Gobi Heated Jacket Review


Gobi offers an assortment of heated gear, such as hoodies, vests, gloves, and boots powered by battery power. Their products boast a 1-year warranty while being machine washable – they even offer 1-year free replacement warranties!

This women’s jacket features five heat zones and is powered by a 7.4V 6700 mAh rechargeable battery that will provide 9 hours of high heat usage. To find your ideal temperature setting use the LED controller.

Battery Life

Gobi Heat’s Ridge Heated Jacket for both women and men features an outer fabric comprised of polyester/cotton and an inner fleece fabric, providing maximum warmth when needed. Wear it alone, pair it with gloves and a hat for extra insulation, or pair it with gloves when temperatures drop low enough!

This heated jacket boasts a 7.4-volt battery lasting 10 hours on low power settings. The battery pack fits inside a zippered pocket on the left side of the garment and connects directly with heating panels via cable; four lights indicate its charge level.

Both jacket and vest models can be machine washed on gentle cycles with no risk to battery life; remove before bathing or tumble drying. They both come with a 1-year warranty, making them great for hiking, camping, and other outdoor adventures and for people living or working in colder climates.


Gobi Desert Clothing Company provides premium heated clothing that covers China and Mongolia’s Gobi Desert region with heated jackets, vests, hats, and gloves designed specifically for cold-weather activities like hunting or winter hiking – offering buyers peace of mind through a one-year warranty guarantee.

Our garments are easy to use and look fashionable, providing our customers with stylish yet practical clothing solutions. Available in various colors and sizes to meet customer needs. Shipped in soft-shell containers to maintain the separation of garments from battery packs until needed, these heated jackets ensure safe transportation until required.

The Women’s Grit Heated Jacket is wind and water-resistant, making it the perfect solution for cool temperatures. With warming zones on its arms and chest and its removable hood, our testing found it warmed up quickly while remaining comfortable throughout our wear time. With its abrasion-resistant fabric exterior and soft fleece inner layer layers, it was comfortable enough to wear all day; machine washing was possible after removing its battery pack for the best results.


Gobi Heat offers an assortment of heated clothing, including jackets, vests, and gloves designed to be lightweight yet warm and functional – the latter features are easily adjustable via their LED controllers and three heat settings on one jacket that last for 9 hours each charge.

The Gobi Heated Jacket Review is ideal for riders who spend long days out in cold weather conditions, such as riding, hiking, snowshoeing, or working. This versatile piece can also serve as an extra warm layer under outerwear to provide added warmth and comfort.

This hoodie is constructed of soft polyester/cotton blend outer fabric and ultra-soft fleece inner fabric for ultimate comfort and no irritation during testing. Additionally, this item can be machine washed; remember to remove its battery before doing so!


Gobi Heat is one of the leading providers of heated clothing on the market, offering products for men, women, and children of various styles and sizes. Gobi Heat also has a selection of gloves, socks, hats, and base layers as complementary offerings.

Products by this company are tailored for use outdoors or at work in cold climates and feature sleek yet lightweight designs to make them comfortable to wear while providing ample storage spaces for storage needs.

Their jackets feature a battery-powered heating system with three settings (low, medium, and high). Their heating elements use conductive threading instead of carbon fiber heating elements for maximum safety and energy efficiency. A one-touch LED controller lets you control the temperature as you cycle through different settings. Their batteries can also be recharged to be used repeatedly; additionally, they offer one-year warranties on their products.