Motorola Moto G30 Review


If you’re looking for a new Android smartphone, the Motorola Moto G30 may be the right choice for you. Its Quad-camera system, 90Hz refresh rate, battery life, and price make it an excellent choice for a budget-conscious person. But, there are several things to consider before making a purchase.

Quad-camera system

The Quad-camera system on the Moto G30 is a powerful addition to this phone. It comes with four cameras, each with its specific function. These cameras help take high-resolution pictures. With a 64-megapixel main camera, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide lens, and a 2MP depth camera, this phone is an excellent choice for anyone who likes to take pictures of their surroundings. The images from this phone are colorful and have a high resolution.

The Motorola Moto G30 is a great smartphone for a low price. It has an HD+ resolution display, a 90Hz refresh rate, a 64-megapixel quad-camera system, and a 5,000mAh battery. This smartphone is a direct competitor to the Samsung Galaxy M12. Although both phones have similar specs and price ranges, the Moto G30 is significantly cheaper. The price point is just Rs 10,999, which makes it a great choice for the price-conscious smartphone buyer.

90Hz refresh rate

The 90Hz refresh rate on the Moto G30 is a big plus for this mid-range smartphone, and it is a great way to improve the user experience. The screen has great brightness and contrast, so you’ll be able to see more detail on the screen while watching videos. The battery life is also very good. However, the lack of a microSD card slot makes this smartphone a little heavy. The Moto G30 is a solid budget phone, but the Redmi Note 10 is better in every department.

The 90Hz refresh rate on the Moto G30 makes the screen look smoother than on other phones. Most phones change the screen 60 times per second, but the high refresh rate of the G30 adds an extra bit of immediacy. However, this high refresh rate can reduce battery life, and you must consider how important battery life is to you.


The Motorola Moto G30 Black is an Android smartphone capable of taking amazing pictures. It has 128000 MB of storage space and 4096 MB of working memory. The phone has a good camera and is compatible with 4G and Bluetooth version 5.1. It is also Drip-resistant (IP-X2) certified, making it suitable for use in rainy conditions.

The Moto G30 is a great device if you’re on a budget. It offers a clean Android experience, an impressive camera setup, and good battery life. The phone is priced at Rs 10,999 in India.

Battery life

The battery life of the Moto G30 is excellent; with a 5000 mAh capacity, it should allow you to use the smartphone for a full day. Combined with a 60Hz refresh rate screen, it can offer you a good experience for a long day of work. However, you should note that the battery life of the Moto G30 isn’t quite as good as the battery life of other higher-end smartphones.

To improve the battery life of the Moto G30, you should disable background applications. You should also minimize the use of Wi-Fi, which consumes battery power. You can also set the screen timeout to a lower value. Finally, you can disable automatic syncing to optimize power consumption. This way, you won’t get notifications when updates occur and can manually sync your emails and messages.


The Moto G30 is a premium smartphone that runs on Android 11. It is closest to Google’s Pixel phone and offers a pure Android experience. It has gesture navigation and can be operated easily with just one hand. In addition, it has the G series’ familiar features, such as the camera, which Motorola programs.

The Moto G30 has a 6.5-inch LCD screen with a 90-Hz refresh rate. It falls under the HD+ resolution and occupies most of the front panel. It also features a water-drop-shaped upper cutout for the fingerprint reader, which is positioned on the rear face. The phone also has a 3.5-mm audio jack and is water-resistant.