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They first gained fame for recreating music video parodies using no-budget props like chip bags for hair and construction paper as backdrops; later, they expanded into creating gaming videos and vlogs.

Justin Kroma

Justin Kroma is an established YouTuber and content creator who co-owns Lankybox with Adam McArthur, creating humorous comedy videos that have proven immensely popular with their audiences – such as their pranks, challenges, reactions, and parody videos, which have gained them an enormous fanbase. They use Instagram and TikTok to connect with their followers as well.

This dynamic duo is known for making viewers laugh until they cry with their creative and quirky content on YouTube. Their passionate team has set itself apart from other YouTubers with its unique chemistry that distinguishes it. Their clever antics often involve playing practical jokes on one another – with “Who Is SMARTER?” being their highest-earning video, with over 1 Million views to date!

Zero Budget Guys have become famous for their hilarious pranks, challenges, reactions, and animations that go viral on YouTube – their channel Lankybox boasts over 81 Million views – even appearing on America’s Got Talent!

Adam McArthur and Justin have an endearing rapport that makes their videos enjoyable to watch. With an engaging sense of humor and lively exchanges that keep viewers engaged, these two have established two additional channels – LankyBox World and Lankybox Plays – due to their success on YouTube.

Lankybox first premiered its YouTube channel on July 30, 2016, with its inaugural video being a parody of the America’s Got Talent television show. Since then, they have uploaded various other videos, such as K-pop with zero budget and Ariana Grande with zero budget, to their channel, as well as animated stories about past experiences that they share on this platform.

In their videos, this duo frequently uses props to create hilarious puns and other entertaining situations with props such as food items and everyday household objects, such as chip bags for hair and construction paper as backgrounds. Recently, they’ve started producing zero-budget films as well.

Though their videos have proven immensely popular, the duo is careful to avoid taking themselves too seriously. Their content always strives for positive resonance while avoiding offensive material. Their humor stems from being just two friends having fun together and making each other laugh.

Adam McArthur

Justin Kroma and Adam McArthur, more commonly known as Lankybox, share a unique chemistry. Their humor and boundless creativity have earned them millions of YouTube subscribers, and they are popular draws at live events and conventions. From reaction videos to challenges and skits – their comedy has won them millions of fans around the globe and earned them YouTube’s Diamond Creator award!

In 2016, two brothers created their channel with the intention of garnering people’s attention and parodying popular culture through enjoyable and entertaining videos. Their videos have won them an incredible following among young people around the globe, using props such as food, chip bags, construction paper, and construction paper. Furthermore, they’ve developed several YouTube games such as “Guess the Price” and “Lankybox World.”

Not content to create viral videos, the pair have also produced movies on a zero-budget. In particular, they have animated stories depicting their past experiences, such as trying to gain entrance into R-rated movie studios, while others provide insights into their childhoods.

Lankybox maintains multiple YouTube channels, such as LankyBox Plays and their Fox and Boxie comedy show. Furthermore, they run an educational series called Test Products Guess Prices, which reviews products before providing estimates of pricing information.

Though their net worth may seem substantial, the duo is exceptionally modest and prefers living an economical lifestyle. While they have many fans, they’re not interested in becoming famous; instead, they value interacting with viewers through community engagement and appreciate being treated as equals by viewers.

Not only are they experts at producing videos, but they’re also actively involved in the martial arts scene, often appearing at tournaments and UFC events as judges or referees. Furthermore, they’ve even had nationally aired commercials featuring them!

In addition to this, they’re highly engaged on social media with a substantial following, constantly uploading new YouTube content – as a result, their followers have grown exponentially over the past few years! And with plenty of exciting projects on the horizon for them to undertake.

Net worth

Lankybox is a highly successful YouTube duo known for their comedy videos featuring parodies, animations, and music videos. Their content is enjoyable to watch; this success has seen them gain over 28 million subscribers and 37 billion video views! In addition, this dynamic duo creates game films for various platforms – such as Roblox.

Their captivating chemistry and inventive humor have won them fans worldwide, earning them the nickname of The Zero Budget Guys. Active since 2016, this two-man act first met through their shared interest in music and comedy while in college; later, this led them to create their YouTube channel.

In addition to creating videos, the duo has also collaborated with several brands and established an extensive merchandising line featuring clothing, accessories, and toys based on their characters. Furthermore, they have written books and released original music that is hugely influential with followers, often encouraging them to follow their dreams.

Adam is a globally recognized celebrity. He has made tremendous strides in his career, and he will continue to thrive going forward. Adam has overcome many hurdles to get where he is today; as a result of this success, his fans consider him cultural icon status, while his impactful media coverage and international fame are genuinely outstanding – providing young people with the perfect example to follow towards becoming successful individuals themselves.

His estimated net worth stands at over $52 Million. As one of the highest-paid YouTubers, and with viewers and monetization on his videos rising steadily, his earnings continue to soar; they even outpace those of most well-known celebrities.

He relies on multiple streams of income to support himself, including advertisements on his videos, subscription fees from fans, and merchandise sales. Furthermore, he owns numerous assets and investments, which has allowed him to build up an impressive net worth quickly.


Justin Kroma is an American YouTube personality best known for his channel, Lankybox. Along with partner Adam McArthur, they initially achieved success by producing videos with minimal budgets – giving rise to their nickname “The Zero Budget Guys” after transitioning into making Roblox videos that proved immensely popular.

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