Crypto1capital Review – 3 Features Setting This Trading Platform Apart


It has become quite a cliché for online companies to use common features as a way of setting them apart. They think they are different just because they offer a feature without realizing that there are so many other companies offering the same feature. I believe a company that sets itself apart does it based on how it can turn the same features into trader-friendly features. The only platform that I think can do that has been discussed in great detail in this Crypto1capital review.

I just want to tell you about this platform and how it has stood the test of time to remain trader-friendly. Trader requirements are always changing, but I think Crypto1capital has never disappointed its customers. Let’s take a look at the 3 features that are the highlights of this broker.

Constant and Consistent Trader Support

I have noticed that a lot of people think that support only means the customer support department. Yes, the customer support department matters, but that’s not the only way your broker can help you. Customer support on this platform is available to you through phone, email, and live chat. However, what makes it different is that there is support for you in many ways. For example, you have one-on-one sessions with expert traders who will teach you the most valuable trading secrets. Secondly, you have dedicated account managers that are given to you when you sign up with one of the paid trading accounts.

You will also get help from professional analysts through specific sessions. These sessions are held occasionally and on demand. You can always have these sessions to learn the secrets of trading that most people are not aware of. These analysts can tell you how to perform fundamental and technical analyses.

One Platform Does It All

The trading platform from Crypto1capital does it all for you. I have noticed companies that offer you multiple trading platforms or software to help you with various things. However, once you have signed up with Crypto1capital, you will have just one trading platform for everything. Do you want to get the latest news from the market? Your trading platform is enough. Do you want to trade in multiple markets at the same time? Of course, your trading platform can help you with that as well. It also comes with all the advanced charts and graphs that will help you analyze the market before you trade in it.

Accessing this trading platform will not be a problem for you at all. Whether you use a smartphone most of the time or are sitting in front of a laptop, you can use this platform on all of those devices. You might think that having Android or iOS on the device would matter but even that won’t matter because this web-based trading platform runs on all platforms. It’s intuitive, offers you some level of automation, and the customization options let you arrange things the way they make sense to you.

Security, Compliance, and Adherence

You get it all in one place when you sign up with a broker like Crypto1capital. The company has made sure that its traders feel safe when they choose its platform out of hundreds of other options. It complies with all the industry standards and requirements. For example, the adherence to KYC and AML policies is clear when you look at the information you have to share at the time of signup. Secondly, the broker has made sure to have encryption in place, monitoring of your account 24/7, and 2FA authentication so every trader can feel safe when signing into their account.

Final Thoughts

I have focused only on these three features. However, I don’t want to send the impression that these are the only features from Crypto1capital that are good for traders. There is a lot for you to discover once you sign up with this broker. So, go ahead, read more, learn more, and see if this can be your starting point as a trader.

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