E Learning Companies in Bangalore


Education is evolving into an interactive experience, and some of the top e-learning companies are revolutionizing how students learn. Thanks to advanced technologies such as those offered by these e-learning providers, learners now have access to courses and materials whenever they suit them best.

Bangalore, known for being India’s tech center, boasts some of the nation’s premier education technology firms that specialize in remote learning solutions for both children and professionals alike. These firms offer remote education opportunities to both grade schoolers and professionals.

Dexler Education

Dexler Education is a global e-learning company offering content creation, learning delivery solutions, and SAP education consulting services to meet organizations’ evolving business demands. Their products and services include scalable content creation platforms such as Agile Learning Platforms with adaptive learning capabilities, strategic user performance management services, change management services, and education consulting consulting.

Established in 2001 and based out of Bangalore, India, E-Learning Services International operates offices worldwide – US, Australia, UAE, South Korea, and South Africa are its key markets – serving customers such as Mondelez and SAP with video-based e-learning courses, flexible learning platforms, customizable digital content.

Dexler Education (India) Private Limited is a privately owned educational software services provider. Their digital learning platforms, learner-appropriate content, as well as individual and corporate learning are available for their customers to utilize. Dexler Knowledge Solutions LLC, part of the Dexler group of companies, features two promoters: Anand Nagarajan and Thinniam Muthuswamy Nagarajan. It has an authorized share capital of Rs. 500,000 with paid-up capital equaling that amount; registered address at # 5, Prestige Ridge Domlur Service Road Domlur Karnataka 560071 with contact number +91 80 80902122 for phone calls as well as NeverBounce to reduce email bounce rate – while competitors include Meridian Knowledge Solutions Inc; Cleverlearn Ltd Knowledge Platform Pte Ltd; Cyberwisdom Inc


Simplilearn is an online learning company offering results-driven digital training courses and applications. Their practices span AI/ML/DL, cloud computing, software development, cybersecurity, project management, and more, and they are designed and accredited by leading global professional certification bodies. Simplilearn’s high-engagement curriculum incorporates self-paced learning with instructor-led live virtual classrooms for hands-on project collaboration, student collaboration, and 24/7 teaching assistance – their training has helped train over 1 Million professionals and companies from 150 Countries!

Simplilearn offers online courses that are accessible from any computer with internet connectivity and also has an app allowing users to access course material while mobile. Classes generally last 4-6 weeks and feature video content, graded assignments, hands-on projects, and teacher support systems – they may also include practice tests as well as official exams at the end of their modules.

Courses at this company are tailored toward professionals seeking to learn a new skill that will advance their careers, with two job guarantee programs – Full Stack Java Developer Job Guarantee Program and Data Science Job Guarantee Program – offered as additional guarantees of employment.

Simplilearn courses are reasonably priced and available through various payment methods such as credit and debit cards. While their refund policy is quite generous, there are some restrictions; you must show evidence that more than 25% of course content has not been accessed in order to get your money back and submit the request within seven days from the purchase date or else it won’t happen. It is, therefore, advisable to thoroughly research any potential investments by reading customer reviews prior to making a financial commitment.


IGNOU is a national distance learning university offering undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma courses as well as vocational programs at undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, and certificate levels. Additionally, its online platform gives access to study materials. Furthermore, regional centers and study centers across India make IGNOU accessible to a diverse student body, while partnerships have been formed with organizations such as National Skill Development Corporation for vocational courses offered via IGNOU’s admission process that can quickly be completed online with document delivery provided via courier service.

IGNOU’s courses are flexible, enabling students to choose their own pace and study from any location. Furthermore, multiple systems can be taken concurrently, allowing more opportunities for career advancement and personal development. Again, its program is highly respected by employers, with students having great success entering the workforce after completing IGNOU studies.

However, one drawback of studying with IGNOU is its inability to provide as much hands-on experience as traditional colleges do. Furthermore, students may find it challenging to maintain motivation and self-discipline without an on-campus environment; additionally, there are numerous courses offered through IGNOU that may or may not pertain to their field of interest.

IGNOU was recently accredited by the University Grants Commission of India to ensure its educational quality, which is an essential step for any educational institution as accreditation adds credibility and recognition among students of institutions that meet high academic integrity standards. Employers and higher education institutions alike will also accept their degrees.


This company provides learners with a marketplace where they can select courses from over 90-course providers – offering undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, and entrance coaching programs, industry certifications for digital marketing, IT, and financial management, as well as K12 programs.

Education as a sector has historically been challenging to break into successfully, yet Edukart has found success due to its unique focus as an education marketplace rather than a provider itself. Their experienced team boasts deep industry knowledge.

EduKart has partnered with over 90 course providers and successfully driven enrollments in over 2,000 courses spanning K12, degree, diploma, short circuit, and industry certification categories. Customers range from those looking to enhance their career skills to individuals searching for new academic opportunities – and EduKart’s team of expert education consultants can assist in selecting the most relevant courses to their needs.

Recently, Edukart raised a $1 Million funding round from an array of investors, including Yuvraj Singh’s YouWeCan Ventures and Holostik Group’s Venture Capital arm (Holostik Group Venture Capital). Additionally, several angel investors, including France-based early-stage investor Kima Ventures; Arihant and Amit Patni (brothers who run computer services firm AKM Systems); Stanford Business School alumni angels Vibhor Mehra and Manish Kheterpal as well as PayTM founders, took part in this round.

Edukart’s platform is accessible on both iOS and Android, making it easy for students to access its content from any location. Their mobile app enables students to search for top education providers, book classes, and manage their time effectively. It also features a chat function so tutors and students can stay in contact.


BYJU’s has become the latest buzz in education technology. Children love it, blogs promote it, and parents rush to sign their children up – but what exactly is BYJU’s, and is it worth the investment?

Early Learn App provides students with additional and school curriculum classes designed to adapt to each learner’s learning style, plus one-on-one mentoring, doubt sessions, performance analysis reports, daily practice tests for JEE and NEET preparation, one-on-one mentoring services from experienced mentors, doubt sessions with one on one coaching, performance analysis reports as well as daily practice tests for JEE and NEET exam preparation. It is supported by Tiger Global as well as other investors.

However, this company has come under intense criticism on social media from former employees accusing it of misleading advertisements and aggressive sales tactics, non-transparency with policies, no refunds offered, and hiring football star Lionel Messi to promote its products – which was heavily criticized by labor activists and industry watchers.

Byju has been at the center of complaints against working conditions within the tech industry, especially regarding employees such as Nitesh Kumar. Kumar alleges that Byju subjected him to 15-hour work shifts with no lunch breaks provided and even ordered him back when sick; Byju has since refuted these allegations.

Byju’s co-founder, Divya Gokulnath, believes curiosity-led learning makes education more impactful and accessible. Byju has seen rapid growth with over 10 million downloads and 500,000 annual paid subscriptions; they now rank among the world’s highest-valued tech companies, although concerns have been raised regarding its business model following the Vedantu acquisition.