How do you make liquid terpenes?



Terpenes can be developed in home but it sure is a lengthy and complicated process. What’s more convenient is to buy liquid terpenes from the store and develop your own vape juice at home.

Have you ever heard of something called wax liquidizer or terpenes? If you are a vape enthusiast then know that both of these might come a little too handy when it comes to developing the vape juice. The wax liquidizer is a careful blend of propylene glycol mixed with that of some mineral oil whereas the terpenes consist of the vegetable glycerin in place of the propylene glycol which means that the terpenes are more intense and have to be used in minute quantity or the vape juice concentrate that you develop is going to come off a little harsh and bitter in taste.

wax liquidizer

Using terpenes to develop vape juice

Terpenes don’t have any aroma or flavor of their own but when mixed with the concentrates from cannabis or dried hemp can develop strong flavors. That is why it is recommended to use terpenes in small quantities as compared to the wax liquidizer because the end result could be a bit bitter and therefore unpleasant.

But even so, vape enthusiasts out there like to use terpenes in developing vape juices for the reason that these are more intense in terms of flavor and make the CBD available for the body to utilize. If you are careful enough with all the concentrations and stuff then sure you have got yourself a great product in the form of home-brewed vape juice which is less costly and equally effective as the store-bought vape juice.

Developing vape juice at home

To be able to develop vape juice at home with the terpenes you require a certain set of things. First of all, you do require a concentrate, it can be a hardened concentrate of cannabis and you need 1 gram of it and then you require the terpenes and the allowed concentration for the sake of liquidizing the concentrate is 0.1-0.5ml or if you want to make it easier still use only two drops of these.

Place the whole mixture into a shot glass and heat it up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit until the concentrate melts and starts dissolving into the terpenes. You can use the services of a microwave for the sake of heating the solution and only opting for ten seconds with your microwave is going to be more than enough. Now when the solution has melted enough you need to stir the whole thing to achieve a homogeneous consistency.

Make sure that you don’t add any more terpenes or concentrate after you have mixed the whole thing or otherwise it is going to disintegrate as the concentrations mentioned earlier are tried and tested and that is why you are advised to keep in close proximity to these. Don’t try to develop the vape juice in bulk because at some point you are just going to mess it up dearly. That is why stick with these concentrations, develop these small batches and start again from scratch if you are in need of more vape juice.

Final thoughts

After the vape juice has been developed you can just transfer it into your cartridge with the help of a syringe or if you have made it for later then do save it up in an airtight container. The vape juice developed this way at home is only going to stay solid for 6 months or so provided you keep it in airtight containers. Another thing that you need to be aware of is to keep the wattage of your vape device minimal at the very beginning and only increase it gradually otherwise there are chances that it might start giving you a burnt out and bitter feel and you might also have to replace your coil, that is why keep the wattage lower and only increase consistently.

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