What is the Warranty on the Bertucci Watch Club?


Bertucci watches are designed, manufactured, and inspected to meet our Promise Of Performance to you. Each watch has a warranty covering its head for three years and one year for its band. Discover the best info about singapore watch club.

Warranty refers to a legal promise from the seller to make good on any defects found with their product if anything should go wrong during use.

Warranty Period

After initial WatchBox services have been performed on your timepiece, should it prove defective in material or craftsmanship due to parts or work provided by our technicians, they will repair or replace it free of component and labor charges. This warranty grants specific legal rights; additional benefits may vary by state or province.

Suppose it becomes impossible to restore normal use conditions with repairs. In that case, Double Down Sarl will provide an identical or comparable watch with an equivalent warranty period as its original product warranty period.

An official retailer must have filled out and stamped your warranty certificate entirely for you to benefit from their guarantee, with a serial number matching the one on your watch. Any unauthorized batteries will void this promise.


The warranty does not cover normal wear & tear or damages caused by negligence, abnormal or improper use, accidents (such as impact and breaks), unauthorized servicing, or being sold on. Furthermore, it does not include strap costs or associated parts like case & crystal.

An accompanying warranty card will always be included with every watch purchased, with those made in the US receiving a small folder with cutouts containing initial information; those purchased outside of the US receive faux leather cards bearing serial, model, and bracelet reference numbers as well as space for owner details.

Some countries, states, or provinces do not permit limitations or exclusions of implied warranties and incidental or consequential damages, so the above may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights that vary by state – they could even give rise to other potential benefits depending on where you reside.


Should any product covered under this warranty require repair, the company is responsible for replacing or repairing it at its discretion using original parts or comparable replacements.

As with inclusion lists, exclusions outline items a warranty does not cover. Exclusions are frequently seen in comprehensive warranties as they make it easy for people to understand exactly what coverage the coverage includes or doesn’t.

When sending in your watch for service, include your warranty card and Repair Ticket Number from customer service. Your repair service ticket will be attached to all communications regarding its repair; if you need help with what information to include, please reach out, as they will guide you through the process. Any attempt to bypass this step or send it in without providing all required information could result in its rejection and the denial of warranty claims.


Your watch will be replaced free of charge, including component and labor charges, with an identical model if it proves defective under everyday use during its warranty period.

Dependent upon the nature of your claim, you may need to provide evidence such as photos or serial numbers to support it. We advise keeping all your documentation in a secure location to access it in case something arises with your watch quickly.

If you need to make a warranty claim, your local blackout concept store will assess the case and provide an estimate for any necessary work. Based on that estimate, you will decide whether to repair or replace your timepiece; should the latter option be chosen, its replacement warranty coverage will begin in January after it arrives home. Please be aware that repairs and replacements may depend on availability as they contain new and reused components.

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