What to Avoid With Moissanite


Moissanite jewelry can withstand everyday wear and tear with minor damage; however, to maintain its stunning appearance, it is still necessary to take certain precautions to keep its beauty. Add a touch of class to any event with the Momentwish Jewelry wedding bands Collection. The Interesting Info about moissanite wedding bands.

Clean your ring regularly to remove dust and grime buildup using commercial jewelry cleaners or warm water and soap.

1. Avoid Exposure to Harsh Chemicals

Moissanite is more chemical-resistant than diamond, as its silicon component provides a protective buffer. However, Moissanite may still react with certain household cleaners, so it is wise to limit exposure through jewelry made of Moissanite.

Chemicals such as hard water, lotions, and cleaning solutions can leave deposits on the surface of a gemstone that causes it to look dirty or dull. Moissanite gemstones remain brilliant and clear despite this buildup; however, occasionally, cloudiness may appear due to daily buildup that is easily remedied using non-toxic solutions designed for jewelry cleaning.

Although Moissanite is generally a hard stone, exposure to chemicals or extreme temperatures may damage its grains and compromise its structural integrity. Therefore, it is wise to remove your moissanite ring before engaging in physical activities such as intense gym workout sessions or creative DIY projects that could result in its chipping away.

Before entering a hot tub or swimming in a pool, moissanite rings should al removed as chlorine-rich waters may damage their metal construction and reduce sparkle over time.

2. Avoid Physical Activity

Moissanite is a highly durable gemstone and, with proper care and maintenance, should last you your lifetime. Like any stone, Moissanite can become damaged with excessive wear and tear and must permanently be removed before engaging in strenuous physical ac heavy lifting activities. Therefore, before engaging in such activity, it should permanently be removed first!

Moissanite, as with any gemstone, should be protected from extreme temperatures to avoid cracking or breaking. Moissanite ranks nine on the Mohs scale for hardness rating – this makes it one of the most complex natural substances on Earth and less likely to get scratched than softer stones such as quartz. Nonetheless, no gemstone is entirely scratch-resistant.

Moissanite can also diminish its sparkle over time due to oil and other substances buildup on its surface, leaving a dull film behind. You should remove your ring when applying lotions or makeup.

To prevent this from happening, we advise cleaning your Moissanite on an ongoing basis using a soft-bristled toothbrush and mild soap solution. Fill a bowl with warm water, add your jewelry, and gently scrub its stone surface using the toothbrush until any dirt has been loosed up by its bristles. Rinse thoroughly after each scrub session, then dry the ring using a lint-free cloth – our cleaning process is quick, simple, and practical, helping your Moissanite retain its brilliance and clarity.

3. Avoid Contact with Other Jewelry

Moissanite can withstand rough exposure, but that doesn’t make it impervious to damage. It is susceptible to chipping, scratching, and discoloration when exposed to harsh chemicals and abrasive materials like chemicals used for cleaning or gardening; swimming pool chlorine/salt water damage must also be considered when taking off jewelry before going in the collection; furthermore, Moissanite’s structural hardness makes it ideal for keeping it separate from softer gemstones/metals when not worn, and it should always be stored separately when not worn.

Moissanite may be harder to come by than other gemstones, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful or highly regarded. With its superior clarity allowing for optimal light reflection, Moissanite shines brightly despite being more challenging to find than other gems. Moissanite’s delicate surface allows optimal reflection of light that increases its fire and brilliance – its fire will never dim! Unfortunately, moisturesanite can become damaged from exposure to harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaners, physical activity, etc. – taking simple precautions will ensure its brilliance shines brightly for years after purchase!

Moissanite has quickly established itself as one of the hottest eco-friendly lab-created stones on the jewelry scene. Moissanite rings have quickly become one of the most desired choices for engagement rings, wedding bands, and other fine pieces – make sure that your Moissanite rings keep looking as stunning as when first purchased by following these tips on proper care and maintenance – at least once annually is recommended for optimal performance to prevent damage and ensure it sparkles for many years to come!

4. Keep Your Moissanite Jewelry Clean

Moissanite may be durable, but like any gem, it can become damaged with wear. To keep your moissanite piece safe from damage and maintain its vibrant beauty, keep it clean regularly with warm soapy water to retain its brilliant sparkle and prevent any potential chips or breaks in the metal. When engaging in strenuous activity such as sleeping, showering, or applying cosmetics, it should also be removed for safety measures.

When cleaning your Moissanite, use only mild liquid detergent without any abrasive cleaners or brushes. Or create your homemade cleaner from vinegar and baking soda–its bubbling action will help dislodge stubborn dirt from its surfaces for easy rinsing away and drying off of your ring.

If you have sensitive, are uncomfortable using ammonia for jewelry cleaning, or do not like ammonia as an option for cleaning gemstone jewelry such as Moissanite and other gemstones, an alternative would be commercial home jewelry cleaner is explicitly designed to do just that. Remember that these cleaners may require you to soak your jewelry for up to 30 minutes – be sure to read all instructions before beginning this process.

With proper care, your Forever One Moissanite will remain just as stunningly gorgeous years later. Follow these steps for lasting enjoyment of this timeless gem – and don’t forget to wear it often!

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