Friday Night Funkin Mods


Friday Night Funkin is a game that lets you control the music of the game by moving your finger across the screen. The game is available for various devices such as touchpad devices, mobile phones, and tablets. It is a must-have for every music lover. You can play the game with your friends online or against them.

X Event mod

If you love the Friday Night Funkin series of games, you might want to download the X Event mod. This new addition to Friday Night Funkin adds a new rival, challenges, and emotions to the game. You will meet new characters, and fight for the affection of your Girlfriend.

The X Event mod brings characters from the Undertale AUs into the Friday Night Funkin’ world. Currently, the game features 3 songs and a new character. The mod was created by NyxTheShield, who is also responsible for the music, animations, and chart.

Arcade Showdown mod

The Friday Night Funkin VS Kapi Arcade Showdown mod was designed to make the game more challenging for players. The game features a musical rhythm game featuring an anthropomorphic cat named Kapi. It was created by EMI head, bbpanzu, and paper kitty, and includes some music by MikeGeno. It also features Mr. Game and Watches characters.

The Arcade Showdown mod adds a lot of fun to Friday Night Funkin. It features characters such as Kapi, a playful cat who likes rhythm games but can become jealous of other players. Another popular character is Mr. Game & Watch, an arcade trash can character. The mod was created by PaperKittty, a GitHub contributor.

FNF Duo Pack mod

A new Friday Night Funkin Duo Pack mod has been released for the game. The pack features all of Week 1 and Week 6 of the game. It also comes with an updated version of the Psych Engine. This new mod is much more optimized than the original online build. It is recommended that you play the game on a PC. The creators of the mod are looking for contributors and hope that you will help them with their project.

The mod features several new songs and an updated UI. It also adds Hex, the basketball robot. Players can enjoy 10 different songs in the game. There’s also an option to add a full-week update, which adds new content to the game.

Vs Yourself mod

Friday Night Funkin’ is an open-source game that is based on the popular video game. The game’s code is free for anyone to modify, and thanks to the game’s active community, it has grown in popularity and features new content. Hundreds of different mods have been created by fans and players to enhance the game and add new features. These mods add new characters, hundreds of songs, and original universes. Some of them even feature cult video game characters.