Bravo Care – A Platform For Professionals and Offices to Interact


Bravo Care offers an online platform where Users can interact to complete Assignments. However, Bravo Care does not oversee or direct any work between Offices and Professionals.

As a User of this Website, You may be required to provide sensitive personal data. While Bravo Care makes reasonable efforts to safeguard Your information against mischief or security breaches, errors and oversights can happen occasionally.

Medical Professionals

Bravo Care provides temporary healthcare jobs for professionals. Their platform helps facilities find skilled nursing and per diem RNs, LPN/LVNs, and CNAs while connecting healthcare professionals with high-paying local shifts – eliminating recruiters and providing opportunities to find employment on their terms.

Medical Professionals who register on Bravo agree to provide their license details, conduct a background check, and permit Bravo to share its results (excluding credit checks) with interested offices seeking assignments from them. In addition, Bravo may disclose Ratings regarding their performance as Professionals.

Each time a Facility submits a Request for Assignment, the Facility authorizes Bravo to charge their credit card or ACH on file in their name and transfer such funds directly to an approved payroll provider (from now on, “Approved Payroll Provider”). Professionals will receive a payment equal to their deposit plus commission (calculated according to Office selection procedures on the Website at the time of Assignment selection) when amounts are transferred to this Payroll Provider.

Professional certifies that they possess all the qualifications, abilities, skills, and experience to perform all Services referred by Bravo Care satisfactorily. Furthermore, the Professional attests that Bravo Care will provide no advice, training, direction, or control about any performance of services referred by them.

Each User of this Website expressly and unconditionally agrees to resolve any dispute, controversy, or claim arising out of this Agreement or between Bravo Care and You or Your Company (including performance or nonperformance of Assignments) through final and binding arbitration, except as otherwise provided below. However, this Arbitration Agreement does not prevent either party from seeking injunctive relief before an appropriate court to protect their intellectual property rights.


Bravo Care cannot guarantee the performance or quality of any Assignments will meet Your expectations or continue uninterrupted, nor can it accept liability for any damages You might sustain as a result of Your use of Services provided by Bravo Care.

All payments made through the Site are subject to the terms and conditions outlined herein. We accept credit cards and ACH (Automatic Clearing House). For us to process Your transactions successfully, a valid payment method must be on file; failure to do so could result in loss of access or forfeiture of unprocessed payments.

To access and utilize the Site, You must maintain an active personal user Services account. When registering for this Service, You must provide Your name, e-mail address, and mobile phone number along with creating and agreeing to keep secure a password that You create yourself. All activities under Your Account, including but not limited to posting or submitting content by You, are solely your responsibility; should any unauthorized attempts to gain entry or other breaches in security occur, promptly notify Bravo Care immediately of such incidents.

Professionals must possess the appropriate equipment, materials, licenses, and training to perform Services requested by Offices on the Website. Professionals must also comply with any other requirements specified by an Office and obtain prior approval from them before commencing specific works; this authorization must include details about the nature of the work being undertaken as well as the location where it will take place and the expected duration.

Suppose an Office cancels an Assignment request without providing enough notice or reasonable notice as per agreement with the Professional. In that case, their cancellation will be included in a Rating for their Office and could also result in further sanctions being implemented by Bravo Care.

Bravo Care (including, but not limited to, its officers, directors, employees, investors, affiliates, subsidiaries, and contractors) agree that any dispute or controversy related to Your use of its Site or services shall be settled through final and binding arbitration unless expressly excluded by this Agreement. Furthermore, You waive your right to a jury trial in conflict or controversy.

Terms of Service

Bravo Care provides an interactive platform for offices and medical professionals to connect. To register on this Website, offices and medical professionals must submit sensitive personal information. This may include name, e-mail address, telephone number, social security number, recent photographs, and geographical location – which will be used by Bravo Care to verify credentials and connect them with users for performing Assignments. Professionals/Offices must be responsible for paying all applicable taxes related to their work and filing appropriate tax documents with the IRS directly – we don’t pay/withhold any of this responsibility on their behalf!

By accessing this Website, You are providing Your Information to be transferred to the United States and agree that its laws may differ from Yours regarding privacy and data transfer laws. Bravo Care’s headquarters is in the US, so it is subject to US laws as well. To use this site legally, users must be at least eighteen (18).

Bravo Care Professionals shall, or request that the Office provide them with any relevant information before commencing an Assignment, such as pay rate and payment schedule. They must possess all required equipment, tools and licenses to complete it following agreement from the Office – this may involve clothing training or travel for some assignments. They further agree not to contact customers or patients of the Office directly after an Assignment is complete unless specifically instructed to by them within that Assignment.

As the user of this Website, You are solely responsible for protecting Your Login Accessibility and are accountable for any activities conducted using Your Account. Any suspected unauthorized usage must be reported immediately via e-mail to Bravo Care; further contact can be made via our form page on our Contacts Page.

By submitting Content, You grant Bravo Care an unlimited, worldwide, irrevocable, royalty-free license to copy, display, modify, adapt, create derivative works of, and publicly perform it on both the Site and in Services. Furthermore, You grant Bravo Care permission to utilize Your Content (including, without limitation, Your name and image) in advertising or promotional material related to Services.