The way to Install an AGP Artwork Card


In this article, we look at exactly how to install an AGP artwork card for your computer. Learning to install computer components is usually tricky if you’ve never performed it before.

But My partner and I trust we’ll show you that a lot of tasks have a “plug-the-play” functionality to them. Precisely the same is true with the AGP artwork card. The term AGP signifies “Accelerated Graphics Port” this also is the specific slot on your hard drive where you will install your artwork card. You will simply put on the AGP graphics playing card into this slot and will also be good to go.

1 . Power Decrease Your System

To install video playing card components correctly in your laptop or computer you will have to begin by powering your burglar alarm down first. These are a few safety precautions.

Constantly be sure your computer is completely shut down when you install video card parts or any other internal portion for that matter. After you shut down your personal computer you also need to cut off the juices to the power supply. If you’ve never ever done this before, examine the back of your computer. You will switch where the power accessory is. Flip that transition into the off position. Last but not least, pull the AC power wire.

It may have never occurred to your account that you would need to do this all, but it’s important that we present to you how to install computer factors the right way. Rule 1 should be to make sure there is absolutely no power doing the system. Any latent spikes will fry your system in a very heartbeat and could injure you actually in the process.

2 . Opening Up laptop computer Case

Next, we will have got to open up the case. Since I’m learning how to install an AGP graphics card, and that playing card goes inside your computer, below have to remove the case.

Have a tendency to worry about this procedure though. Maybe you have experience in knowing how to run computer components like additional hard drives, but said you might never poke around your respective computer. Really, it’s not this hard.

Before you can open your personal case however you need to determine what kind of case you have. That can determine how your particular case shall be opened. If you have something like a new mini-tower, you can open this situation by removing one of the edge panels. Be sure to remove the edge that’s above the motherboard. Basically, remove the screws in the back of your computer that holds the panel on the chassis and then lifts up it off.

Some more mature style cases, however, demand that you remove the whole backside cover and glide the chassis out. Look at your particular model and see just how it’s designed.

3. Get rid of the PC Slot Cover

One which just installs video card parts like the AGP graphics credit card, you will need to remove the PC position cover in the back of the computer.

Glance at the back of your computer and you’ll observe what we mean. There are a group of several metal latches confronting the slots where you can put in internal computer components. Several metal latches are secured by one or two screws. When considering times to insert an element, like a modem, for example, you need to first remove the metal latch in front of the slot before you put in the component.

With the AGP graphics card, the process will be the same. First, locate the particular AGP graphics card position. There is only one slot that may correctly match your credit card, so you’re in good fortune. Then unscrew the steel latch in front of the AGP visuals card slot, slide often the latch out, and set often the screws in a safe put.

4. Installing the AGP Card into its Slot

Is also available the part you’ve been anticipating, knowing how to install an AGP graphics card into its video slot. Again, there is only one playing card on the motherboard that goes your AGP card, consequently don’t worry about putting the item into the wrong slot.

For anyone who is not sure, look at the bottom with the AGP card to match up with possible slots given to you. The AGP card video slot stands out from all of the other pai gow pokers on your motherboard, kind of inside its own little corner.

As you seek, align the AGP artwork card above its video slot. Hold the card with your hands and fingers from both ends, in addition, press it down into often the slot until it seats securely. Make sure that it’s firmly clicked into the slot. If anyone the main card is sticking out, generate it back in. Then protect the card into the motherboard by means of screwing the retaining twist into the motherboard.

5. Promoting In the Monitor, Closing Right up, and Powering Up

With the card properly installed, they have time to plug in your display. That wasn’t so bad, seemed to be it? Little by little, you’re finding out install computer components and soon you become a real pro! Get your monitor cable along with plug it into the AGP card monitor connector.

Should your card has more than one tip, this means that your card supports more than one monitor. Check your paperwork to determine which is the appropriate tip for your monitor. Plug it in, and you will probably be good to go!

Not really time to close up and switch on. Place the computer cover again onto your computer. Screw the idea back on using the anchoring screws that (hopefully) you recalled setting in a safe area earlier. Now it’s time to switch on.

Flip your power supply’s power switch back on, then plug the AC power cord into a wall outlet. Subsequently, reboot your computer. To accurately install video card ingredients, as with other components, you might also need to install software drivers. Identify the CD that came using your card and insert it as part of your computer when it reboots. Keep to the instructions to install the appropriate computer software drivers.


Congratulations, you might have passed another milestone in mastering how to install computer ingredients! We think you’ve begun to determine that it’s not all that tough. The components and motherboard should fit together like pieces of some sort of puzzle.

On older methods, you may find that your computer utilizes a PCI slot and cards instead of the AGP card. Irrespective, the general process is the exact same. Don’t forget to consult the records that come with your hardware when you feel stumped. Use small common sense and follow safety precautions. Your new card is going to be up and running in no time.

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