with extended breaks provided during these occasions.

Additionally, the school district acknowledges a variety of other holidays and events celebrated by various cultures, such as religious festivals or special days like Mother’s Day. This allows us to maintain a balance between academics and cultural awareness.

District-wide opportunities exist for parents and students to interact with teachers. Such engagements allow parents to gain more information about their children’s performance and development in school – particularly beneficial for students whose parents are unable to attend parent-teacher conferences themselves.

Additionally, the schools in this district are well-equipped to meet the needs of their diverse student body. Furthermore, this district boasts an outstanding faculty and staff of highly qualified teachers as well as administrators with years of experience – as evidenced by one of the lowest student-to-teacher ratios in California.

To learn about enrolling your child in Ceres Unified School District, visit its website and search for a section or tab providing enrollment information. Once you find it, follow its instructions to submit all necessary forms and documents – either online or in person depending on its policies and procedures.


Ceres Unified School District offers several holidays and breaks throughout the school year for both students and staff to recharge and refresh themselves, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations as well as cultural or religious holidays of significance observances – so they return ready to learn when school resumes!

Alongside holidays and breaks, the school district observes teacher preparation days and professional development days to support a productive academic year give teachers ample time to plan lessons, and activities, and provide ongoing support to their students. Furthermore, the district seeks to limit minimum days throughout the year as another benefit to both students and teachers alike.

Ceres Unified School District offers its students an array of programs, from dual-language immersion to career technical education. These programs enable their students to become bilingual while expanding their understanding of other cultures and communities. Furthermore, the district strives to foster a healthy learning environment that promotes both student success and personal development.

The district also hosts immunization clinics for parents and children at no cost to families of enrolled students. The next clinic will be on Friday, Oct 27 from 1-5 pm in the Argus/Endeavor Multiuse Room located at 2503 Lawrence Street; local health organizations have partnered with them to offer limited supplies of COVID-19 vaccine for these clinics.


Ceres Unified School District stands out among California’s educational systems as one of the premier education districts. Situated in California’s Central Valley, it strives to ensure both teachers and students remain healthy by offering academic, athletic, and extracurricular programs; parents can utilize resources available here in making decisions regarding their children’s education more easily.

To keep both students and staff happy, the district offers several breaks each year, both traditional holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as non-traditional breaks like Martin Luther King Jr. Day or Veterans Day. These holidays allow families to come together while also giving teachers time to plan lessons or attend professional development workshops.

A school calendar plays a vital role in the academic lives of students, teachers, and parents alike. It serves as a source of crucial information about holidays, breaks, and workdays as well as helping parents plan vacations or appointments around school-related activities. Furthermore, teachers can utilize it to prepare for student testing periods or Parent-Teacher Conferences.

While school calendars are an integral component of academic life, it should be remembered that they may change throughout the academic year. Parents and students should regularly visit district websites for updates; additionally, it is wise to consult local weather forecasts before planning travel plans; in case of inclement weather events the schedule could need to change unexpectedly.

This event will take place Wednesday, May 3rd from 5-7 PM in the Argus/Endeavor Multiuse Room on Lawrence Street 2555 and feature free tacos, paletas (ice pops), children’s activities, prizes, and an opportunity to meet our TK and Kindergarten teachers. No discrimination on grounds such as race, color, national origin/ancestry age religion gender identity sexual orientation disability parental family, or marital status will be used against anyone during hiring/employment processes including any use of affirmative action for hiring/employment processes; nor on grounds that violate state/federal laws prohibiting an association or membership that violate state/federal laws against anyone participating.