Avon Local Schools Calendar


Avon Local Schools Calendar serves pre-K to 12th-grade students located in Northern Livingston County and combines rural charm with access to cultural and technological resources from nearby Rochester. NY.

Winter Guard ensembles in our district provide students of all skill levels an opportunity to shine, competing at the highest levels of accountability and challenge for students.

School Closings

Avon Central School District serves grades K through 12, providing them with an ideal learning experience near Rochester, New York. Combining rural life with the technological and cultural resources of city life, Avon also boasts numerous recreational options ranging from fishing on Finger Lakes to hiking and camping at Letchworth State Park – plus, it boasts outstanding AP program participation and test score performance.

All Avon schools will remain closed through March 20 after one student tested positive for coronavirus and another showed symptoms, according to state health officials. Practices, extracurricular activities, and events scheduled until then have been canceled while Avon schools make learning packets available to families without internet access as eLearning days continue. Furthermore, Avon schools will provide cold food packages of 10 breakfasts and lunches as an aid measure to families in need.

This page includes significant holiday dates from Avon Local School District’s academic session 2023-2024 calendar, subject to change at any time. Please check back often or consult your school/district website for the most up-to-date information – it may also serve as an excellent source for emergency updates not yet reflected here.

Early Dismissal

The Avon Central School District provides a safe and nurturing learning environment for Kindergarten through Grade 12 students. The close-knit community offers the best of both worlds: small-town charm with nearby cultural and technological opportunities. Recreation options in this region range from fishing and boating on Finger Lakes to hiking and camping at Letchworth State Park. It boasts a growing economy comprised of local businesses, light industry jobs, and many agricultural positions. Avon Central is proud of providing its students with a positive school experience that fosters personal achievements and social responsibility!

School dismissals can occur for various reasons. Sometimes, they’re planned, like staff planning days, holidays, or “half days.” Other times, they arise out of unexpected events like inclement weather or on-campus emergencies that necessitate sending students home early for safety purposes.

Parents should make plans with neighbors, friends, or babysitters in advance for any emergency closings or early dismissals due to poor weather. This should happen prior to starting school so parents are fully prepared should such incidents arise throughout the year.

Parents wanting their student released early on regular school days must submit a written request with more than 72 hours notice prior to any early dismissals deemed unexcused; failing this, more than three unexcused early dismissals may lead to referral from the administration/Attendance Review Committee.

For the 2023-2024 academic session, Avon Local Schools have issued an academic calendar which lists significant holidays. Additionally, it contains critical events that occur throughout the school year, such as school board meetings, unique presentations, and concerts, as well as non-student holidays, such as teacher preparation days, teachers’ services days, and professional development days.

Winter Break

Avon Central School District in northern Livingston County provides the advantages of rural life while benefitting from cultural and technological opportunities available near Rochester, New York. The school district serves the educational needs of approximately 1,000 children from kindergarten through grade 12. Recreation opportunities available within the community include fishing and boating on the Finger Lakes, camping at Letchworth State Park, hiking, skiing, and golfing. This area is rich with historical significance. This page presents a list of major holidays for the 2023-2024 academic session; for any amendments or changes, please consult your school district calendar. While visiting their official website, you can see the original version. Thank you for visiting!

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Spring Break

Avon is a small but tightly-knit community offering many opportunities for education and entertainment. It combines rural living with access to cultural and technological resources found nearby in Rochester, New York. Avon boasts natural beauty, including Letchworth State Park and Finger Lakes for hiking, fishing, camping, and skiing, in addition to shopping, restaurants, and other conveniences nearby, such as schools. Avon School District recently published their calendars for 2023-2024, which feature significant holidays; you can visit this page to gain more insight into their schedule or even download PDF versions for future reference!