Choosing a Phone Mount for Golf Cart


Golf cart phone mounts provide an effective means of protecting mobile devices while on the course. Selecting one that can securely attach to either your handlebars or the frame of the golf cart is vital for maintaining peace of mind while you’re out on the course.

This magnetic phone holder attaches securely to your cart with two Neodymium N52 magnet plates for optimal performance and can withstand bumpy golf cart rides. Plus, it accommodates most phones and GPS devices!


One of the critical elements to consider when selecting a golf cart phone mount is stability. You should not experience any movement while driving your cart and be able to adjust its position according to your needs easily – the easiest way of accomplishing this would be with a holder that provides a secure grip without falling off quickly and uses quality materials so as to prevent rust.

Look for a phone holder that’s both durable and simple to install without being too cumbersome or complicated. Some models even include an optional windshield mount so that you can use your phone while driving – ideal for GPS, video chatting, and other uses while on the course.

Make sure that the size of the holder you purchase fits perfectly with the phone you intend to hold in it. Some golf cart holder models are made to accommodate larger phones while protecting them from scratches with their padded surfaces and adjustable angles that help find the ideal position for each phone model.

A suitable golf cart phone mount must fit your smartphone in terms of screen size and thickness, be rotatable 360 degrees for optimal viewing, allow you to access favorite apps during gameplay, and help improve swing.

If you want an easy and reliable golf cart phone holder, consider the Golf Magnetic Phone Holder. Easily attached magnetically to any cart or irons using dual Neodymium N52 magnet plates — some of the strongest rare-earth magnets — this holder works with smartphones both with cases and without cases and claims military-grade durability during bumpy rides.

Adjustable Angles

When purchasing a phone holder for golf cart use, make sure that it features an adjustable angle that enables easy viewing while driving and prevents distraction from your phone. Furthermore, durable construction is critical, as well as having a slick surface so as not to allow your device to move off of its mount accidentally.

Consider whether or not the holder can fit on different golf carts. Many models are specifically made to work with several cart models, but reading reviews first is best as this will indicate what other golfers think of the product as well as if it is suitable for your needs.

There are various golf cart phone holders on the market, but the Stripebird Golf Magnetic Phone Holder stands out as a popular option due to its secure grip while you play. Equipped with two Neodymium N52 magnet plates to ensure no slippage during bumpy rides and boasting 360-degree rotation ability to adapt it for optimal golfing experiences, its dual Neodymium N52 magnet plates provide this holder won’t slip! Furthermore, its 360-degree rotatable head makes adjusting it even more straightforward!

Desert Fox Golf’s phone holder for golf carts is an ideal solution for golfers who wish to use selfies or GPS on the course. Easy installation and a solid grip ensure your phone doesn’t slide while driving; furthermore, its frosted bottom design helps ensure its stable placement without blocking its charging port.

The LEAPGOMAX Golf Cart, Phone Holder Mount is an excellent solution for golfers who require a secure yet convenient method to hold their phones while on the course. It features a distinctive square tube base that fits most golf cart models, an adjustable square tube holder with ball joints that allow for multiple angles of viewing your phone from all directions, and locking features so your device remains safe during driving!

Compatible With Different Carts

Golf cart phone mounts can help improve your game by making apps like GPS easier to use and scorekeeping simpler, as well as recording swing footage and sending it off for analysis by coaches. Many available phone mounts are compatible with different cart models so that you can find one that best meets your individual needs and budget.

The best golf cart mounts are designed to securely and comfortably hold a range of devices, from smartphones and GPS units to tablet PCs and media players. Furthermore, these mounts are engineered for uneven terrain to provide optimal security and stability – including rubber or silicon shock absorption for added protection of devices from shockwaves; some models even boast quick-release mechanisms to make taking out phones more straightforward than ever!

Caddie Buddy Golf Cart Steering Wheel Phone Mount is another outstanding choice, as this mount easily clamps onto any steering wheel of a golf cart and can be moved left or right to suit users. Compatible with phones such as iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices, installation takes only minutes without tools; its great customer reviews speak for themselves! Overall, it makes an ideal addition to golf carts!

This golf cart phone holder mount is ideal for all kinds of smartphones, even those protected by protective cases. It easily attaches to either the steering wheel or dashboard and can withstand bumps and jostles along its course while offering height and width adjustments to accommodate different smartphone models, including larger ones.

TOPGO cup holder phone holders are another popular golf cart mount option, fitting most models and can easily be positioned into most cup holders for quick and secure holding of phones without cases. Available in black or white finishes for discreet solutions that fit onto most golf carts and come with lifetime warranties!


Cost should not always be the primary consideration when purchasing a golf cart phone holder; instead, durability and ease of use should take priority. Reading reviews written by other golfers who have used it will give an accurate representation of its quality and overall satisfaction with this holder. In addition, look for one compatible with your mobile phone model by checking both diameters – such as phone and holder diameter. In addition, look for a mount that won’t shake while driving your cart.

Golf cart cell phone holders are an invaluable way of keeping track of scores and pertinent data while you play. Mounting it either on the steering wheel or behind your seat allows easy access without disrupting your view of the course – an indispensable accessory for any golfer!

Your golf cart phone holder should either attach directly to an umbrella holder or mount securely anywhere on your push cart handlebars, allowing it to fit various cup holders while also holding most cell phones or smartphones with cases attached. With its adjustable design, you can position this phone holder to maintain that angle throughout your ride.

Golf cart phone holders with magnetic bases are designed to attach securely to any metal surface, like the frame of your cart or metal poles. Each holder comes equipped with a rubber pad to protect your phone from scratches while remaining securely in place while driving along the course.

The Caddie Buddy iPhone Golf Cart mount/holder is proudly made in America and designed to accommodate various phone brands. Installation is quick and doesn’t require tools; plus, it withstands the vibration and resistance of your golf cart for effortless navigation! A must-have accessory for any serious golfer! Keep score, call friends, or text them while on the course with this essential device!