Best Call Recording App For iPhone


When you’re looking for a call recording app for your iPhone, there are a few great options available. Some are free and allow you to transfer the recording to another device. Others charge a small fee but offer many useful features. If you’re on a budget, a free option may be enough.

TapeACall Pro

The app is easy to use and offers a user-friendly interface. The app records call in the background and allow you to send recordings via SMS or social media. You can also record incoming calls, save them to your phone, or upload them to Google Drive or Dropbox. In addition to this, the app can email you the recording as a text file. The app is free for basic features but charges a fee of about 10 cents per minute. This price may vary by country.

TapeACall Pro is easy to use and is intuitive compared to other call recording apps. The app developers care about the customers and have customer support available to answer any questions you may have. It is easy to label recordings and can record calls immediately after a caller hangs up.

TapeACall Pro records incoming and outgoing calls. You can store unlimited recordings using the app and then transfer them to your computer or other devices. You can even label recordings for easy sharing. In addition, the app supports Facebook and Twitter, so you can share them with friends. The free version allows you to record calls for up to 60 seconds, but you can unlock more advanced features by upgrading to the Pro version.

Call Recorder Lite

The Call Recorder Lite app records incoming and outgoing calls and stores them on a secure server for later use. It supports multiple audio formats and allows you to share the recordings with other users. Recordings can be shared via email or social networking websites. This app also has robust controls that allow you to skip call contents and adjust the playback speed. It even lets you export recordings to a file.

This call recording app is free to download and use. This app is glitch-free and allows you to search for specific calls easily. It also records the full call duration and date. You can also edit or transcribe the recorded audio. This app is great for sharing recorded audio with family and friends. It also supports more than 50 languages. Once you download the app, it will automatically renew your subscription unless you cancel it at least 24 hours before the expiration date.

This app also records incoming and outgoing calls. It records high-quality audio. This app does not require a SIM card and works online to provide high-quality recordings. It also provides a feature that lets you email recorded recordings to others.

Rev Call Recorder

If you have an iPhone, Rev Call Recorder is a great option to record incoming and outgoing calls. The app records both audio and video and allows for transcribed transcriptions of the recordings. In addition, you can record as many calls as you want and share the recordings with your friends and colleagues.

The recording quality is great, and you can choose the type of call to record. You can record both incoming and outgoing calls, and you can even export them for free. You can also share them via email, Dropbox, or SMS. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use.

There are many iPhone apps available that offer call recording features, but most of them are paid. Rev Call Recorder is a free, user-friendly alternative that comes with excellent reviews. The app connects your caller to a recording line and then announces the recording to the intended recipient. Unlike most paid call recording applications, it allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls. This makes it a good choice for anyone who wants to record calls.

Call Recorder – Save & Listen

Call Recorder: Save & Listen is an app that allows you to record calls. It has a neat organizational system for saving recorded calls and the option to edit audio. It also supports various cloud services. Moreover, it also offers transcripts of recorded calls. The app supports more than 50 languages.

In this mobile age, the benefits of call recording are not insignificant. It is very helpful for people in business, doctors, stock brokers, and lawyers to record calls. This helps remind them of commitments made while on the phone. However, many call recording apps are available in the market, so choosing the best one for your needs cannot be easy.

The app lets you record incoming and outgoing calls. You can also record text calls. You can even save the recordings to your email inbox. Once the recording is complete, you can listen to them or download them.