Best Litigation Lawyers in Long Beach


Are you in a legal dispute that requires the expertise of an experienced litigation lawyer in Long Beach? Look no further! We have compiled this list of the top litigation attorneys in Long Beach to make it easy for you to find the ideal legal advocate for your case.

Litigation encompasses a wide range of disputes; it’s essential to consult with an attorney with a thorough knowledge of civil procedure laws in your state and expertise in your specific area of need.

1. Belal Hamideh Law

Belal Hamideh Law is a highly-rated and widely-recognized law firm that offers legal services throughout California, particularly Long Beach. They boast an impressive success record with millions of dollars in judgments and settlements and a 99% success rate.

Their attorneys are highly-experienced and skilled, with an emphasis on client satisfaction. Additionally, their friendly staff is available 24 hours a day to assist you with your case.

They possess extensive expertise in handling cases involving many types of injuries, such as car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and wrongful death. Furthermore, they handle workers’ compensation and personal injury claims. Whether you have suffered a neck injury, traumatic brain injury, or another type of trauma, they can help ensure you receive the compensation you deserve – with an equitable compensation scheme in place.

2. Rawa Law Group

If you’ve been injured in an accident, it is imperative to speak with a lawyer. Many firms in Long Beach can offer the assistance necessary for recovery.

Rawa Law Group is a law firm that assists clients with employment and personal injury claims. Their attorneys possess years of expertise, providing you with the guidance you need.

Attorney Ziad Rawa founded this law firm and has personally recovered millions of dollars for his clients. His practice encompasses cases involving accidents, workers’ compensation claims, unpaid wages/overtime, harassment/discrimination issues, and more.

3. Law Offices of Buchsbaum & Haag

Two highly-rated attorneys founded law Offices of Buchsbaum & Haag with over four decades of combined experience representing hundreds of clients throughout Southern California. They are known for their unyielding commitment to employee rights. Their practice areas include employment discrimination, wrongful termination, workplace harassment, whistleblowing and unpaid overtime, and meal/rest break violations.

They are in Long Beach and offer comprehensive legal solutions to individuals and business entities. Their experienced lawyers will guide you through any complex legal situation to find a strategic resolution. Contact them today to learn more about their services or arrange a complimentary consultation!

4. Krieger & Krieger

If you need assistance with employment law, class actions, or business litigation in Long Beach, California, Krieger & Krieger is the firm for you. Their attorneys possess years of expertise managing employment and work injury cases through trial, helping their clients receive the compensation they deserve.

Terry Krieger and his wife Linda founded the firm in 1996, followed by third partner Larry Cagney a few months later, helping it expand to its current size.

BB&K’s attorneys represent public agencies and private corporations in various litigation matters. Their areas of expertise include land use, property valuation, water rights, health care litigation, inverse condemnation, construction disputes, civil rights cases, and general business disputes.

5. Edward J O’Reilly Law Office

Edward J O’Reilly Law Office offers legal services to those in need, whether you have suffered physical or financial harm, require help with a family law matter, or need help creating a living trust. They specialize in restraining orders, real estate disputes, employment conflicts, expunging criminal records, and more.

This Long Beach firm specializes in personal injury, workers’ compensation, and employment law. Their attorneys possess extensive experience handling cases through trial, with an impressive record for winning large settlements. With a 5-star rating on Google, numerous reviews on their Yelp page, and their Facebook page, where they share recent settlements and testimonials, this firm has multiple offices around Long Beach.