Harr Travel Reviews


Danny Genung, owner, and CEO of Harr Travel in Redlands, Calif., has posted hundreds of videos on YouTube over the last four years. He has almost 65,000 subscribers. His most popular video is a walkthrough of the Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas, which has received 1.7 million views.

Danny Genung

Harr Travel is owned and operated by Danny Genung, a seasoned travel industry innovator. Harr has traveled more than 150 times and has filmed more than 500 cruise ship tours and 50 resorts in the last year. His YouTube channel shares his love of travel videos. His videos have garnered nearly 65,000 subscribers.

Harr Travel’s YouTube channel is a popular source of travel content, garnering over 50 million views since December of last year. These videos have featured everything from full ship tours to question-and-answer sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic. His videos have also been widely shared across the Internet.

Harr Travel has also posted a number of video tours that demonstrate various aspects of cruise ships. One of the most comprehensive videos is a one-hour walk-through of a cruise ship, which is far more advanced than the average travel advisor. But, for those who are more comfortable with a short tutorial, there are also more simple videos. These videos also explain topics such as Royal Caribbean’s future cruise credits and travel insurance.

Agency’s YouTube audience

If you’re looking for travel advice or a vacation spot, you may be interested in the many videos produced by Harr Travel Reviews. The travel website has nearly 65,000 subscribers on YouTube. Their videos usually feature travel advice, and the videos themselves are often short and to the point. A recent video features a walkthrough of the Beaches Turks and Caicos resort, which has received over 14,000 views.

Since December, Harr Travel has posted over 50 million minutes of video content. Videos have covered everything from full ship tours to cabin tours. Some videos have even featured a question-and-answer session during the COVID-19 pandemic. The videos have helped the travel company gain more customers and revenue.

Impact of videos on sales

The travel agency Harr Travel, which has been around for four decades, has taken the approach of using YouTube videos to promote its services. Since December, its channel has received over 50 million minutes of video views. The company has posted videos that address common complaints and problems that travelers experience on their trips. The videos are aimed at travelers in the U.S., and address questions that customers may have about a particular resort or cruise line.

Videos are easier to understand for prospective customers and can be more easily indexed by search engines. They also tend to have higher click-through rates, which means more visitors and sales. A successful video marketing campaign will help your travel agency get the attention of consumers and build a strong online presence.

Videos are becoming increasingly popular with travelers. They help travel companies connect with customers and increase sales. They also give them valuable information and give them peace of mind. Unlike static websites, videos help people learn more about their travel needs. In addition to providing information, videos can also help travel agents explain to potential clients what to expect when booking a vacation.