Dream Finders Homes Reviews


When it comes to Dream Finders Homes reviews, they are generally pretty bad. There are eight reviews on the company’s website; on average, they are 1.1 stars. Unfortunately, only three of those reviews contain detailed feedback. The ones that describe specific issues include the company’s speed and payment policy. These reviews put Dream Finders in the bottom 25 percent of U.S. contractors.

44 complaints

Dream Finders has received 44 complaints about its homes, but that’s not enough to pull down the company’s BBB score. The BBB scores companies based on how well they respond to complaints and resolve them. Some customers have complained that Dream Finders hired subcontractors to build their homes but did not disclose who they hired. This means they were forced to pay for a 5-year-old roof after the company had completed construction.

One employee review

Read employee reviews for Dream Finders Homes to learn what employees think of their workplace. These reviews can give you a good idea about what the company offers and what it requires from employees. They can also give you an idea about the compensation and training programs offered. Additionally, you’ll learn about the interviewing process and what to expect from the company.

The company is ranked in the bottom 25% of U.S. contractors.

Although Dream Finders is not a new name in homebuilding, it is still one of the worst. The BBB has listed 44 complaints against the company. However, these are not significant enough to drag down the overall score. The BBB’s rating of contractors is based on how well a company responds to complaints and works to resolve them. Dream Finders does not disclose who they use for their jobs, meaning it could be anyone, including a subcontractor. For example, a homeowner with a roof replaced with a new one had to pay Dream Finders.

The company is owned and operated by Patrick Zalupski, the co-founder and CEO. He started the company to build affordable homes in Jacksonville. However, over the past five years, he has expanded his business across the U.S. and has six regional divisions.