Trends in Men’s Fashion From the ’90s to the ’00s


Men’s style in the 2000s saw many trends emerge and take hold. Pete Doherty often wore military tunics with skinny jeans, while James Bond donned pinstripe suits; clashing dress codes looked cool.

There’s a return of iconic 2000s fashion styles like rhinestone-encrusted jeans and baggy cargo pants from 2023 fashion trends, so here’s how you can rock them yourself.

Printed Shirts

As pop-punk rock grew increasingly popular during the early 2000s, so did its fashion style. Baggy cargo pants, printed t-shirts, and studded belts became hallmarks of this look – worn by bands like Blink-182 and Good Charlotte as part of this aesthetic. Other accessories also reflected this aesthetic; glow sticks, rimless sunglasses, flip phones, fat skate shoes, wallet chains, and short and long-sleeved tees played a role. Some styles from this decade have lingered until this day – yet others remain iconic.

For example, the Keffiyeh scarf-neck warmer was perhaps one of the most iconic accessories from 2000s culture. Worn by rappers, indie kids, and Pete Doherty at various times, still worn today, often worn with a hoodie and skinny jeans.

One 2000s fashion favorite was the fedora. Made famous by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, this style features a wide brim that fits over one shoulder. Sometimes decorated with tribal patterns or messages in words or names; often worn over one shoulder on one side for ease. Geek chic also made its mark, as traditionally geeky pursuits made their way into mainstream cultures, pairing it with more formal clothing such as J.Crew dress shirts tucked into jeans with bow ties – giving this style another dimension altogether!

Juicy Couture made famous the Velour Tracksuit, another 2000s men’s style that never truly left fashion. This look features a zipped-up jacket with matching pink, green, or blue pants to make for an iconic outfit that never goes out of style. Wear it to run errands or hit up raves; this look will show off your unique fashion sense from this decade!

Other 2000s fashion trends that have come back include baggy jeans, white tank tops, and the yellow Livestrong bracelet. Furthermore, the Naughties brought back trucker caps as an essential wardrobe item to achieve street style. Again, pashmina shawls, first famous among grandmas, quickly became must-haves among those wanting to complete the 2000s look and remain an excellent way of adding warmth and comfort.


In the 2000s, rhinestones became a must-have fashion trend. From T-shirts and sweaters to denim jackets and shoes, rhinestones could be found almost anywhere from clothing to shoes – with men sporting jeans paired with blazers or even just wearing it alone – creating a look reminiscent of 90s grunge culture. Now worn alongside skinny jeans paired with collared t-shirts underneath, this figure-hugging style remains fashionable today.

Another 2000s fashion trend that remains relevant today is the scarf. From circular keffiyehs and old-school neckties to scarves tucked into skinny jeans hems for warmth or to add color, scarves have long been worn as part of hipster style. Tie them around your neck as protection from sunlight or cold breezes; wear one for an edgier look! Pair a scarf with a T-shirt and blazer combo for more tailored looks.

Baggy jeans were one of the defining fashion trends of the 2000s, continuing the 90s grunge movement and worn looser than usual with chunky skate shoes, Nike or Adidas sneakers, or neon paint on them in neon colors like yellow, green, or pink. Rappers like Jay Z often sport baggy jeans in TJ Maxx or A.J Wright stores; some even had clothing lines sold there! Today Closed offers modernized versions of this popular 2000s trend, which can be worn with tees or hoodies!

In the 2000s, scene styles emerged, heavily influenced by indie and rave culture. This trend included skinny black biker jeans with bright t-shirts or hoodies from indie or rave bands; tutus with studded belts; as well as dyed or teased hair pulled into high ponytails decorated with tiaras or bows for men to complete this look. This look remains trendy among music lovers worldwide and can often be found at significant music festivals and on Brooklyn streets today.

Baby Tees

Baby tees may seem like relics from the past, but their popularity is alive and kicking thanks to an emerging wave of “nostalgia.” Baby tees have made a comeback thanks to this new trend revival and other classic 2000s trends like Mean Girls references and hair clips, as well as tailored sportswear like tailored rugby shirts which has seen renewed appreciation from Gen Z, who see them as ways of expressing individuality in this post-pandemic world. Holly Friend from The Future Laboratory sees these nostalgic trends being driven by Gen Z, who embrace them to express individuality while finding identity within themselves after a pandemic catastrophe has hit.

Baby shirts are an easy and stylish way to show off a tattoo and add street cred to your look. Available in various colors and customizable with slogans or designs of your choosing, baby shirts pair seamlessly with denim pants or cargo shorts (have you emulated Gwen Stefani’s cargo look yet?) for an effortlessly chic ensemble that calls back to Gwen’s look from Glee). Pair yours with Wayfarers or aviators and complete your costume!

The 2000s witnessed the growth of rap culture aesthetic, as evidenced by rappers’ fashion choices. For example, popular styles included baggy jeans, tall tees, oversized basketball shorts, and sneakers, sometimes complete with accessories like bandanas, hats, or trucker caps for added flair; flashy jewelry or an eye-catching chain might also add color or interest.

Other 2000s trends included a revival of bomber jackets and hoodies with embroidered patches and rhinestones, along with their popularity on social media. Celebrities were frequently photographed wearing clothing they loved from Ecko Unltd. or Fubu brands and sharing selfies of themselves wearing it; Ecko Unltd. And Fubu pioneered these trends, and later Shepard Fairey’s Obey became widely recognized.

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As people prepared for the Year 2000 (Y2K), many fashion trends emerged in the early 2000s. Many were concerned that computers operating electrical grids, traffic systems, and airports might malfunction after midnight on December 31, 1999. Many opted for sleek and shiny fashion instead of grunge styles found previously; Britney Spears and *NSYNC became famous for wearing mesh handkerchief tops with box pleated or leather skirts paired with shiny jeans with matching shoes as part of this look.

Men, too, often chose suits. Bejeweled tuxedos worn by Daniel Craig in Casino Royal became fashionable as people looked forward to an uncertain but hopeful future after the Y2K bug failed to destroy civilization. Beaded jackets worn by rappers Jay-Z and Kanye West became equally fashionable as tall tees prevalent in basketball and hip-hop cultures.

Jeans made an enormous statement during the early 2000s fashion scene, particularly skinny jeans in various shades of blue – though backpack rappers and indie rockers alike could also wear other colors.

Other popular pants included cargo pants and daisy dukes (daisy dukes are low-rise trousers with daisy duke-style waistlines), popularly known as “rap pants.” One of the defining trends of 2000s fashion for men, many paired them with Nike, Adidas, or Reebok sneakers and tee shirts to complete the look.

Large trucker hats or large-brimmed hats were another 2000s fashion trend to gain widespread acceptance. Rimless styles were most frequently worn, although some featured rhinestones, floral motifs, or other patterns that added flair. A hat would often accompany a suit or skinny jeans for business wear but could also be combined with casual apparel like T-shirts and sneakers for an offbeat look.

Other popular accessories during this era included necklaces made of rhinestone chains, oversized sunglasses, and wristwatches with large numbers. Bling was incredibly fashionable among rappers and young people; rappers wore yellow Livestrong bracelets to support cancer research. Buttery soft pashmina shawls became staples among female models such as Agyness Deyn and others who inspired this look.