How to Choose the Best HDMI Modulator


Distribute HDMI or RCA source video signals over coaxial cable to multiple television sets with this plug-and-play RF modulator device, making life easy! Connect, plug in, and go! This RF modulator does what it’s supposed to.

This device boasts an internal digital modulator incorporating HD MPEG2 encoding and AC3 Dolby audio encoding for AC3 Dolby audio output, supporting both 720p and 1080i RF outputs.

1. AoeSpy Digital RF Modulator

RF HDMI modulators are essential components of any home entertainment system, enabling modern devices like streaming media players to work with older TVs by expanding the signal range and supporting HD channels and Dolby audio. Choosing one that best meets your needs requires knowledge of all available types and their inner workings – considering factors like video quality and ease of installation, as well as remote access and web-based software features, are all aspects worth considering when choosing one that meets all these criteria.

The AoeSpy Digital RF Modulator is an excellent way to upgrade any audio-visual setup. It can transmit up to 1080p signals over coaxial cable networks, enabling easy connectivity of televisions to digital devices, while its compact design makes installation and use simple. Compatible with most HDMI-enabled devices, including TVs, DVD players, and gaming consoles – The device makes upgrading any AV setup a snap!

This HDMI-to-RF converter features a standard BNC connector for seamless integration into existing equipment, such as satellite set-top boxes, TV tuners, VCRs, Blu-ray/DVD players, and security cameras. Furthermore, its advanced technology ensures HD images and sounds with minimum interference.

This device comes complete with all necessary cables and connectors, which saves both time and money when installing it. Furthermore, its intelligent cooling system eliminates fan noises to keep the device at optimal temperatures – an important feature that helps prevent overheating while increasing performance.

For those on a tight budget looking for an HDMI modulator that offers many features at an unbeatably affordable price point. This RF HDMI modulator has covered everything from offices to living rooms and even classrooms! It offers many great qualities at a fraction of its premium counterparts. Plus, its affordable price point means it can fit into multiple settings!

Multicom offers a cost-effective HDMI modulator solution if you aren’t quite ready to invest in one. Lightweight and portable, it features an array of features at an attractive price and supports up to 134 channels for compatibility with most HDMI-enabled devices.

2. Thor Broadcast HDMI to Coax Modulator

When searching for the ideal HDMI modulator, look for one with superior performance. A quality modulator should support multiple video resolutions and have a user-friendly interface; additionally, it must help modulation standards and be durable and well-constructed with an attractive price.

Thor’s HDMI RF modulator is an ideal choice for anyone searching for an HDMI RF modulator. It is capable of handling multiple programs simultaneously and has an array of HD video formats and transmission modes, making it perfect for broadcasters! Furthermore, its user-friendly network management system and LCD make this unit easily selected.

This HDMPEG2 encoder offers high-quality Dolby Digital audio decoding and comes equipped with an internal digital modulator that supports several modulation standards, plus HDMI output that connects directly to any device. Furthermore, its 19Mbps programming support makes this unit ideal for public and private spaces, such as universities and casinos.

Contrary to other products on the market, this modulator allows simultaneous HD video encoding and ATSC 8VSB modulation. You can program any of the ATSC Program and System Information PSIP tables to meet various TV applications; furthermore, it features a built-in digital signal generator for any HDTV connection.

Multicom’s HDMI to RF modulator is an outstanding choice if you need an excellent HDMI to RF modulator for gaming or sports videos, providing sharp images with crystal-clear clarity for both fast-paced sports videos and gaming. Furthermore, this product’s straightforward operation can be controlled remotely from a central PC; additionally, its intuitive user interface makes managing it simple – perfect for schools, hospitals, and businesses.

3. Multicom HDMI RF Modulator

This device is an excellent way for those seeking to upgrade their audiovisual equipment with cutting-edge tech without ripping out their cable boxes. It connects easily to devices like Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, HDTV tuners, satellite set-top boxes, and older DVD and Blu-ray players, providing high-quality video output while supporting Dolby audio output.

Another feature you should remember when shopping for an HDMI RF modulator is its number of input ports and outputs. While some models only support one HDMI input, others have multiple ports that allow multiple devices to be handled simultaneously – some models even enable switching between devices by pressing a button directly on the device itself – this feature may come in especially handy if you use multiple devices across different rooms.

Consideration should also be given to the type of modulation. Some RF modulators offer multiple modulation types, such as QAM, ATSC, and ISDB-T, for increased flexibility and ease of use. Furthermore, specific models offer remote control capability so you can connect and manage devices more conveniently.

Multicom offers us another great value product at a beautiful price tag in this section. Their Multicom HD DVB Converter DSTV model can transform unencrypted HDMI signals with a resolution of up to 1080 pixels into several formats, such as ATSC and QAM 256; additionally, it supports AC3 audio output for AC3 radio broadcasting channels 2-137.

Multicom HDMI RF modulators are designed for ease of installation and setup. It features an intuitive user interface that makes configuring settings straightforward and monitors equipment status remotely. Its high-quality build quality makes it a durable device with lasting capabilities.

Select a product compatible with your televisions for optimal audio and video quality. Look for products with HDMI to RCA converters and coaxial cables – more expensive models tend to work better across various devices while costing more.

4. ProVideoInstruments VeCoax Ultra-2-Channel HDMI Modulator

The VeCoax Ultra-2-Channel HDMI Modulator is the premier solution for those seeking to transmit HDMI signals over long distances without loss in quality. Supporting 1080p output resolution and long cable runs without signal degradation, it is more costly than the AoeSpy RF modulator but offers expandable system capabilities, making it an excellent investment in the future.


The VeCoax Ultra-2-Channel HD RF Modulator’s advanced menu allows users to configure settings like PSIP, Mixer Mode, and RF Level as well as CVCT mode; Interlace or Auto are two CVCT options that will downscale 1080p signals into standard TV signals while Auto will pass the full HD signal through. Furthermore, depending on user preference, video quality settings may be selected either Low or High.

If you are new to modulators, we suggest starting with our recommended default settings; however, these can be altered to suit your requirements and set according to what your Service provider requires regarding PID (Programme ID Number). Your Service provider must approve this PID for the modulator to function with their coax cable TV distribution system.

Once again, selecting an RF Channel Frequency that you would like the modulator to broadcast on can also be accomplished online through charts showing all local stations’ frequencies used. When choosing one already being utilized by local broadcasters, it will prevent interference with over-the-air or nearby cable services.

The VeCoax Ultra-2-Channel RF Modulator is easy to set up and can be utilized in multiple applications. From HD television, cable/satellite distribution systems, and telco distribution networks – to MPEG-2 video compression over existing coaxial cables for HD broadcast – the VeCoax device can be set up quickly with minimal fuss in minutes, controlled through either IP web browsing or remote control for optimal operation.