Brandywine Heights Area High School Graduation 2023


Niles — Brandywine Heights Area High School will host its graduation ceremony for the Class of 2023 at Kutztown University’s Keystone Hall on June 4. Students should wear formal evening attire (dresses or tuxedos with flat shoes) for this event.

Brandywine High School students consistently achieve college-ready results on state-required tests as well as International Baccalaureate coursework and exams, with help from an Admissions Expert for building solid applications.

Graduation Ceremony

Niles Charter Township — Brandywine Heights Area High School honored its 2023 graduating class on May 31 with a commencement ceremony held at Kutztown University Keystone Hall. Lukas Bojt performed “The Star Spangled Banner” before co-valedictorians Clara DePriest and Hannah Earles addressed graduates by emphasizing resilience and character development as vital skills.

At the graduation ceremony, 118 graduates received diplomas. Their graduating class includes individuals from diverse academic and personal backgrounds, with an average SAT score of 1870 and average ACT score of 21, respectively, while 55% of the graduating class is minority-identified, their overall grade point average being 79 with 14:1 student teacher ratio, which matches state norms.

Brandywine Heights High School provides numerous Advanced Placement courses, and their participation rate in them stands at 40%. The graduation rate at the school stands at 76%; their racial composition includes 45% White students, 40% Black students, 9% Hispanics, 3% Two or more races and one Asian. Their diversity score was 0.63, which falls below the Delaware average (0.70).


Brandywine Heights Area High School’s Class of 2023 celebrated their graduation at Kutztown University’s Keystone Hall on May 31 with a ceremony filled with performances by band and choir, speeches from top graduates, diploma awards ceremonies, and much more! This celebration marked years of hard work and commitment toward school.

Brandywine School District enrolls 969 students from grades 6-12 at this school with 14:1 student-to-teacher ratio and 30-34% higher standardized test scores in math than the state average and 45-49% in reading/language arts than average; it also offers Advanced Placement(r) courses.

At this school, racial composition includes 45% White students, 40% Black students, 9% Hispanics, as well as two Asian and one American Indian. Diversity scores at the school fall below the state average of 0.70; students can take advantage of various extracurricular activities; Clara DePriest of Brian and Kellie Rauch is planning on attending Lake Michigan College majoring in Radiology; Hannah Earles from Mike and Debbie Earles is attending Michigan State University majoring in Actuarial Science.