How to Send a Video Feed From an OBS Virtual Camera to Video Call Software


OBS Virtual Camera is one of the best tools for recording live videos on the web. It’s easy to use and provides all the functionality you need. So whether you’re a professional video journalist or hobbyist, you can enjoy your work with this tool.

Setting up

If you’re using OBS to capture your screen, you might want to add a virtual camera to your workflow. This is especially useful for applications that can’t take a screen capture directly. For example, it’s an excellent option for using Discord or another video chat application or recording webinars.

You can use several apps, such as a webcam, including Zoom and Skype. Before you start recording your screen with OBS, you should learn how to set up a virtual camera on your Mac.

First, ensure you have a video source, which could be your camera or cam link. To choose a video source, click the “Sources” tab. You can also select a microphone.

Next, open the Controls panel. Next, click the Start Virtual Camera button. A small red border will appear around the webcam area. Then, drag the webcam area to the top right corner of the screen. When you’re done, you should see a preview of your Video on the desktop.

Applying a LUT

LUTs are an essential tool for aspiring filmmakers. They help you quickly create visuals that are distinct and cinematic. This is important because it can save time and money when you purchase a new camera. In addition, they can be used in other video editing programs to create a high-quality look for your videos.

A good LUT can make all the difference in color grading your Video. Color grading can take a lot of time, but using a LUT can make the process a breeze. In addition, it’s a great way to save money and meet your deadlines.

OBS Studio has a cinematic LUT pack for free download. To install, follow the step-by-step tutorial video.

First, make sure you have a Virtual Webcam. Then, open the Effect Filters tab in the lower left corner of your screen. Next, click the Apply LUT filter icon. Next, browse for a LUT file. When you find the right one, click the + sign to add it to your library. You can then apply it to your webcam.

Sending video feed from OBS to video-call software

When sending a video feed from an OBS virtual camera to video-call software, a few steps must be followed. These steps are constructive for applications that don’t have the option to capture the screen directly.

First, you need to start up an application that supports screen sharing. Ideally, you will want to use a second monitor for this.

You can also select a video capture device to record the output. The video layer can be added by dragging it above the image layer.

Next, you will need to adjust the settings for your virtual camera. Go to the Settings section and click Video. This will take you to the camera. Now, you can set the video resolution, frame rate, and other options.

In the preview window, you should see the OBS virtual camera. You can change the settings if you have any trouble with the video.

You can choose whether you want the output displayed on the desktop or in a smaller screen area. Once you have made the appropriate settings, you can use your webcam to show the video feed from your OBS virtual camera.