Choosing a Family Law Attorney


Choosing a family law attorney can be a very tough decision. You don’t want to hire someone who isn’t going to be able to provide you with the best service possible. It is essential that you get an attorney that will be able to handle any and all of the issues that may arise in your case.

Domestic violence

Often, the two systems of law – criminal and family – overlap in cases of domestic violence. If you or someone you know is being abused, you should reach out for help.

The family court can assist you in getting an order of protection or divorce. The courts can also help with custody matters, such as who will get to spend time with the children. In addition, the courts can grant you a restraining order and injunction.

When you are in an abusive situation, the first thing you should do is call the police. You should also seek out an attorney. A good lawyer will have the knowledge and expertise to help you in your situation.

Child abuse

Whether you are accused of child abuse, or you are a victim, it is important to know what the law requires. Your family law attorney can provide you with information about the punishment you may face if you are found guilty.

When a child is abused, it can be physical, sexual, or emotional. If you have been accused of committing any of these acts, you need to get help from a New York City family lawyer.

You are entitled to a hearing in court. You have the right to a fair trial and to be treated with dignity and respect. The government has a duty to uphold these rights.

Spousal support

Several factors affect spousal support in family law. They include the length of the marriage, the standard of living in the marriage, and other factors. It is important to remember that a court may refuse to issue a divorce decree until there is a sufficient change in the parties’ circumstances.

It is important to consider the “presumption of self-sufficiency” in a spousal support agreement. This refers to the presumption that a spouse will be able to maintain the same lifestyle after a divorce.

It is also important to consider the other objectives of a support order. One is to ensure that the children are provided for. The other is to promote the economic self-sufficiency of each spouse.


Getting a child adopted is a great way to give a minor a safe and loving home. But the process can be complicated. The best way to make the experience a success is to have a family law attorney on your side.

The process involves extensive legal steps. These are meant to ensure that the adoption process goes smoothly.

A family law and adoption lawyer can help you navigate through these steps. They are also knowledgeable about the different types of adoptions available.

A home study is an important part of the adoption process. This involves a series of interviews and background checks. These investigations include social history, moral fitness, physical fitness, and financial status.


Whether you are the father or mother of a child, paternity can be a complicated legal issue. It can involve issues such as custody, co-parenting, and support. A family law attorney can help you to understand your rights and responsibilities.

Before moving forward with a case regarding support, you need to provide the court with evidence of paternity. This can include a written affidavit or DNA testing.

A court may also order genetic tests in cases where there is no acknowledged parent. This test is typically in the child’s best interest. The test will allow the court to make a definitive statement about the biological parent of the child.

Prenuptial agreements

Whether you are a spouse, a potential spouse, or even just considering marriage, you might be wondering if a prenuptial agreement is for you. If you are not sure what one is, it is a contract between you and your potential spouse that sets out the financial, property, and support terms of your relationship.

These agreements can be extremely helpful for couples who have significant assets. In many cases, a prenuptial agreement can help ensure that the financial issues in a divorce are handled properly. In addition, the agreement can reduce the stress of a divorce.

Oftentimes, couples enter into a prenuptial agreement before they get married. This allows them to address the financial, property, and support issues early on, which can make for a smoother separation agreement.