What is the Purest Gem?


Quality depends on four main elements, with color being of primary concern. Read the Best info about loose colored gemstones.

Dispersion (fire) refers to light splitting into different colors as it passes over different surfaces, creating a shimmery effect between non-parallel surfaces. A lower level of dispersion can enhance gems with vibrant body colors by giving their jewel more life and depth of body color.


Diamonds are one of the most romanticized and highly marketed gems available, seen everywhere, from jewelry establishments that handle gemstones to mines and dealers alike. Producing approximately 10 tons annually, diamonds remain among the world’s most mined and valuable gemstones.

Diamonds are composed of carbon atoms arranged into a three-dimensional network; they boast the highest refractive index among transparent materials and display an exceptional brilliance known as adamantine luster. Diamonds may appear colorless, yellow, brown, green, pink, or blue depending on any impurities present; for instance, yellow diamonds contain small amounts of nitrogen, while blue ones contain boron.

Scientists still are uncertain where diamonds get their carbon from to form them. However, one possibility could be within Earth or by plate tectonics transporting carbonate sediments such as bones, shells, and plants into its mantle.

Alexandrite stands out as an extraordinary gem that could rival diamonds in purity. This rare, light purple to indigo gem shows astonishing changes of wavelength when illuminated under natural and incandescent lights, making it a favorite among collectors and gem enthusiasts. Due to its rarity, alexandrite has long been considered an exceptional investment piece – collectors alike often treasure this gemstone! However, due to its similar appearance to ruby, alexandrite was once misidentified and nicknamed reindeer stone due to being misidentified!

White Agate

White Agate is one of the purest gemstones, possessing both gentle and potency energy. It can promote emotional stability by soothing anxiety and helping balance yin yang energy; balance yin-yang energy; improve intuition; connect spiritually; aid decision-making processes during meditation sessions, assist with abdominal issues such as dental pain or skin conditions, and reduce nightmares and negative emotions – among many other benefits it brings. White Agate gemstone is said to aid with decision-making during meditation sessions while improving focus during concentration sessions during meditation and help improve focus during meditation sessions as it increases focus during concentration sessions.

White Agate gemstone is also a good choice during pregnancy for helping reduce nightmares or negative emotions from entering our bodies! Its gentle energy provides many healing properties, such as emotional stability by soothing our minds while simultaneously stimulating intuition while improving focus and concentration while improving focus during concentration during meditation sessions as well as aiding decision-making processes – it’s believed it helps with focus during concentration during meditation sessions while improving focus during concentration to aid decision-making processes while aiding spiritual connections and enlightenment processes by connecting us spiritually connected meditation practices enlightenment processes through crown Chakra’s spiritual connection and enlightenment processes related to spiritual connections and enlightenment through spiritual connections as well as improving focus concentration during meditation sessions while aiding decision-making processes.

Furthermore, abdominal issues and dental pain relief as helping with decision-making reducing nightmares/negative emotions. Its various uses include aiding its connection to spiritual connections while improving focus/concentration during decision-making processes as well as helping abdominal issues related decisions- making and helping reduce nightmares and decision-making.

It is believed by its connection to the crown chakra associated with spiritual connections/enlightenment by way of connection/enlightenment through mediation processes while offering spiritual enlightenment/enlightenment, which in meditation processes or conditions helps provide decision making by increasing focus/decision making/decision making while improving focus/decision making/decision-making issues/decision making by decision-making during decision-making through decision making (decision making. It’s with abdominal issues/decision making, abdominal issues/decision making/decision making as decision-making while it also helps reduce nightmares reduction, etc.; it helps with decision making, etc.). Also, usefulness-related enlightenment-related situations while improving focus as decision-making when used prior decision-making as aid.

It is associated with helping reduce nightmares, helping/de reducing nightmares, helping decision making, etc.). Etc, helping with abdominal issues/decision making, etc., reducing nightmares-related conditions while helping decrease decision-making or decision-making in these conditions, etc., when pregnant mothers. Reducing negative emotional or decision making or decision-making when pregnant mothers as it’s decision-making while aiding/decision making during meditation, etc.

Reducing nightmares/ or related enlightenment as it’s associated with decision-making also helps decision-making. etc., helping decision-making, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc. when a pregnant woman also reduces nightmares (dependence or reduce negative feelings over other conditions causing emotional issues related to decision-making, etc. reducing nightmares, etc… etc.).. etc. reducing nightmares, etc. when pre-reducing nightmares related issues or decision making or reduction through decision- making when pregnant mothers by helping decision making/dependant as with decisions related issues during decision making or improving focus when pre-pregnancy by helping

As an energy-healing gemstone, amethyst can bring peace and comfort when times get tricky and bring happiness into one’s life by releasing anger or frustration. Additionally, its use has also been known to bring love and happiness. Furthermore, amethyst helps overcome obstacles while encouraging one to move towards their goals more freely.

Whenever using any gemstone for physical healing, cleaning and charging it regularly is essential. You can do this by placing it under moonlight or in salt water and smudging it with sage or palo santo to release residual energies.


Ancient China associated jade with prosperity and moral purity. Jewelry makers have used jadeite in carvings and jewelry designs for millennia; nowadays, its beauty and rarity make it prized gems; high-grade Imperial jadeite can even sell for more per carat than high-grade diamonds!

The value of jadeite depends on its color, translucence, and surface texture. Luster must be uniform and free from scratches or pits; color must be pure green with a high degree of translucence; finely-textured pieces featuring veining or feathers are highly sought-after, while dull or mottled hues will lower their worth.

Jadeite jewelry traditionally consisted of fine jadeite cut into cabochons for jewelry use, usually with metal backing acting as a foil back and increasing light return. Jadeite cabochons weren’t cut to strict sizes to maximize the luster and clarity of their stones.

At first, there was some confusion between the two varieties of jadeite until French mineralogist Alexis Damour firmly distinguished them during the 19th century. Jadeite is made up of aluminium-rich pyroxene, while nephrite comprises magnesium-rich amphibole. Both minerals may appear and feel similar but possess distinct mineral compositions and coloring characteristics.


Musgravite’s rarity and beauty make it a highly prized gemstone by collectors worldwide due to its outstanding clarity. Collectors especially prize this beryllium oxide found first discovered in 1967 at Ernabella Mission of Musgrave Ranges in South Australia as magnesiotaaffeite-6N’3S before being classified under its beryllium oxide family name taaffeite-6N’3S classification system.

Musgravite can be hard to differentiate from taaffeite without using sophisticated laboratory investigations such as x-ray fluorescence or Raman spectroscopy; thus, many-faceted taaffeites sold today might be mislabeled as musgravite.

Musgravite may be new to the gemstone industry, yet it has quickly earned acclaim for its breathtaking clarity and vibrant hues. Furthermore, this rare stone is associated with metaphysical properties and may help facilitate spiritual awakening, healing, and peace of mind through crystal healing techniques.

Despite its relatively short history, Musgravite has established itself as one of the world’s most valuable gemstones, selling for approximately $35,000 per carat. With its striking violet hue, unique transparency, and a hardness rating of 8 on the Mohs scale making it highly desirable, experienced lapidaries can create exquisite faceted Musgravite pieces which showcase its stunning brilliance and beauty.

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