Transparent FX Academy Review


Among the perks of TransparentFX are its mentorship program and free market analysis. These features allow you to learn about risk management and trading psychology at your own pace. The program is also free. Its free analysis is thorough and contains no hype. Instead of advertising, the company promotes its product with a message emphasizing proper risk-reward ratios, patience, and staying reactive. Furthermore, all of its reviews are positive.

Free market analysis

Transparent FX Academy offers a free online learning platform for traders to learn more about the foreign currency exchange market. There are no downloads, no Zoom login credentials, and no time limit. The best part is that you can work at your own pace. The beginner lessons focus on the basics of forex trading and charts and indicators. The intermediate lessons cover volatility indicators and scalping strategies.

Transparent Fx is a financial trading school that teaches retail traders rule-based trading strategies. The company claims to have students from more than 100 countries and more than 2800 graduates. It operates under the name TFX Education LTD. Its owner, Niccolo Testa, is the face of the school and often appears in the training videos. He preaches transparency, and he brings this quality to the school.

The academy also offers a cryptocurrency course that comprehensively introduces cryptos. It begins with a brief description of how digital currencies work. It then explores the risks involved in investing in these assets. It also explores volatility clustering and how it affects bitcoin’s value. It also includes a detailed bitcoin trading strategy. It also offers a series of trading articles by experts who explain the basics of key trading markets.

Traders can work at their own pace.

Transparent FX Academy offers courses in the field of forex trading that can be followed online at your convenience. The courses include a core curriculum that covers trading fundamentals and principles. The course also provides traders with access to trading platforms and simulators. Course content is comprehensive; students get individual support, webinars, and videos. Traders can also access the community to ask questions and learn from other traders.

The academy’s courses are offered on three different levels. The beginner course, designed for new and inexperienced traders, teaches the fundamentals of forex trading and builds confidence and proficiency. Beginners can benefit from the course’s step-by-step approach, which begins with the basics and progresses to more technical concepts. The course also includes a trade room with a community of active professional traders and mentors.

The academy also offers webinars with live instructors. Traders can also join one-on-one mentorships. The academy’s price ranges from $58 a month to $312 per year, with the latter being a good option for new traders who are just testing the waters. In addition to the course materials, subscribers can access a community where other forex traders can ask questions and share insights.

Traders can learn about trading psychology.

A successful trader has a disciplined mindset, which is crucial for success. A trader should avoid trading out of habit, bias, or external influence. This is because bad habits are hard to break once they become automatic and often lead to bad decisions. External influences can include blindly following authority figures and the bandwagon effect. They can also come from one’s biases, including attribution bias.

While trading can be a gratifying endeavor, it can also be all-consuming. Successful traders tend to act more professionally and adapt to the new market environment than their less experienced counterparts. In addition to trading psychology, some essential trading guidelines should be followed, including keeping a trading journal.

The first step in developing a trading mindset is to understand yourself. All emotions can impact a trader’s performance. It can cause them to make poor decisions, close their positions prematurely, or even double down on losing trades. To combat this, traders can learn to manage their emotions and avoid making mistakes in the trading market.

Traders can learn about risk management.

The Transparent FX Academy is a forex training institute that aims to educate retail traders on rule-based trading. It boasts a student base in over 100 countries and claims to have trained over 2800 students. The academy is operated by Niccolo Testa, who also appears in its training videos. Testa preaches transparency and trustworthiness. Moreover, the academy teaches its students risk management and how to choose the most profitable trades.

The FX Academy features 15 well-prepared courses for traders of all skill levels. From the introduction to forex trading, traders can move on to the more advanced courses based on their experience. The courses are divided into three or more interconnected lessons that offer a self-paced learning environment. Some lessons also feature quizzes and suggested readings to aid traders’ learning.

Risk management is an essential part of trading. It can be the difference between a profitable and a loss-making trade. While gambling is about taking risks without considering the consequences, trading involves taking calculated risks. Traders should remember that they must find a balance between the risks and the rewards to prevent total account loss.