A Paan Shop Near Me in Kolkata


If you’re craving something sweet and want a refreshing bite after each meal, paan is a delicious treat that many Bengalis use as an after-meal signature treat.

Rk Chaurasia Paan Shop in Alipore, Kolkata, boasts an excellent customer review rating of 4.2 stars.

1. Shivsankar

Paan is the signature after-meal snack of any proud Bengali. Not simply chewing gum, this tradition begins a relaxing conversation or causes burps after enjoying a satisfying meal. Ever since grand Zamindar luncheons of old Kolkatans wanted heritage chewing with each meal – from chocolate paan to icy mint and fire paan; there’s much variety here to experience!

Shivsankar, a family-owned banarasi pan shop near me in Kolkata, has been serving quality after-meal paans since 1960 to a vast clientele that includes prominent politicians and socialites from the state. Their shop is in North Kolkata’s posh area and features beautiful interior decor. They offer everything from small gundi paans to their specialty mix khata paans, and their popular cherry ice paan! It’s certainly something worth trying!

They are well known for using fresh and high-quality ingredients. The owner, a retired diplomat who served as ambassador to Israel, Sri Lanka, and China before retiring, boasts extensive foreign affairs expertise and is part of the Advisory Board for the Institute of Chinese Studies, previously serving as a visiting professor at Ashoka University.

Beadon Street’s famed paan shop has an outstanding rating of 4.4 stars, making it an essential stop for those searching for tasty yet healthy treats! The owners are amiable, the service excellent, the prices competitive, and the food delicious, with fresh paan bursting with flavors. Don’t miss this unique gem – you won’t regret visiting!

Sweets from here are very popular with the locals, while there’s also an impressive array of vegetarian items. Additionally, their store is immaculate with fast and efficient service and very competitive pricing – not forgetting friendly staff that can answer any queries!

2. Banarasi Paanwala

Paan is an iconic component of Bengali culture. This traditional Indian chewing gum wrapped in betel leaf is comprised of ingredients like areca nut, areca nut kernels, catechu, meenaxi chutney, honey-flavored elaichi, rose petal syrup, and tobacco leaves – some even contain ice cream! Banaras offers many variations and flavors of paan; one shop on Lanka-Assi Marg is renowned for its tempting selection – particularly their delectable Mawa Paan, which packs an irresistibly sweet kick! Their artisans only use top ingredients and refrain from including artificial dyes!

Maghai Paan is a mouthwatering blend of flavors that has delighted Banarsis for years! Additionally, their specialty meetha Paan boasts sweet and bitter spices to satisfy Banarsis! One of the oldest pawn shops in Banaras resides near Babulnath Temple – definitely something not to be missed!

The owners of this popular Paan Shop near me in Kolkata are incredibly discerning about the ingredients used in their plans and ensure customer satisfaction; that is one reason for their success – having been in business for over 70 years, they also provide home delivery of their products!

This classic paan shop provides an expansive variety of different kinds of paans. Their unique flavor comes from using herbs and spices sourced locally and organic ingredients, not to mention offering an assortment of sweets such as supari and herbal teas to complete the experience!

This Paan Shop near me in Kolkata is well-known for its innovative plans and quality service, in addition to offering sweets, tea, and juice at competitive prices. In addition, they have an efficient delivery service with quick turnaround times for orders being processed and sent out.

3. Laziz Biryani

If you love biryani, then look no further! You can order chicken biryani, lamb biryani, and more at excellent prices that won’t break the bank! Plus, their service staff are highly attentive and helpful!

Laziz Biryani is a favorite among locals. Offering delicious cuisine in an inviting environment, its menu boasts an extensive selection of vegetarian-friendly dishes – ideal for sharing a meal with family or friends! Plus, it boasts stellar reviews near St Michael’s Cathedral Basilica!

Kolkata’s legendary paan shop has operated for three generations since 1976, when Laxman Chowdhury established it at 15C Sarat Bose Road. Over time, it has become a favorite hangout spot among Bengalis as it serves some of the best plans available, especially its popular gundi paan, packed with sweet flavors including gulkand, saunf, elaichi, and more!

Notable for its delicious paans and mouthwatering chaats and beverages, Naveen Chowdhury explains that his father used to work as a bhelpuriwala and implemented this experience into their chaat menu.

Today, ordering Paan online with Swiggy has never been simpler, and you can even track its delivery with its live tracking feature – saving both time and effort when it comes to standing in line at Paan shops, plus giving you access to your favorite Paan food anytime anywhere – thanks to technology, we now enjoy any cuisine at our fingertips!

4. Paanwaala

Paan makers, or paanwaalas, can often be found selling their creations at street corners or crossroads – often passing down their skill from generation to generation to become one of the city’s premier playmakers.

Over the years, this upscale and chic cafe has become a favorite hangout among many celebrities and businesspeople. Offering an assortment of plans like Elaichi Paan, Strawberry Paan, and Kolkata Paan and delicious desserts like their iconic Panna Cotta with Betel Leaf Infusion, it remains one of the go-to spots.

The food here is delicious, the atmosphere pleasant, and the service friendly and welcoming, while prices for paan are also quite reasonable. It is an excellent place for spending quality time with friends and family.

Paan-Tamul (betel leaves and raw areca nut) has long been used to symbolize respect and auspicious beginnings in India, religiously and maritally. Newlyweds often place two paan-tamul on a brass plate with stands called bota to show respect, seek forgiveness from their elders, and request their marriage blessing.

Nepalis enjoy chewing paan across the country, though not as widespread as in northern India. Residents in Kathmandu may even enjoy sweet versions such as meetha paan, which boast less intense flavors than its counterparts.

Muchhad Paanwala is a family business run by Jaishankar and Ram Kumar Tiwari of South Mumbai, making their Kemps Corner shop popular with locals and customers from upscale weddings and events. Additionally, Muchhad has its website and accepts orders through online food ordering portals; for six months each year, Jaishankar runs his respective shop, while Jaishankar’s daughter runs her cafe in Bandra.