Who is the Most Successful Estate Agent in the UK?


Finding an experienced estate agent can make all the difference when selling your property. They have access to buyers who may be interested in viewing your home and will prescreen potential buyers before permitting them to view.

Online estate agents have grown increasingly popular and usually charge lower fees than high-street agencies. Some even provide full services including hosting viewings and managing the negotiation process.


This company provides a range of property-related services, including residential sales and lettings, mortgage advice, surveying, conveyancing and more. They are members of ARLA and Tenancy Deposit Scheme as well as an accredited member of Property Ombudsman.

Hersham represents an emerging group of estate agents who are adept at marketing themselves online. His hard-charging style has helped him sell some of London’s most luxurious properties. Additionally, he pioneered taking Instagram videos of himself giving tours around mansions in London – something now commonly practiced within luxury property circles.


Hunter’s offers an array of real estate services, such as residential and commercial sales/lettings, mortgage advice and valuations as well as conveyancing/surveying. Their company boasts an established history and strong standing within the UK market.

As more features are added on, prices increase accordingly. A basic package offers advertising; its top-of-the-line service covers everything from viewings to mortgage arranging. In addition, this company is part of the Property Ombudsman network and strives to offer superior customer service.

Branded to reflect its core values, this company stands out from its competition through innovative approaches to marketing. Furthermore, with an impressive social media following that helps reach potential buyers for sales quickly at reasonable costs, this service offers great potential to those looking to sell their homes quickly at reasonable rates.

Connells Group

Connells Group is one of the UK’s largest estate agents with more than 180 branches nationwide, providing residential sales and lettings, mortgage advice, conveyancing services, surveys and auctions as well as corporate sales/remortgage/property management as well as property management.

Over seventy years have seen this company flourish and become the most reputable estate agent in the UK. Their trademark low fees and quality customer service has given them an edge over rivals.

As well as its traditional branches, this company also maintains an online presence through which its service enables customers to manage the sale of their properties from the convenience of their own homes. Furthermore, additional services offered by the company include property valuation and mortgage advice.

Andrew Reeves

This estate agency boasts an impressive client list, including celebrities and professional sportspeople. Offering comprehensive property services from mortgage advice to home surveys and conveyancing – as well as having three Chancellors auction centers – they boast an impressive clientele list that spans both celebrities and professional athletes.

Hersham belongs to an older generation of agents who have specialised in selling London’s most costly properties since the 60s. His Beauchamp Estates brochures contain an encyclopaedic display of heritage: “Steeped in history”; “a gateway to aristocracy”.

Hersham is no stranger to competition from younger agents; his phone is constantly buzzing with texts and calls from people wanting him to show them houses. Berkshire-based digital agency Marr Digital compiled an exhaustive list of UK estate agents using social media followers and Kredscore scores as indicators, giving each one a ranking out of 100.

Ashley Adams

Ashley Adams is an American actress and model known for her bold scenes in videos and web scenes. Born in Tampa, Florida with an attractive physique – Ashley has amassed many admirers who appreciate her body and figure. Ashley maintains her own channel on YouTube where she posts web scenes and videos regularly.

Luxury real estate market has seen an upheaval, with younger agents competing for business selling London’s premium properties. One such agent is Gary Hersham from Beauchamp Estates who has become a force in luxury property world.

This company provides residential and commercial property services, such as mortgage advice, property management, sales and lettings. Furthermore, they have an extensive network of branch offices and auction centres located across the UK.

Atkinson Stilgoe

Before the financial crisis hit, house prices barely increased and estate agents were almost nonexistent. When mortgages became accessible, demand surged dramatically and property sales exploded exponentially.

Today’s highly-competitive prime market features many luxury agencies fighting it out for only a handful of sales. Properties with history – think “Old Chelsea” or “Mayfair” – are highly desired; agents know how to sell these properties as slices of England with links into aristocracy.

Gary Hersham of Beauchamp Estates stands out as an influential agent, headlining one of London’s premier real estate agencies since the 1960s and selling luxury homes at premium prices to celebrities as well as high net-worth international buyers. His phone is constantly ringing. His clients range from celebrities to high-net-worth international buyers.

Bagshaws Residential

Online estate agents provide an efficient and cost-effective means of selling your home. Many offer local market expertise with 24/7/365 website access so that you can contact them whenever it suits you, plus some even offer free valuations of your property!

Purplebricks is one of the leading property portals, providing various packages starting at PS75 that include free marketing on Rightmove and Zoopla.

Other top estate agents include YOPA, with an impressive 97.2 out of 100 rating on Trustpilot and providing services for both buyers and sellers. Their network of offices make their service fast and hassle-free; they can assist with mortgage applications and surveys too! YOPA are ARLA members as well as comply with their industry Code of Practice.

Barnard Marcus

Barnard Marcus is one of London’s largest estate agencies with 39 offices and its own auctions centre, plus a nationwide network known as Sequence. They list properties from a range of areas but are particularly known for serving West London properties.

Bernard Marcus was born to Jewish immigrants from Russia. Raised in Newark, New Jersey he began working at age thirteen to support himself while attending school. Although initially interested in becoming a doctor he could not afford tuition so began work as a cabinet maker instead – soon becoming successful businessman as well. Bernard donated much of his wealth away for various charitable causes including Jewish causes, free enterprise systems and children’s issues while supporting the arts and education as well.

Paul Dubberley

He’s one of the rare old-guard estate agents to break through, selling to celebrities and high-net-worth individuals from around the globe. Additionally, he co-founded The Property Academy which works to raise industry standards.

His firm sells homes worth millions, and he boasts of having helped some of Britain’s richest individuals get onto the property ladder. Beauchamp Estates was established by him in 2000.

Black Country and West Midlands-based firm Real Property Sales’ philosophy is that “people buy houses to live in, not pass on”, with branches throughout both regions. Real Property Sales provides sales, lettings and management services as well as mortgages and surveying. Members of both National Association of Estate Agents and Guild of Property Professionals. It has earned a solid reputation for quality and transparency while prioritising customer service.

Peter Alan

Peter Alan was established in Wales in 1992, serving customers worldwide through its 28 branches and online valuation, home conveyancing, mortgage and rental services. Additionally, they provide property management and investment.

He knows everything there is to know about London’s hypercompetitive luxury market – an exclusive slice of Britain where estate agents may earn 2 to 6 percent commission on sales. He belongs to an older generation, having sold properties since the 60s; as one of London’s “coalface” estate agents he knows everyone and sells to all.