Alternative Health Care – What along with Whom


The Baby boomers-those blessed 1946 through 1964-are the most important population to require medical than ever before. Medical practitioners and prescription companies are focusing on what capsules, potions, or surgeries the newborn boomers-turned seniors will be likely to use in the next 30 – 4 decades. Ironically, the majority of people tend to be focused on their health after a thing major has occurred. The reality is if we consistently take proper care of our health the aging process offers little impact.

Baby boomers tend to be voicing their concerns regarding better health, more than earlier generations. However, many have no idea where to find information and choices, other than Traditional Western Medicine (TWM).

Few people research the variety of side effects of doctor-prescribed or over-the-counter (OTC) drugs- not to mention that prescription and OTC drugs- are developed to take over and hijack your biochemistry. Prescription and NON-PRESCRIPTION drugs force blood pressure for being lower/higher or force often the liver to stop manufacturing wholesome cholesterol. In fact, prescription, as well as OTC drugs, interfere with usual human metabolism, and that is one of the reasons for this why prescription drugs are eradicating people.

Yet, conventional medical professionals rely on propaganda about the mysterious side effects of holistic health-related to convince people that solely prescription or OTC prescription drugs are safe. It is NOT that they are worried about the side effects of cutting edge of using health care-they are worried about people being well and in addition, they won’t have their business connected with prescribing life-long pills in addition to potions. Western Medicine is definitely profit-driven.

If all people knew they could prevent almost any disease with plant removal, medicinal herbs, natural vitamin supplements, minerals, and supplements, and peace of mind, the pharmaceutical and medical market would collapse overnight.

The World Health Organization quotes that between 65 to be able to 80 percent of the world’s human population (about 3 billion people) rely on naturopathic or holistic medicine as their primary kind of health care.

o Worldwide, simply 10 to 30 percent of men and women use traditional medicine, and 75 to 90 percent make use of naturopathic and homeopathic healthcare.

o 74 percent of the American population desires an all-natural approach to health care.

o In the one out of three Us citizens who say they have applied natural techniques, 84 percent said they would use it all over again.

o Traditional Chinese Medicine is chosen by the World Wellbeing Organization for worldwide diffusion to meet the health care desires of the twenty-first century.

The U. S. administration sponsors the use of acupuncture with drug rehabilitation programs.

I “In a [Mayo Clinic] study of fifty patients, six acupuncture solutions given over two to three 2 or 3 weeks significantly improved their outward indications of pain and fatigue. micron Time, 2005

o “Americans make more visits to be able to holistic health care providers (some six-hundred million a year) rather than M. D. s and also spend more money out-of-pocket to accomplish this about $30 billion per year by recent estimates. inches Newsweek, 12/2002

o “A recent study performed from the American Massage Therapy Association says 28 percent of people acquired a massage from a massage therapy therapist in the past five yrs, up from 17 per cent in 1997. Eighteen per cent said they had a rub down in the past 12 months. That’s ten percent higher than was reported with 1997. ” American Massage Association, 8/2002.

Holistic health-related practices include:

o Acupressure

o Aromatherapy/flower essences

I Ayurvedic medicine

o Bio-feedback

o Chelation therapy

I Chiropractic

o Essential Essential oils

o Guided imagery

I Herbology/Herbal remedies

o Homeopathy

o Hydrotherapy

o Hypnosis/self-hypnosis

o Iridology

o Rubdown

o Meditation/visualization

o Imagination, Body, Spirit healing (using the unconscious mind)

I Movement and exercise therapies

o Naturopathy

o Diet therapy

o Osteopathy

a Reiki/energy medicine

o Leisure response

o Reflexology

a Therapeutic touch

o Standard Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Every neighborhood has resources: Natural foods stores, natural vitamin and also supplement stores: Hi-Health and fitness, Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Food items, Wild Oats Market, Speculator Joe’s, AJ’s Fine Foods, and The net directories.

o Holistic Doctor directory – New All-natural Health Care Products Directory. http://www.holisticseek.com/

o Holistic Junction: Business listing
Holistic Junction, your ending into Holistic Practitioners, Massage http://www.holisticjunction.com

o Holistic Medical online: A search directory to get reputable practitioners by status, country, city, http://www.holistichealthcare.com

I Florida Health & Conditioning Directory… Holistic Health Care: Home remedies and Preventative Medicine Acupressure, Chinese Herbs, Homeopathy, Shiatsu,… http://www.floridasmart.com/business/health/index.htm

o Holistic well-being links and new age backlinks from Share Guide… Healthlinks. net – Healthcare website and directory with around 70200 unique links…. http://www.shareguide.com/links.html

o American Holistic Well-being Association (AHHA) – Useful resource Lists. Members who job in partnership with their patients encourage a holistic approach along with…

o Metaphysical Healing-Mind, Human body, Spirit, Genesis Consultants, Inc.

Last, but not least do not let traditional medical doctors, pharmacists, or your family and best friends bully you into believing you are in jeopardy if you use holistic medical remedies or practitioners.

The actual Journal of the American Healthcare Association Vol. 284 This summer 26, 2000, published a peice documenting the tragedy associated with Traditional Western Medicine (TWM) paradigm. The author, Dr . Barbara Starfield of Johns Hopkins College of Hygiene and Public well-being describes how the U. H. health care system may help with poor health. Doctors, she mentioned, are the third leading reason for death in the U. H., causing 250, 000 fatalities every year.

This information is a the burkha to the Institute of Medicine record of December 1999, but the files were hard to reference when it was not in the peer-reviewed record. Now it is published in JAMA which is the most widely produced medical periodical in the world.


1 . 12, 000 —–unnecessary surgery

2 . 8, 000 —–medication errors throughout hospitals

3. 20, 000 —-other errors in hospital wards

4. 80, 000 —-infections in hospitals

5. 106, 000 —non-error, negative effects of the medicine

250, 000 deaths per annum from iatrogenic–death induced in the patient by a physician’s action, manner, or therapy, particularly of a complication of therapy causes–is outrageous!! Yet, most people continue to trust the healthcare profession to ‘cure’ all of them, in spite of all the evidence towards the contrary.

Of 13 nations in a recent comparison, America ranks an average of 12th (second from the bottom) for sixteen available health indicators. The actual ranking of the U. H. on several indicators had been:

o 13th (last) with regard to low-birth-weight percentages

o thirteenth for neonatal mortality along with infant mortality overall 12

o 11th for posting neonatal mortality

o thirteenth for years of potential lifestyle lost (excluding external causes)

o 11th for life span at 1 year for girls, 12th for males

e 10th for life expectancy with 15 years for girls, 12th for males

e 10th for life expectancy with 40 years for females, ninth for males

o in 7th place for life expectancy at 68 years for females, seventh for males

o third for life expectancy at eight decades for females, 3rd with regard to males

o 10th with regard to age-adjusted mortality

The poor overall performance of the U. S. healthcare profession was recently verified by a World Health Business study, which used various data and ranked America 15th among twenty-five industrialized countries.

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