Crypto Conduct Authority Review –Providing you with a Peace of Mind in the Online Trading Industry


In the earlier years of the cryptocurrency industry’s arrival, there were not many firms available to facilitate you even when it came to performing crypto trades. Over time, the industry has continued evolving and today, you have access to thousands of crypto service providers. However, the question is, whether every firm is legit. This is a question that is too hard to answer even today. But you have Crypto Conduct Authority to help you with that. If you keep reading my Crypto Conduct Authority review, you will know how it can make it happen for you.

The idea behind Crypto Conduct Authority’s Foundation

The Crypto Conduct Authority has been founded with aim of offering a neutral environment and ground to both the traders and the crypto brokerages to settle their disputes. It is an authority that is not governed by any regulator but operates independently.

The purpose of the authority is to act as a committee that puts together a list of highly qualified and reliable crypto trading brokerages. It acts as a platform that traders can approach when they need to find a reliable crypto trading brokerage.

It also provides traders with the latest information about scamming brokerages and potentially harmful crypto trading brokers.

The traders can also raise their complaints about any of the Crypto Conduct Authority-listed brokerages if they are not being fair with them. The committee feels fully responsible for dealing with the matter with utmost priority and makes an effort to resolve the findings.

How the Traders Benefit from Crypto Conduct Authority?

The major purpose of the Crypto Conduct Authority is to provide traders with as much support as possible in finding the right crypto trading platform.

It does not want you to go through the trouble of finding a crypto trading brokerage whose legitimacy is in the dark. Instead, it has formed its own list of more than 50 brokers that you can view and choose the platform you find interesting to trade with.

Even when you have selected the crypto trading brokerage from Crypto Conduct Authority’s brokers’ list, it does not leave your side. It grants you the authority of submitting a complaint with them against the brokerage you got connected with through their platform.

The Crypto Conduct Authority takes up the matter with the brokerage if you have followed the right escalation process, first raising the complaint with the brokerage directly. If the response provided by the brokerage is not satisfactory for you, then you have the right to submit the Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) to the Crypto Conduct Authority. The IDR is the response given by the brokerage in response to your query or claim.

Crypto Conduct has a Compensation Fund

Although it is rare at times, a brokerage may not agree with your claim, which is further verified by the Crypto Conduct Authority. In that case, it may not grant you your rightful compensation but do not worry because Crypto Conduct Authority has a compensation fund to return the amount owed to you.

Education and Tips for Educators

Crypto Conduct Authority also offers you the ability to learn about cryptocurrencies and their trades plus trading strategies. You can go through the trader’s education registration and become part of the Crypto Conduct Authority’s education program. The program allows you to learn more about trades and implement your learnings into trades to create better opportunities. The platform also provides you with tips about how the crypto markets work and how you can benefit from them if you make the right calls.

Memberships for Brokers

If you are a broker and want to become part of the Crypto Conduct Authority’s accredited brokers’ list, then you can apply right away. You can provide all the necessary details asked by the platform on their platform. Your brokerage will be assessed, audited, and then accredited by the Crypto Conduct Authority. Through Crypto Conduct Authority, your brokerage gains popularity and recognition being a regulated and accredited brokerage.

Support Channel for General Queries

If you have a question and want Crypto Conduct Authority to answer it, you can visit their website, go to the “Contact Us” section and ask your query. Someone from Crypto Conduct Authority’s support team would promptly respond to your query.

Ending Thoughts

With the growing number of scammers in the crypto trading industry, Crypto Conduct Authority has appeared like a savior. It grants you access to some of the most reliable and highly credible trading service providers. If you have Crypto Conduct Authority on your side, you do not have to worry about getting into trouble with a brokerage.

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