Car Wash Central Avenue in Colonie


Car washes use water and energy to clean vehicles. At modern facilities, detergents loosen and dissolve dirt particles on vehicles before being washed away with high-pressure water and a blower system.

Planning Board members agreed that a car wash would be an improvement over a motel on this property, yet were concerned about traffic along Central Avenue and how this development may impact residents of an adjoining residential neighborhood.


Colonie — The Planning Board is reviewing plans to turn the Scottish Inns motel on Central Avenue into a Tidal Wave Auto Spa car wash, one of over 100 in Southeast. Scott Shearing presented this project and explained all mechanicals, such as vacuums and blower motors, would be housed within one building away from customers.


Car wash businesses don’t typically consider the amount of water and electricity they use when setting prices, but that has changed as more and more people become environmentally aware. Implementing practices that make your carwash greener will set it apart from competitors while drawing new customers in.

Solar power can help a car wash go green in one easy step. Carwashes offer plenty of unused roof space that could be converted to panels, saving on electric bills while helping them remain competitive in an unpredictable economy.

Car washes can make strides toward environmental responsibility by quickly cleaning up all oil and chemical spills to avoid pollution of the environment. Chemicals leached from vehicle exhaust into soil or water sources can contaminate their surroundings and create serious health concerns in local communities.

Recycling paper for receipts and auto-renewal notices can significantly decrease how much paper waste ends up in landfills – another great way to lower environmental impacts while saving on printing and postage costs.

Car Washes Central Ave employs recycled tires and aluminum cans and can help lower landfill waste by using them again when worn out – saving both energy and resources in the process. Furthermore, this kind of waste reduction will keep landfills fuller for longer.

Carwashes often use eco-friendly cleaning products and advanced technologies to minimize their environmental footprint, such as water reclamation systems or energy usage reduction technologies. This helps reduce waste production from carwashes, as well as meet strict water restrictions in certain regions.

Another way a car wash can go green is through LED lighting, which boasts a long lifespan and reduced energy usage. Furthermore, LED bulbs emit less UV radiation than standard incandescent bulbs, providing environmental benefits over conventional bulbs. Automated on/off lighting also helps save on energy usage; using it when lights aren’t needed allows energy savings. Finally, offering reusable towels rather than paper can help decrease waste sent directly into landfills.