Take a Look at the Various Types of Air Mattresses You Can Buy


It is always better to offer your visiting friends or family members a better option for relaxing than a cramped couch or a folding bed. Your guests can enjoy a good night’s sleep on a comfortable air mattress, and you have the convenience of putting it away when you are not using it. 

However, it’s not easy to choose the air mattress perfect for your needs with the plethora of options available in the market, especially if you have never purchased one before. 

This blog explains the different air mattresses to make choosing one for your abode easier. 

1 – Permanent air mattress – Permanent mattresses are large-sized and constant in the bedroom for regular use. They are usually heavier and more prominent in size and height, but you can find different types. 

Also referred to as air beds, permanent air mattresses are made for long-term usage, just like traditional beds. Of all air mattresses, these are usually the heftiest, thickest, and tallest. 

2 – Raised air mattress – Raised air mattresses are similar to conventional beds when you consider their height and floor-to-surface difference. Due to that, it is most suitable for guests who are staying for longer durations or older visitors who could find it challenging to get on and off higher air mattresses. 

These air mattresses do not require inflating or deflating regularly, but they can be adjusted for firmness as per your requirements.  

3 – Memory foam air mattress – Memory foam air mattresses provide even more comfort than regular air mattresses. Memory foam is made of a unique type of material that provides viscoelasticity – which means that they are both stretchable and viscous or pressure resistant. 

Due to this exceptional combination of features, a memory foam air mattress can adjust to your body shape while also offering adequate firmness to support the body weight. 

4 – Temporary inflatable air mattress – These are ideal for when you have overnight guests like relatives and friends dropping in. When the guests leave, you can deflate them and store them away to make your room spacious. 

Compared to other air mattresses, these usually carry more weight and are bulkier and taller. 

The most significant advantage of a temporary air mattress is that it provides better comfort. They comprise higher quality air chambers and more resemble conventional beds than a simple inflatable bed would. 

5 – Self-inflatable air mattress – As their name indicates, a self-inflatable air mattress inflates with just a click of a button or knob. They typically contain an internal pump that inflates the mattress. 

They are much more convenient to use than external pumps that you need to purchase separately, and their parts could also get lost frequently. Comparatively, internal pumps are self-contained and less of a hassle.

Final Word

Buying an air mattress isn’t necessarily a stressful activity. You only need to keep your needs and requirements, body condition, potential comfort level, and preferences in mind. Factory Direct Mattresses offers the highest quality mattresses of all types.

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