A Student Was Stabbed at Pinecrest High School on Friday


On Friday morning at Pinecrest High School, one student was stabbed. According to WRAL, it appears the attack happened as she attempted to end a relationship with its perpetrator, who then attacked her; other students nearby risked injury to stop this person from harming anyone else.

Erika Nickel has launched a GoFundMe page in order to assist the victim’s family with getting her the medical care she needs.


Pinecrest High School in Moore County, North Carolina, went into lockdown Friday following reports that one student stabbed another student. The victim, whose identity has yet to be released, was airlifted to hospital, and the attack is believed to be the result of their former relationship. This incident has raised serious safety concerns at school and has been the subject of investigation by county school boards across Moore County.

Stabbings took place in the parking lot of a theater building. According to local authorities, as soon as a victim attempted to end her relationship with one of the suspects involved, multiple stabs were delivered in response. After fleeing from the scene, however, several students stopped him before authorities called 911 and put the school into lockdown before arresting the suspect for questioning.

The GoFundMe page created to assist the family of the victim in paying her medical expenses has raised over $54,000 since May 1. Victim’s family has expressed appreciation for how the community responded, as well as asked that rumors surrounding this incident don’t spread; otherwise, it might obstruct investigations being undertaken, and their siblings remain at school without knowing about it firsthand from fellow students.

The name of the victim has yet to be made public, but her family has spoken out in praise of her kindness and talent. An avid swimmer with dedication as an employee, they plan on staying close by as she recovers. Family friend Erika Nickel has set up a fundraiser to support her recovery expenses.


On Friday at Pinecrest High School in Moore County, North Carolina, a female student sustained severe injuries after she was stabbed by another student while trying to end their relationship. The incident caused the school to go into lockdown for some time while authorities conducted their investigation. WRAL reports that this attack took place around 8:45 am in the theater building parking lot, and some students risked their lives to prevent more people from being hurt; these students then stopped the attacker before calling 911 – airlifting her victim from the hospital afterward.

The victim’s family has created a GoFundMe page in order to cover medical expenses associated with her injuries while also asking that people refrain from spreading rumors regarding the attack, which could hinder investigations. They appreciate all of the support they’ve received so far but want to ensure their daughter receives proper medical treatment for her condition.

On April 28, Pinecrest High School junior Avery Slatcher was attacked after trying to break off her relationship with an unidentified attacker. Although she survived the attack, Avery remains in critical condition. To support Avery and her family members financially in getting her the medical assistance that she requires. A GoFundMe campaign has been initiated in her name in order to assist with Avery’s medical costs.

Avery is one of the kindest individuals you will meet, an outstanding swimmer, and a diligent employee. As the oldest of four siblings – three sisters and a brother – Avery always looks out for her younger siblings, making sure they get care. After suffering severe injuries during a car accident, she was airlifted to UNC for medical attention, which will likely require long-term care costs to cover.

The school counseling department has been providing support to both victims and their families following this horrifying event, with victims’ parents being vocal in their desire for improved mental health services at schools as well as more extraordinary security measures. They express hope that such an incident will spur change so no other family has to endure what theirs has.


After the stabbing at Pinecrest High School, the community came together in support of both the victim and her family. Many people offered assistance and expressed condolences. Her parents have spoken out against improved mental health services as well as increased security measures at schools; they hope that this incident can bring change so no other families must endure what they did.

On Friday at 8:45 AM, in the parking lot of Pinecrest High School Theater Building in Southern Pines, an incident took place, which resulted in multiple stabbings to an individual who has yet to be identified as a suspect in this investigation. The victim has reported her wounds. At this time, there has been no word regarding who may have committed these attacks or whether any charges will be filed; an ongoing investigation is taking place.

Other students at Pinecrest were advised to remain inside their classrooms until law enforcement arrived on the scene and took custody of the suspect, while law enforcement transported the victim to the hospital, where she remains in critical condition. A GoFundMe page has also been established in support of her family.

Avery Slatcher, a sophomore at Pinecrest, was tragically stabbed while trying to end her relationship with an unknown individual. This incident has devastated Avery’s family; one friend from their circle, Erika Nickel, has created a GoFundMe page in order to assist Avery’s medical expenses.

The Slatcher family has asked students and members of the local community not to spread rumors regarding Avery’s attack, as that may harm investigations and her siblings who remain at Pinecrest School. Furthermore, they’d rather not hear about the assault from other students at Pinecrest. Moreover, they want the response and assistance provided by Pinecrest staff and other sources to be acknowledged and thanked by them as well.


Pinecrest High School in Southern Pines was recently struck by a stabbing incident that resulted in multiple student stab wounds on April 28, before school started, in a theater building parking lot. One female student was attacked and airlifted to UNC Hospital Chapel Hill for treatment, where she remains critical.

The family of Avery Cline released a statement thanking Chapel Hill residents for their response to this incident and encouraging people to refrain from spreading rumors that could impede ongoing investigations. Furthermore, they requested people donate whatever amount possible so as to cover costs associated with her stay in Chapel Hill and her life-saving treatments.

According to WRAL, a stabbing was reported at approximately 8:45 AM at the Pinecrest High School theater building parking lot. WRAL reported that while the victim was trying to end her relationship with the suspect at the time, she was attacked instead, creating disruption at school but fortunately resulting in no one else being hurt; several students quickly came together in support and assisted the victim while also detaining him until police could arrive on scene and arrest him.

GoFundMe pages have been set up in support of Avery Slatcher, a junior at her school, who her family describes as one of “the sweetest, most talented swimmers and conscientious employees.” Additionally, Avery was told by them as an attentive older sibling to three sisters and one brother, their parents remain nearby and will stay as long as necessary in Chapel Hill to be by her side, hoping her tragic death can inspire changes in school security and mental health services; this fundraising initiative had raised over $54,000 by May 1. As of May 1, there has been no information regarding who was responsible, but the investigation remains active with ongoing inquiries being undertaken against all involved parties involved – this fundraiser has raised over $54,000 alone as of May 1; no information regarding who committed this crime has yet been disclosed;