Berrylook Coats Review


Berrylook is an online fashion store that offers a variety of trendy clothing and accessories for women. Their product range includes dresses, tops, pants, shoes, swimwear, and more.

Many customers have reported poor quality and sizing issues at Berrylook. They also say that it takes a long time for their orders to arrive.


Berrylook Coats Review is a go-to online fashion store that offers stylish, versatile clothing at affordable prices. They also have a wide range of seasonal sales, which are always worth checking out as they can save you a lot of money.

Berrylook claims to offer a wide selection of trendy clothing for women and children, as well as swimwear, at a fraction of the cost of their competitors. They have a steady sales rotation and thousands of new products added to their virtual rack daily.

However, despite their lower prices, Berrylook reviews from customers have a few complaints about the quality of the clothes they receive. One common issue is that the colors of the clothes appear differently than they do in the product pictures.

Another concern is that the company charges a 15% cancellation fee on orders canceled after 24 hours of purchase. Additionally, their returns policy is not as convenient as other similar companies. They claim to refund items within 30 days of delivery, but some customers claim they waited months before receiving them.


A coat or a blazer can be a great addition to any wardrobe. Whether you’re going to an outdoor event or having dinner with friends, a good jacket will keep you warm and look great at the same time.

Berrylook Coats Review offers a variety of coats and blazers to suit any taste and style. These items are a must-have in every woman’s closet.

The company also accepts returns on unused or undamaged merchandise within 30 days of purchase. They will examine the returned item and issue a refund if eligible.

The company offers free shipping on all orders worth $75 or more. Orders ship worldwide and take 5-12 days to be delivered in the USA, Europe, or Africa. You can choose Expedited shipping if you live in Asia or South America. Once your order ships, you’ll receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking information.


Berrylook is a trustworthy online fashion store that offers a wide range of quality apparel for men and women. Its vast selection allows customers to find the perfect outfit for any occasion, and its prices are competitive.

Its promotions are also a big draw for many customers, allowing them to buy products for significantly less than their regular prices. However, promotions are usually time-specific, so you’ll have to check the site at all times to see what they’re offering.

Regarding shipping, Berrylook offers two options – Super Saver and Expedited. With Super Saver, delivery takes 5-12 days to ship to North America, Oceania, Europe, and Africa, and 7-15 days for Asia and South America. With Expedited, delivery takes 2-5 days for the first order and 3-7 days for each subsequent order. The company also accepts a variety of payment methods, including Visa and Mastercard. In addition, the company offers a discount for new customers.

Easy to return

While Berrylook does offer a return policy, it is not as easy as customers will appreciate. The company requires you first to contact them to get approval (which will include return instructions and the return address).

However, the issue is that many times Berrylook does not respond when contacted with a return request. In addition, they frequently ask for photos repeatedly, even when the customer has provided these.

Ultimately, it is up to the customer to send the package back to Berrylook within 30 days of receiving the order. This allows the company time to accept the return and refund the customer if they choose to do so. It is also worth noting that shipping back to China can be prohibitive, ultimately adding to the customer’s overall bill. This is a significant drawback for shoppers looking for an easy way to return their products.