New York Lottery Drawings


The New York State Lottery is one of North America’s largest and most profitable lotteries, raising billions each year to support education across New York State. Watch live lottery drawings or view winning numbers to keep up with all that the lottery offers! An exceptionally fantastic fact about Live Draw HK.

Powerball has amassed more than $600 million, and Mega Millions’ prize is nearly half a billion. Tickets may still be purchased until shortly before drawing time in each state; cutoff times usually occur within hours before any given drawing takes place.


Powerball lottery games boast jackpots in the millions of dollars. It is played across 45 states, DC, and Puerto Rico, with drawings taking place every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 10:59 pm EST, with odds of winning set at 292,201,338 to 1.

To play Powerball, select five numbers between 1 and 69 and one Powerball number from 1 to 26. Additionally, for just an additional $1 per line of play, you can add the Power Play option, which multiplies any non-jackpot prize two, three, four, five, or ten times!

Winners must collect their prizes within 90 to 12 months from when they purchased their ticket, depending on where it was bought. Winners may opt to receive their winnings either through increasing annual payments over 29 years or in one lump sum payment.

The jackpot for the next Powerball drawing will start at $20 million and increase based on sales and interest rates, potentially reaching as high as $2 billion before being won. Players can check online to view the results of each drawing – most people dream of hitting the big one, but smaller prizes can bring joy as well – be careful when handling tickets to avoid scams; never give out personal data if anyone claims they represent the lottery official!

Mega Millions

Mega Millions is a multi-state lottery game offering jackpots starting at $20 Million. Tickets cost $2 each, and the Megaplier option can be added for an extra $1 per play. When selecting five numbers between one and 70 and one Mega Ball number from one to 25, players may use Quick Pick or let the computer select random numbers or choose Quick Pick; winnings may either be paid out in cash or via an annuity which invests them over 29 years with government bonds that earn interest over time.

At 11 pm Eastern time on every Tuesday and Friday night, drawings take place using the Criterion II drawing machine manufactured by Smartplay International of Edgewater Park, New Jersey. It contains a large drum of balls, which are mixed up using counter-rotating arms before individual white balls are dropped several seconds apart, followed by the gold Mega Ball. If any white ball matches a player’s ticket numbers, they win the corresponding prize level indicated on their play slip.

Mega Millions prizes may be claimed at state lottery offices or online, though winnings may be subject to federal and state income taxes in the states where they were purchased. Unclaimed winnings can also be carried over into future drawings in case no winner emerges.


Cash4Life lottery game features a novel prize structure, offering participants a chance to win a fixed daily or weekly amount for life. Since its initial debut in New York in 2014, this Lottery has quickly become a favorite among lottery enthusiasts. To participate in Cash4Life lottery play, fill out a paper or electronic play slip marking five numbers from 1-59 plus an additional Cash Ball number from 1-60; purchase tickets from authorized lottery retailers for $2 per play and add EZ Match for an additional $1 fee per play.

The odds of winning a Cash4Life prize differ for each drawing and can be seen on the official prize breakdown page. Here, you can select either an individual draw or all past results to view on a graph; top prizes are payable in one lump sum, while second and third prizes will be distributed as an annuity payment plan; should there be more than one winner of the top prize, it will be divided equally among them.

New York Cash4Life drawings take place daily at 9:00 pm ET, and winners are usually announced shortly afterward. There have been some high-stakes wins since its introduction, such as retired bus driver Frederick McClendon taking home a $1 Million jackpot prize in 2014. Prize amounts vary between states; New York offers winners the option to either take their winnings in lump sum form or through an annuity payment plan.

Lotto Texas

Lotto Texas is a multi-tier game featuring an ongoing jackpot that rolls over until someone claims it. Drawings take place every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 10:12 pm CT, with players selecting five numbers plus a Bonus Ball in hopes of matching all six winning numbers to claim the jackpot! Prizes can be paid either annually or in lump sums. Currently, the jackpot stands at over 5 Million dollars until someone claims it!

Lotto Texas ticket sales were so robust that twice in one day, the jackpot was increased from its original $57 million figure, reaching $57 million before and $60 million for its second drawing – enough extra money for selling 33,000 tickets per minute during peak selling hours on Saturday!

Bucks ‘N Trucks, a new scratch-off game offered by The Lottery of Texas, gives Texas residents the opportunity to own part of the Texas Dream. Featuring an eye-catching Ford F-150 SuperCab pickup in a vivid red hue, winners of this scratch-off will have eight colors from which they may select their truck color.

The Lottery also recently unveiled an innovative bonus feature called Jackpocket for its Instant tickets that automatically show if you have won. Winnings up to $599 may be claimed immediately, while prizes of over $1 million must be claimed at the Lottery Commission – winners may choose whether they wish to remain anonymous if desired.

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