Cool Places to Eat Near Rajkot


If you’re looking for a good place to eat near Rajkot, you’ve come to the right place. Barbeque Nation is located in the Crystal Mall and offers unique delicacies made with the freshest ingredients. Whether you’re looking for a vegetarian main course or a spicy mutton kebab, Barbeque Nation is the place to go.

Amrut Restaurant

If you want to experience authentic Indian cuisine with delicious flavours and a cool atmosphere, visit Amrut Restaurant, one of the best restaurants near Rajkot. Its staff is dedicated to serving you the best food possible. A large, expansive menu is available, and prices are reasonable. It is also open all year round.

The restaurant is near the Love Temple and has more than ten reviews. The grade is 6.0 out of 10. You can also check out its Facebook page, which has more than 627 likes and 2079 visitors. The menu changes frequently, but you can’t miss the fusion of Indian dishes.

This restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating. The staff is prompt and attentive, and the service is excellent. The cuisine is largely Indian, but there is a broad selection of vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The restaurant’s ambience is modern and decorated beautifully.

Sunny Paji Da Dhaba

If you’re craving Punjabi food, you’ll want to visit Sunny Paji Da Dhaba near Rajkot. It’s an Indian restaurant with a great menu and fast service. The rotis are delicious, the lassis are refreshing, and the prices are affordable. The service is also very good, and the atmosphere is pleasant.

The restaurant is a family-friendly destination that offers delicious Indian cuisine and beautiful outdoor space with various places for photography. The staff is friendly and helpful, and you’ll appreciate the clean and airy environment. You can enjoy the food and watch the people around you while enjoying live music and singing. The menu is extensive, and you’ll have plenty of choices for dinner.

Ekdant Food Parcel

If you are a foodie looking for cool places to eat near Rajkot, you should try out Ekdant Food Parcel, where you can get Gujarati, North Indian, and street food. They provide good quality, hygienic food. Other great options for good food include Jay Khodiyar Punjabi, which offers many different kinds of North Indian and Mughlai food. There are also pizzas, dominos, and KFC in the area.

Jay Khodiyar Punjabi

If you’re looking for Punjabi food near Rajkot, there are several places to choose. You can try Ekdant Food Parcel for North Indian or Gujarati dishes and street food. The place has an outdoor seating area and good services. You can also try Jay Khodiyar Punjabi, which serves various cuisines. This restaurant is perfect for a fun evening out with friends.

Shiv Shrushti Restaurant

If you’re looking for a place where you can sample some authentic Indian cuisine and eat pure vegetarian delicacies, Shiv Shrushti Restaurant is a good option. This restaurant features excellent service and outdoor seating. It also offers a wide range of services. Customers are always treated promptly, and the staff is extremely attentive. There are many options, and the menu is very diverse.

Kaba Gandhi No Delo

Kaba Gandhi No Delo is a cool spot for lunch in Rajkot. It was the primary home of Mahatma Gandhi during his London stay in 1915. It is located just off the city’s main bus station and offers great views of the city’s skyline. It is also famous for serving local food with traditional flavours. The location also has historical significance: it was the primary home of Mahatma Gandhi’s family in India until 1915.

The town is also home to several historical sites, including the Kaba Gandhi No Delo, a museum and ancestral home of Mahatma Gandhi. The building, which is a landmark, is built in a traditional Saurashtrian style with courtyards and arched gateways. The museum contains many original artifacts related to Gandhi’s life.

A popular tourist attraction in Rajkot, Kaba Gandhi No Delo offers delicious, fresh Indian food. Visitors can enjoy lunch here after long strolls in the city. The sandwich menu is especially popular among those who want to sample the local cuisine. The Balaji Sandwich is a great choice if you’re craving some local cuisine. Its delicious sandwiches are topped with perfectly cooked paneer.

Race Course Grounds is another interesting destination in Rajkot. It’s the ideal place for a morning or evening stroll and has several activities for the whole family. You can visit Bal Bhawan, Children’s Traffic Park, and Zoo. These areas are also perfect for families with young children, as they have many sports facilities.