Types of Football Bets


Double chance bets offer a safe and enjoyable way to place football bets, making the process accessible and low risk. Through research and knowledge, you can make this type of wager with ease. Get the Best information about เว็บพนันถูกกฎหมาย.

Point spreads indicate which team is favored with a negative number and an amount. To claim victory, teams must beat this point spread by that amount and thus achieve success.

Straight bets

Straight bets on football games are one of the safest bets you can place, as they rely on predicting the total number of points scored during a game and can either be placed against the spread or over/under. No matter what kind of straight bet you make, to win your money, you must correctly pick a winning team – or “push” stakes, as they only pay out when all your picks come true.

Moneyline straight bets provide a predictable payout regardless of which team wins or loses, with odds for each bet displayed on the sportsbook’s website and used to determine your potential wins. If you place an $11 bet and your team triumphs, your total success would be $21, making this option significantly more profitable than traditional against-the-spread bets, which typically have unfavorable odds (-110 odds).

Straight bets using point spreads involve handicapping the team with which you want to win by subtracting points or goals (marked with negative signs) while giving points or goals (marked by plus signs) to their opponent. If the final score falls within this line, all bettors’ bets are returned in what’s known as a push result, and their money is returned as promised by bookies.

Half and quarter bets are similar to straight bets but focus only on part of a game at once instead of wagering on all aspects. Bets may include props like money lines, point spreads, or over/under. Sportsbooks increasingly push parlays over single bets, but data shows they’re the smarter bet.

Spread bets

Various football bets are available to bettors, each offering its own advantages. The two primary options are point spread and money line bets; this helps even out playing conditions between two teams by encouraging more betting action on both sides and offering higher payouts to bettors. Furthermore, spread bets need to consider overtime and penalty shots (unless it is part of a tournament like a World Cup soccer matchup).

Point Spread Betting in Football is the most widely utilized betting strategy. Preferred teams are listed with a “-” sign and an assigned point spread number indicating how many points they need to win for bettors to collect their profits; underdog teams must surpass that figure to win bets on them, should the favored team win by exactly their margin, this results in a “Push,” with both bettors receiving their money back as it’s considered a draw and both won bettors will split it evenly.

First, sign up at your desired sportsbook to place a spread bet and create an account there. Once registered, real-money funds can be added through various means – credit and debit cards and cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, allowing easier betting without exchanging currency for dollars.

As bets come in, odds associated with a spread may alter to encourage more action on one side – this phenomenon is known as line moving and is most frequent during NFL games since lines are usually released a week in advance. Furthermore, in certain countries, the profits from financial spread betting are exempt from income taxation.

Parlay bets

Parlay bets involve placing multiple bets on one team at a time to increase your winnings without risking too much money on Cinderella teams or losing all your stakes. Most types of straight and cash line bets can be parlayed; some may offer differing payoffs depending on their chances of success.

Parlays are a popular method for bettors investing in football games, offering potentially more significant returns than single-game bets but more challenging to win than traditional single bets. Parlay bets usually pay out with odds higher than what might generally be found when betting on individual games but still below “true odds.” For example, two-team NFL parlays based on point spreads could yield an approximate payout ratio of 2.64:1.

Straight bets and money lines may be the primary options available to bettors when betting on football, but other forms of wagers also exist. One such is a teaser bet, which allows you to move the line on any one leg by a specified number of points – this bet can only be placed with NFL and NBA betting markets but dramatically increases your odds of success!

Future bets in football betting can last from the entire season until its conclusion, offering various bets such as Super Bowl winners, conference champions, and division winners as potential outcomes. But one of the most popular future bets among college and professional football is betting on individual contests as winners.

First touchdown bets

First touchdown bets are among the most exciting NFL betting props and offer a simple yet compelling way to add excitement while watching your game. A first touchdown bet requires you to correctly predict which player will score the first touchdown in any given game; touchdowns are achieved when an offense crosses over into their opponent’s 20-yard line or via two-point conversion; these wagers typically offer plus money odds and come with various betting formats available.

First touchdown bets may be straightforward to place yet challenging to win. To maximize success with these bets, look for players that can score on any play and examine teams’ red zone histories; this area of the field typically scores most touchdowns. When picking out players to score first touchdowns, consider Eagles Jalen Hurts or Chiefs Travis Kelce; they offer some of the highest first-touchdown odds this season.

Few tight ends have scored the opening touchdown in Super Bowl history; most recently, it was Rob Gronkowski of Tampa Bay for Super Bowl 50. When considering placing a bet on tight-end players, consider historical data and how many games this player has scored a TD this year and in previous seasons.

If the First Touchdown Scorer market doesn’t appeal, an alternative wager, an Anytime Touchdown Scorer prop, may provide more attractive odds. Available for NFL, NBA, and NHL games only within 48 hours before their scheduled starting times; any bets made after this period are nullified unless their outcome has already been definitively decided upon.

Prop bets

Prop bets offer football fans various betting opportunities. They can be placed on individual player or team statistics based on career stats, current form, matchups, etc. The odds associated with prop bets tend to be lower than standard moneyline and spread bets; for instance, to win $100, betting over/under how many touchdown passes Aaron Rodgers will throw (set by sportsbooks based on recent performance, injury history, and matchups); these wagers typically feature odds that favor overs due to recreational bettors showing a tendency toward overs which sportsbooks shade numbers accordingly to accommodate this tendency of recreational bettors towards overs.

Every NFL game offers several prop bets focusing on passing, rushing, and receiving totals. Some are game-specific, such as who will score 20 first or how many three-pointers Steph Curry will hit during one game; other bets may focus on specific players, such as how many three-pointers Steph Curry shoots during a given matchup. Skilled players can leverage their knowledge of both teams and games when making informed choices; parlays are one popular method to place these bets.

The Super Bowl is the highest-stakes betting event of the year and features many unique bets not available during regular season play, such as whether or not the coin toss will land heads or tails and how long the national anthem will play out – these require more luck than skill to predict, but can add an exciting element to the game! Prop bets may also be added into accumulators, which combine multiple selections into larger bets with higher potential payouts; such accumulators require more research but could increase winning potential over single-game outcome bets alone!

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