Aluglobus Fence Kits


An Aluglobus fence kit can help reduce costs when purchasing individual fencing materials and provides more flexibility by changing panel and post sizes as desired. Our kits also feature wood-like composite fence panels that are easy to build and maintain – perfect for saving you time on maintenance! What do you consider about continuous steel fence factory.

Use the drop-down menu to select your kit of choice, and add a tension kit if necessary to enhance its strength.


An inexpensive fencing kit may be an attractive solution for homeowners who wish to save money with their next fencing project. Such kits contain everything needed, from posts and panels down to accessories like clips. There is a variety of styles, colors, and materials available – recycled wood fences may cost less than natural ones, and steel/aluminum fences can often meet more stringent budget constraints; research should help find you one suitable.

Homeowners looking to cut energy costs while protecting their property can turn to composite fence panels as an energy-saving measure and insect-proof barrier. Not only will these long-lasting fences, not warp or rot, but cleaning them efficiently is simple as well; these eco-friendly options make a green alternative to traditional wooden fencing!

These fences come in various heights to give you precisely the look and feel that suits you, with several finishes, such as copper or vinyl, available to complete the look. Each is designed to add beauty to any yard – some even come with gates so you can quickly access your backyard!

ALEKO chain link fence kits are an ideal solution for both residential and commercial uses, offering cost-effective security at a premium appearance with galvanized wire mesh that is corrosion resistant, low in maintenance costs, and long-lasting. Perfect for protecting a perimeter around homes, farms, warehouses, or industrial properties.

If you are shopping for an underground pet fence, be sure to ask about its warranty terms. While many do-it-yourself systems only offer one or two years of coverage (excluding dog chews!) DogWatch stands out by providing lifetime equipment warranties ( including dog chews!) when installed by authorized dealers outside. This warranty ensures your pet receives audible alerts and corrections within its boundary area.


A quality fence kit contains all the materials and components for installing your new fence, providing both privacy and security for your home or garden. Furthermore, many kits include gates to give an entrance into your yard – these may even match up in terms of aesthetics and durability – making access more straightforward to both enter and exit it. Often attached directly onto the side of your house for easier entry/exit of the yard.

A fence kit typically consists of prefabricated panels secured to posts and rails by screws or nails, often made of composite materials composed of recycled wood and plastic that resemble natural wood grains. Composite fencing panels tend to be more durable, require less maintenance, and offer greater cost-efficiency compared to their wooden counterparts.

Fence kits come in all styles and sizes. While some designs may be intended to enclose large areas, others are tailored more toward smaller spaces like yards or gardens. Many are tailored to match the style of your home while serving double duty as gate protection to guard patios or other outdoor areas. Plus, installation of these panels is simple, making them an excellent option for homeowners seeking low-maintenance yards.

Garden & Backyard Protection Kit is another top seller. This fence kit effectively deters deer and other domestic or non-domestic animals by giving them a mild shock when approaching it – perfect for those tired of deer destroying their vegetables or landscaping!

This kit contains a 100-foot fence line, an energizer, and a sensor. To add access for you and your pets, a gate can also be added. In addition, there’s also a no-weld adjustable pipe connector to follow land contours while offering more excellent stability and strength than traditional fences. Plus, there’s even an included tension kit!


If you’re searching for an easily maintained fence, composite fencing could be the ideal option. Crafted from wood and plastic composite material, it comes in various styles and colors and comes with a lifetime warranty compared to traditional wooden fences, which need regular upkeep such as rotting or rusting maintenance. Cleaning them efficiently requires soap and water!

Make sure that your fence kit comes with a warranty and that its manufacturer offers customer support in case any problems arise with it. Selecting a company offering this type of support could be extremely useful in the future should there be any problems with your fencing system.

Consideration must also be given to the size and shape of your property when purchasing a fence kit. If you plan on installing your fence around a pool, ensure the equipment satisfies pool code regulations in your area; for trees or structures near which you intend to place the wall, ensure its length fits appropriately within that space.

Once you’ve selected the type of fence that best meets your needs, it’s essential to understand its maintenance requirements. Certain materials require more upkeep than others; before making a purchase, take time to consider long-term investment and its associated maintenance requirements, as this could prevent costly problems in the future.

Aluminum and vinyl fences are relatively straightforward to keep clean. You can easily use a pressure washer, hose, or mild detergent with mild suds for stain removal, as well as bleach or white vinegar for killing algae or mildew growth.

Dog runs are another low-maintenance fence option to protect your pets from raccoons, opossums, and other predators. Many pet owners also choose an electronic pet fence in order to prevent their animals from roaming freely throughout their yards or streets without supervision. Selecting an electric pet fence with 14-16 gauge wire that’s made explicitly for underground burial will reduce broken cables.


Fence kits make installation quick and easy, offering various styles. Each kit contains all of the materials necessary for completion – post anchors, wire, pliers, and other hardware are included, as well as installation instructions that walk you through step-by-step. Before purchasing one, be mindful of any specific material installation requirements, such as wood fencing, which requires more tools and labor than vinyl or steel materials; additionally, choose only high-quality kits to protect your investment long term.

Installed correctly, a fence should last years; however, any damaged sections must be addressed promptly to prevent further deterioration and spread to undamaged areas. In addition, regular maintenance inspections will help ensure your fence continues operating effectively.

The Garden and Backyard Protection Fence Kit is an easy do-it-yourself electric fencing solution, capable of protecting areas up to 50’x50′. This DIY solution includes eight posts, 40 clips, a ground rod, and a B10 battery energizer to ensure pets and livestock remain secure; 656 feet of poly wire wire provide coverage over large areas.

Trident Heavy Duty Deer Fencing Kit is another easy-to-assemble fence kit that’s great for installing quickly. Crafted from a polypropylene material that can stand up against harsh weather conditions while needing minimal maintenance, and with its reinforced bottom edge to stop animals from getting under and ruining your garden or yard, it makes an ideal deer fence option.

Before installing your chain link, it is necessary to decide on how many tension bands per hook-up. The ideal number should equal the height of the chain link minus one; at minimum, three tension bands per hook-up should be sufficient. To make installation simpler, pre-squeezing bars are also beneficial as this pinches them shut, making connecting terminal posts later easier; to achieve optimal results, use fence pliers to accomplish this task.

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