Baccarat x Pokemon – A Special Collector’s Item


As part of its 25th anniversary celebrations, Pokemon has joined forces with luxury crystal maker Baccarat to release an exclusive collector’s item designed by streetwear legend Hiroshi Fujiwara of Fragment Design: the Pikachu Fragment is limited to only 25 pieces and costs $25,000. Discover the best info about สมัคร ufa800.

If the above is beyond your budget, Baccarat also offers a smaller crystal Pikachu figurine and Poke Ball for under $500.

Pikachu Fragment

Pokemon and Baccarat have collaborated to produce an exclusive crystal Pikachu Fragment designed by streetwear pioneer Hiroshi Fujiwara of Tokyo-based Fragment Design that costs an astronomical $25,000 and is limited to 25 pieces only.

Collaboration between the Japanese pop culture franchise and French Crystal House makes an unforgettable statement of celebration for Pikachu’s 25th anniversary. The limited edition Pikachu Fragment features impressive dimensions and comes engraved with “Electric,” marking its place among any collection. With so many shimmering facets, its captivating charm ensures it makes an irresistibly vibrant addition.

Baccarat has designed an endearing figurine of Pikachu that features open arms and ears with ears perked up reminiscent of classic designs, made from clear crystal with gold trim.

As an homage to the widely popular gaming phenomenon, Baccarat has released a gorgeous Poke Ball, used by trainers to capture Pokemon characters. It is adorned with luxurious gold mesh fabric and is suitable as both a paperweight or shelf display.

Baccarat has long made inroads into youth culture through high-end collaborations such as jewelry from Daniel Arsham and trading cards; more recently, however, it’s begun exploring Pokemon through its Pokemon X Baccarat collection, available both online and at select baccarat boutiques.

The company offers two non-Fragment Pokemon figurines as well: Pikachu’s smaller counterpart and Poke Ball are both less costly options, costing $470-500, respectively. However, spending so much may be worthwhile to see an iconic character immortalized in crystal.

Pikachu figurine

Pikachu, as one of the most beloved and influential Pokemon figurines, has won over children and adults alike. There are numerous kinds of Pikachu figurines on the market, ranging from highly detailed pieces to miniature sizes – selecting one for your collection may be difficult; therefore, take into consideration your tastes and budget before making a purchase decision. Whether looking for high-quality rare or limited edition figures, you are sure to find your ideal Pikachu figure here!

The franchise has joined forces with Baccarat, an iconic century-old French crystal design company, to release three unique Pokemon collectibles. These collectibles include two crystal Pikachu figurines and a crystal Poke Ball made using their famed crystal.

The Baccarat X Pokemon collection is not for the budget-minded; Pikachu will set you back $440, while crystal Poke Ball costs $410. Both pieces can be found both online and at select baccarat stores worldwide; fans can watch artists craft these pieces using videos posted to official Pokemon Twitter accounts.

As a collector of Pokemon figurines, you must ensure the item you buy is genuine. To do this, review customer reviews as well as check official brand websites and social media pages as well as fan communities such as conventions for announcements of new merchandise releases.

Search for figurines crafted from materials like porcelain, glass, or resin – such as these three materials will influence its durability and aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, choose an artist-designed figure; this will ensure it meets quality standards and can safely be displayed. Additionally, limited edition or regional exclusive figurines may have more excellent value and cost more money; finally, small figures tend to cost the most.

Poke Ball

Pokemon has been part of our lives for 25 years and continues to enthrall people worldwide. To commemorate this significant anniversary, the company teamed up with Baccarat, an iconic French crystal manufacturer known for crafting exquisite products that epitomize French Art de vivre and produce beautiful collector’s items featuring pop culture icon Pikachu.

Baccarat’s Poke Ball is an exquisite crystal sphere with an inscribed golden line running through its center, designed by Japanese artist Hiroshi Fujiwara and limited to 25 pieces. Ideal as either paperweights or stand-alone decorations on shelves – an excellent present idea for any Pokemon fanatic!

Even though the price of the Baccarat Poke Ball may be prohibitively expensive for most individuals, they have also created two more miniature figures that are more budget-friendly – these being the 5.7″ crystal Pikachu figurine and 2.7-inch crystal Poke Ball, both available to buy directly through their website.

Other than the Poke Ball, both collectibles are pocket-friendly and resemble more closely the characters we’ve come to love through the years. Pikachu Medium, in particular, looks much friendlier and more approachable than what can be found in games.

A Poke Ball is an essential piece of equipment for trainers, enabling them to capture and keep track of all the different Pokemon they encounter on their travels. Not being affected by other Pokemon means its catch rate increases with fast-moving species; additionally, it makes an ideal solution for difficult-to-catch creatures that escape their grasp or attempt to run away from you!

While Pokemon has traditionally catered to youth culture through trading cards and Daniel Arsham collaborations, its partnership with Baccarat demonstrates its attempt to reach older consumers as well. Their new product range, consisting of crystal Pokemon figurines and Poke Balls, is evidence that the brand continues to change and mature over time.


Fans who collect Pokemon figurines often go above and beyond in their search for the ultimate figures. A new addition to the franchise’s expansive merchandise roster is a crystal Pikachu by Baccarat – known for their luxury high-end products – made especially for this occasion in collaboration with Fragment Design and The Pokemon Company to produce one-of-a-kind Pikachu statue that stands almost one foot tall! Additionally, their Baccarat x Pokemon collection also includes more miniature Pikachu figures and crystal Poke Balls!

Even though previous collaborations between Pokemon and Daniel Arsham and its adult fans, such as holographic Charizards and Arsham’s work, have proven popular with older viewers, this collaboration targets young fans directly. The $25,000 Pikachu Fragment statues have only ever been made in 25 pieces; each statue stands 18″ and boasts “exceptional object for collectors.”

Pokemon Company has long wooed young gamers with collectible trading cards and virtual concerts featuring Post Malone. Now, it is venturing into fine crystals. Partnering with Baccarat may prove successful, given their reputation for offering exclusive and pricey items.

However, if $34K Pikachu Fragments are out of your price range, Baccarat also has other Pokemon-related crystals for purchase at affordable prices. A more diminutive Pikachu figurine and crystal Poke Ball version can both be obtained for $440 each online and at select brick-and-mortar stores worldwide – great ways to commemorate Pokemon’s 25th-anniversary milestones!

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