Gothic Home Decor


The gothic home decor consists of dark colors. Black is the obvious choice, but be careful not to go overboard. Instead, choose rich, dramatic shades such as ocean blue, emerald green, and burgundy. Using earthy tones is a great way to balance the overall dark look.

Skulls are gothic home decor.

Skulls can be used to add a gothic flair to any room, whether it is a bedroom, living room, or even an office. You can find skull-themed home decor items, from decorative bookends to vases and wall clocks. There are also many DIY projects you can try to incorporate skull home decor into your home.

Gothic skulls have been around for centuries. They first became popular with sailors who dated foreign women and began painting their faces with skulls. Later on, these designs became popular with alternative cultures and corporate companies. You can even find fabric in the shape of skulls.

High-end fabrics

High-end fabrics are essential to a gothic home decor scheme. The look should be rich and luxurious, and drapery made of velvet and silk is an excellent choice. You can also use satin and silk for bedding and pillows. A Victorian Gothic-style home will also likely have tapestries hanging on its walls. Tapestries of this style are often large and are best used on tall walls to make an imposing statement.

Traditionally, gothic home decor is associated with a darker, edgier look, but it has become a popular style for modern homes. The look is moody and dramatic without being scary. Several subgenres of the gothic design style, including gothic romantic and gothic vampiric. A high-end black velvet four-piece drape set is a dramatic and opulent choice.

Bold pieces

When decorating a gothic home, a balance is essential to avoid overwhelming the eye. While the black hue is often associated with this style, it is not the only color to choose. Black can be significantly used, but too much of a good thing can look unbalanced.

To create the right balance, use bold pieces and high-end fabrics. Choose furniture and accessories that have a dark color palette. Avoid accent pieces that are too small. Instead, make sure you choose pieces that have intricate details or represent the period. Also, ensure your furniture is not too cheap to give a gothic home an authentic feel.


Draperies are an excellent way to add a gothic touch to your home decor. These pieces can serve as room dividers or cover the frame of doorways. You can also create a dramatic effect by choosing draperies that are elaborate and feature elaborate embellishments. If you’re unsure how to style your draperies, try taking an interior styling course.

Heavy drapes can filter light and create a dramatic look over the windows. They can also add a Gothic touch to your home decor because of their heavy weight. Choose draperies with tassels, tiebacks, and fringe to add a dramatic accent to your home. These additions can help you create an opulent Victorian Gothic-style home.


Consider adding Gothic wall art if you’re looking for an edgy yet stylish way to enhance your home’s decor. These pieces can be used in several ways to enhance your interior design. For example, they could be placed on a coffee table, a tray in the entryway, or even on a stack of books.

Gothic home decor can also incorporate landscape murals that channel modern gothic vibes. For example, Philip Straub’s Dragonstone design celebrates dark and eerie landscapes. The Dragonstone design is part of his fantasy collection, which fuses images of ice and imaginary lands.