What is a BDC Full Form?


BDC is an abbreviation for Business Development Company. Depending on its meaning, BDC can have many different meanings. Some are BDC complete form, bdc full meaning, and BDC salary. Knowing the differences between these acronyms is essential, so you’ll know what each one means. Consult your lawyer or accountant if you’re unsure of the correct acronym to use.

Block Development Council

Block Development Councils are government-organized bodies that work on developing a particular block in a rural area. The government selects such councils to communicate directly with rural people and carry out village panchayat planning. In some areas, these councils will also be called “panchayat panchayats,” another BDC name.

Each DDC is made up of a chairman and vice-chairman. The chairman is elected among the members of the DDC. They will have a term of five years and will oversee the planning process. They will also meet at least four times yearly to discuss issues, formulate policies, and make recommendations.

Block Development Committee salary

A Block Development Committee member gets a salary of Rs 3,000 per month as an honorarium. As a member, you are responsible for developing the block area and overseeing revenue matters in the block. You will also be required to participate in various activities to help the underprivileged children in the area. In addition, as a member of a BDC, you will receive training and support for your job.