Choosing a Cat GPS Tracker Australia


Using a GPS tracker in australia can provide a handy way to keep an eye on your pet’s movements and activities. While most pets come equipped with microchips, these devices can give more insight into where and what your pet does daily. Learn the best info about gps tracker for cat.

Tracker collars update the location of your cat every 30 seconds when set to “live tracking,” boast a long battery life, and feature a light to help locate them at night.

Pet Positioning Collar

A cat GPS tracker is an effective way to keep tabs on your furry friend, prevent them from wandering off alone, and assist when they’re sick or injured. Pet owners often opt for GPS-based trackers because they’re more reliable than Bluetooth ones – not to mention the affordable options available today! Ensure the product offers outstanding customer service to support installation or use issues.

The Tagg GPS collar was specifically designed with your cat’s comfort in mind. Without batteries or antennae that may cause discomfort, this collar monitors activity levels to ensure they get adequate exercise, helping ensure they remain healthy. Furthermore, setup is simple with Android or iOS devices available.

This electronic cat GPS tracker uses GPS technology to pinpoint your cat’s location and relay that information via the mobile network. It also features geofence alerts if she moves beyond specified boundaries.

A high-quality cat GPS tracker in australia should contain many convenient features, including a built-in microphone for voice activation and a rechargeable lithium battery that lasts at least a year. Furthermore, its durable construction must withstand water exposure, with an intuitive user interface compatible with iOS and Android devices and suitable for domestic use in your country. Finally, consider additional charges related to data usage that might apply depending on where your cat lives!

While some may consider cat GPS trackers unnecessary, they can be invaluable tools in keeping your pet safe. A third of cats go missing at some point,t and having peace of mind while quickly retrieving your lost cat is invaluable. A high-quality tracker should be waterproof, easy to set up, and feature an energy-saving mode; additionally, it should look great and fit most cats perfectly!

Mini Pet Anti-Lost Real-Time Tracker

The Fitbark GPS Tracker connects to various global navigation satellite systems to monitor your pet’s location. Its GPS technology works even in areas with limited cell service, making it one of our more dependable options. When your cat leaves its safe zone, an alert will be sent directly to your phone; additional zones may also be created. Plus, its waterproof construction means it can come along on outdoor adventures!

This RF tracker is easy to use both indoors and outdoors. A transmitter attached to your cat’s collar transmits signals the receiver detects; once within range, this receiver emits a high-pitched tone and displays multicolored lights, indicating how close you are to your pet.

GPS trackers can only pinpoint your pet within several yards; in contrast, RF trackers can pinpoint locations within centimeters – making them perfect for finding smaller pets that might otherwise be difficult to spot, like hamsters or kittens. Furthermore, older cats who dislike wearing collars can also benefit from having these trackers tracked with these trackers.

Though many RF trackers we tested had smaller tracking areas than GPS trackers, they can still prove effective for finding lost pets. The Tile Mate offers up-to-the-minute tracking through its app with up-to-the-second alerts whenever your lost animal leaves or returns to an area. Furthermore, you can subscribe to premium services for added features, such as intelligent alerts when your pet leaves or returns to specific spots.

The PetFon 2 was the only tracker we tested that doesn’t require an ongoing subscription fee, though you will still need to purchase either WiFi access or data plans for it to function effectively. WiFi monitoring allows for indoor monitoring while GPS provides outdoor tracking – we found the setup and use effortlessly with no noticeable lag in tracking during our tests.

Tractive GPS

Tractive GPS goes beyond other trackers that merely save location history by offering real-time tracking capabilities that update every two to three seconds – offering pet parents peace of mind that their furry family members won’t wander off again! Plus, this tracker comes equipped with an impressive battery life lasting five days on one charge and a waterproof rating (IPX7), making it perfect for outdoor cats or those who tend to doordash!

The Tractive GPS works by sending its current GPS coordinates to Tractive servers and then displaying this data on an interactive map accessible through its app. Furthermore, it will notify you if your cat strays outside of any safe zones you set within its app and connects automatically with multiple network providers, depending on which has the best coverage in your area.

Tractive, an Austrian pet wearables company founded by Michael Hurnaus, Michael Lettner, Michael Tscherneuth, and Le Mans driver Harold Primat, was established in 2012. Guidepost Growth Equity led a $35 Million Series A round of funding that closed in 2021 for the business.

Tractive’s GPS tracker is a portable unit designed to fit snugly on your pet’s collar or harness. It determines its location with 7.8-meter precision via GPS satellites, making it accessible from any phone with internet access. Their website and mobile apps also show your pet’s location live, so you can always stay up-to-date.

This device uses a SIM card and requires an active subscription, providing 24/7 global coverage with most major wireless carriers in over 150 countries. The Premium plan enables real-time tracking and storage of up to 365 days of history; you can even share this tracking history with family and friends via Tractive accounts.

YoPets Mini GPS Pet Tracker

A cat GPS tracker is an electronic device designed to help keep tabs on your feline companion and monitor their location at any given moment, alerting you if they leave their safe zone and tracking their activity level for adequate exercise. Finding one to suit your and your feline friend’s personality may prove difficult, but by conducting extensive research, you will find something perfect!

YoPets Mini GPS Pet Tracker is an excellent option for pet owners looking to track their cats without spending too much money. Attach it directly to their collar; a replaceable battery that lasts up to one year and a water-resistant design makes this tracker more user-friendly than others on the market. It features a directional tracking system, making finding them even simpler!

Another great feature of this device is its ability to train your pet to return home when its ring or vibration alert rings or vibrates. Set a trigger point with your smartphone app, and have the tracker signal when your cat nears home – especially useful if they wander away from you regularly! This device could prove particularly handy if your outdoor cat likes exploring and wanders off from its home territory.

YoPets Mini GPS Pet Tracker allows you to monitor your furry friend’s daily activities with its 24-hour history recorder and map view feature. This device has an LED light that makes finding your furry pal easy in low-light situations! Plus, it works seamlessly with most major cellular networks in Australia for hassle-free tracking!

Cats are well-known to be shy creatures that prefer solitude, yet they can easily wander off when untrained to come when called. A GPS tracker will give you peace of mind knowing the whereabouts of your feline friend; in case they go missing (as unfortunately occurs for one-third of Australian cats each year), this device will help locate them faster.

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