How to Make a Potion of Weakness in Minecraft


Potions of Weakness is one of the most valuable potions in Minecraft. It debuffs enemies’ melee attacks and weapons to deal less damage. It can even be upgraded into throwable splash potions suitable for weakening mob attacks or curing zombie villagers.

Potion of Weakness Crafting does not require Nether Wart – players can easily combine water bottles, gunpowder, and fermented spider eye into their brewing stand.

Water Bottles

Minecraft may appear simple at first glance, but beneath that simplicity lies an incredible depth of intricacy for those willing to look deeper. One area in particular that players should explore further is Minecraft’s array of potions, which provide buffs and debuffs that allow players to complete in-game tasks they wouldn’t otherwise be able to achieve; one such brew is called Splash Potion of Weakness, which offers unique ways of hindering mobs during battle.

The potion decreases melee attack damage for players or mobs who ingest it. Making one is quick and straightforward, using just four readily available ingredients from within the game’s base supply; an alternative option for increased potency would include including Redstone in your recipe.

Crafting the potion requires four components: Water Bottles, Gunpowder, Fermented Spider Eye, and Blaze Powder. Players can find water Bottles in village churches, end ships, and igloos while Gunpowder drops when fighting Creepers; finally, the remaining items can be combined according to standard Minecraft procedures by placing each ingredient into its designated slot on the Brewing Stand menu.

Once all ingredients have been collected, players can use the brewing stand menu to combine Water Bottle with Fermented Spider Eye and Blaze Powder into one Splash Potion of Weakness, which can be thrown at enemies to reduce their melee attack damage for 1.5 minutes.

Contrary to other potions, this particular concoction doesn’t have an unlimited use limit and can be consumed multiple times. Even though its effects only last briefly, the brew still proves helpful, helping players defeat powerful bosses or reduce other players’ attack power during battle. Furthermore, players can use it to resurrect zombie villages at discounted rates to trade with these creatures directly.


Potions of Weakness are essential when crafting Minecraft. They provide a debuff that reduces attack damage by four in Java Edition and two hearts in Bedrock Edition, making your opponent weaker in combat and helping you take out challenging enemies in survival and hardcore modes. While the effects may not last as long, their impact can still make an enormous difference to gameplay!

Potions of Weakness require complex ingredients that may be difficult to track down in-game, yet their successful brewing can produce incredible effects. To craft one successfully, players will need a Fermented Spider Eye, Brown Mushroom, and Sugar at their crafting table – this advanced recipe combines these components into an explosive mix that explodes when exposed to water.

After mixing these three ingredients, players must place the mixture in a Glass Bottle of Water to create the Potion of Weakness. Next, players can add Gunpowder to create an explosive splash potion that can be thrown against enemies and zombie villagers during gameplay.

Gunpowder can be challenging in the game and can be obtained in multiple ways. Players may purchase it from a witch in the Nether region or harvest it by killing Blazes in the Overworld with rods for rods and gathering the powder that remains. Finally, players can use the command /give [player] blaze powder to receive small amounts from either their spawner or other players.

Players can also create a potion of weakness following the same recipe to gather more gunpowder but include a Creeper as an ingredient instead of its usual recipe. When killed, Creepers drop an abundance of gunpowder that players can quickly harvest into potions and TNT. Although this method may be less efficient than killing Creepers inside a cave, players may set up Creeper farms outside the Netherlands to quickly gain this vital resource for potions and TNT production.

Fermented Spider Eye

Fermented spider eye is an intriguing ingredient used to craft various potions such as Weakness Potion, Damage Potion, Slowness Potion, and Invisibility Potion – each offering players additional damage against mobs or enemies. Unfortunately, it cannot be obtained naturally but must be created at a crafting table using several simple ingredients.

Players require three ingredients to create a potion of weakness: Fermented Spider Eyes, Sugar, and Brown Mushrooms. Spider eyes can be found in chests dropped by Witches upon their death and crafted from Sugar cane or Honey Bottle. Brown mushrooms can be found hiding out in dark places such as caves – they frequently spawn within Swamp, Old Growth Taiga, Mushroom Fields, and Nether biomes; breaking them down manually or with a Pickaxe is recommended for best results.

Once all three items have been collected, players should place them into their Brewing Stand on a base and add blaze powder as fuel before placing one or three empty water bottles (as long as they remain empty) into the bottom slots of their Brewing Menu for use as bottom rows of their Brewing Menu. Finally, fermented spider eye should be added into the ingredient slot and watched closely until their awkward potion begins brewing!

Once their potion has finished brewing, players should use gunpowder to turn it into a splash potion of weakness, which can then be used against enemies or zombie villagers to reduce their melee attack damage.

A portion of weakness is an invaluable weapon in-game, helping players achieve game achievements or advance in game advancements. Additionally, its usefulness extends to combat encounters; players can throw it at Creepers and other players to weaken them temporarily – although keep in mind that splash potions only last for several seconds before becoming ineffective against an enemy opponent.

Blaze Powder

Minecraft offers players numerous potions that provide various buffs and debuffs, giving them an advantage in battle or aiding game world exploration. One such potion is Potion of Weakness, which reduces enemy damage significantly; players can utilize this potion against mobs in PvP as well as assist them in discovering more of its depths.

To create the Potion of Weakness, players require three ingredients. First is water, which can be obtained by right-clicking any water source in-game. Next comes fermented spider eyes, either collected from killing spiders or created through crafting with spider eyes, brown mushrooms, and sugar.

Once the player has collected all the ingredients necessary to craft a potion using their brewing stand, they must prepare it using this process to formulate other types of potions in Minecraft. A water bottle must be placed into the bottom box, followed by blaze powder in the top tube. When complete, three “glugs” will indicate successful brewing, and their potion is ready for use!

A player can then throw this potion at an enemy to reduce their damage output and improve survival chances. Furthermore, zombies may benefit from taking less damage, and this technique can reduce movement speed.

Though only temporary, the Potion of Weakness can still prove very helpful in combat and PvP environments within the game. By decreasing enemy damage output significantly, players gain more of a fighting chance against more powerful adversaries – this makes for a decisive advantage when competing against bosses or mobs in PvP mode!