Lacoste Sweatshirt Review


If you love tennis, you will love this Lacoste sweatshirt. It has an excellent crocodile print which is both cute and sporty. It comes in various styles, including a crewneck, hooded, and polo collar. The best part about this Lacoste sweatshirt is that it is available at a great price.


Lacoste may not be the first brand that pops your mind when shopping for menswear, but its sporty apparel has plenty to please the discerning shopper. They have an impressive assortment of sports jackets, sweaters, and shirts that are stylish and functional. Their outerwear lineup includes several high-tech options like water-repellent coats and eye-blocking shades and more traditional fare like hoodies and tees. The brand is also proud of its high-tech athletic wear among its more streamlined offerings. It’s a bit of a schlep to find these items at your local sportswear store, but they have a good selection of options that are worth the effort.

Many brands are vying for the title of the best sweatshirt, and the Lacoste name has a well-earned reputation for churning out the goods. From the aforementioned sporty apparel to tees, tees, and tees to the sexiest tees, the French label knows how to keep men on their toes.

Polo collar

The Lacoste sweatshirt is a classic polo. It features a straight hem, a front button placket, short sleeves, and a classic polo collar. This polo shirt is crafted from Pima cotton pique, extra-long-staple cotton that is highly flexible and stretchy.

While a polo shirt may appear bland, it’s essential to remember that it can be dressed up and down. Polos are a staple of many wardrobes and can be worn to various events. So whether you want to go casual on Fridays or look upscale for a night out, polo is a great way to make a style statement.

You’ll find a large variety of styles in the market. Some are made from cotton, while others are constructed from polyester and cotton/poly blends. There are even eco-responsible polos made from lightweight technical fabrics to allow for breathability and freedom of movement.

Tennis world

Lacoste is an internationally renowned brand that specializes in luxury preppy clothing. It is a French heritage sportswear brand that has been around since 1933 when Rene Lacoste founded the company. It is owned by Maus Freres SA, established in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1902.

Lacoste is known for its iconic polo shirts, which have remained a popular wardrobe staple for men for decades. However, these polo shirts have come a long way from the woven fabric shirts that were used in the early 1900s. Then, the polo shirts were lightweight and stylish.

Lacoste also has a variety of athletic sweatshirts. They are perfect for completing a casual wardrobe. Aside from sweatshirts, the brand offers a range of other sportswear, such as tennis outfits, shoes, and accessories.