Coleman Lantern Series Travel Trailers


The Coleman Lantern series travel trailer is ideal for occasional RVers or those just getting started with camping, priced under $7,000. Weighing less than 7,000 pounds UVW, its lightweight build makes it easy to transport with most family SUVs.

These trailers offer multiple floorplan options that comfortably sleep two to three people. When reviewed on popular review platforms and discussion boards, these campers receive high marks for efficiency and livability.


Coleman travel trailers feature an abundance of standard features that make them an excellent choice for quickly hitting the road and enjoying their vacation quickly and affordably. Their affordable pricing makes them suitable for part-time campers or beginners just starting; their durable construction makes them long-term investments when cared for properly and regularly inspected/routinely maintained – not to mention being lightweight enough to tow behind most vehicles!

Many owners of Coleman travel trailers hail the quality of their construction. Many note how easily maintained and repaired these campers are, while finding parts is usually straightforward. Furthermore, manufacturing on an assembly line enables manufacturers to identify issues quickly before hitting the market.

Coleman travel trailers stand out by offering spacious kitchens with plenty of counter space and storage, as this feature can be an attraction to travelers who prefer cooking their meals themselves instead of dining out all the time. Many Coleman models include a stovetop, fridge, and microwave to create home-cooked meals while vacationing.

Coleman trailers feature spacious bathrooms with tub, shower, and toilet facilities; some models even include washer/dryer units to keep your clothing clean while traveling. Furthermore, Coleman travel trailers boast ample storage space and comfortable beds perfect for relaxing after a long day’s journey. Plus, they’re easy to hook up to your vehicle and come equipped with convenient power maintenance features, ideal for first-time RVers because of their user-friendly operation and user-friendly power maintenance features. Excellent choice for families traveling with children and pets due to features like a child safety harness on the awning and smoke detectors installed within the living area!


Camping enthusiasts who require travel trailers should look for models with excellent designs. Such trailers should be constructed of solid material to withstand heavy-duty applications while offering features such as power tongue and stab jacks that enable smooth road travel and remote power access via generator connection – as well as accommodating up to 10 people for camping trips.

The Coleman company was established in 1905 and is known for its outdoor products, such as coolers, lanterns, tents, and grills. Furthermore, Coleman offers travel trailers at low prices with convenient amenities to make camping an enjoyable experience – these trailers also come equipped with floorplan options designed to meet every lifestyle!

Coleman trailers are specially tailored to appeal to beginning RV enthusiasts, being affordable and budget-friendly, and towable with SUVs. Plus, their floorplans make camping enjoyable for couples or families; standard amenities make the camping experience relaxing for all involved!

Coleman travel trailers compete favorably against similar products at similar price ranges in terms of durability and material quality but should be maintained and inspected continuously to keep them correctly. They provide warranties, so read carefully through any fine print regarding them before purchasing one of their products.

The Coleman Lantern series has several floorplans, most featuring a Murphy bed. Some even come equipped with powered awnings for additional comfort during camping trips. Each trailer also has a power tongue jack, stab jack, and 4G Wi-Fi LTE capabilities for optimal camping trips.


Coleman is well-known for their camping gear. Their company began manufacturing gas lanterns in the early 1900s before branching into tents, grills, and almost every camping gadget you could need. Coleman camper trailers offer various floor plans designed to meet the needs of different travelers.

If you’re searching for an economical travel trailer, the Coleman Light series may be just what you need. Crafted of aluminum-framed trailers, they feature lightweight yet high-quality construction as well as amenities such as power stabilizer jacks, an awning with a power retracting mechanism, and queen beds – as well as their lightweight design, which helps improve fuel economy by decreasing wind resistance and drag resistance.

The Coleman Light Series RVs also come with a three-year warranty covering structural issues and can even be transferred if sold within its first year of ownership. Unfortunately, however, this coverage doesn’t extend to items like TVs or backup cameras, which owners themselves may have installed.

These camper trailers are an affordable solution for part-time campers who wish to create lasting family memories in an accessible manner. Families with young children will also appreciate them as they are designed to withstand wear and tear from children running around inside them.

Budget-conscious families will appreciate that these vans can be towable by most family-oriented SUVs with an unloaded vehicle weight (UVW) tow rating that’s easily manageable by most tow vehicles. Unfortunately, cheaper materials tend to show wear and tear more quickly than others do, thus requiring frequent maintenance such as caulking seams, tightening loose trim, and touching up any scuff marks on furniture.

Due to their efficient and livable designs, Coleman travel trailers have earned high ratings on online discussion forums and review sites. Most customers are pleased with their purchase and would recommend this RV to others; however, some have complained that warranty claims take too long to process – the company should improve customer service to keep customers satisfied; furthermore, customers should choose only reliable dealers when making a purchase decision to ensure maximum value for their money.


Coleman travel trailers have long been a top choice among buyers because of their attractive low prices and convenient amenities. Plus, it is manufactured by the Coleman Company, well-known for outdoor camping supplies like lanterns and tents. Assembly is quick and effortless while premium features such as power stabilizer jacks and tongue jacks aid with set up as well as cavern pass-through storage compartment for easier packing, slam-latch baggage doors for effortless loading, sleek fiberglass front caps to add style, secure solid steps that help enter effortlessly without effort from entering without hassle or struggle!

Coleman travel trailers also boast excellent resale values due to being constructed using cost-efficient materials, ensuring long-term use. To increase this value even further, regular maintenance such as caulking leaky seams and tightening loose trim work should be performed to preserve its value as much as possible; additionally, refinishing flooring or furniture to remove scuff marks may increase it further.

Coleman travel trailers are an excellent choice for part-time campers looking for an economical yet durable way to experience nature. Easy assembly makes getting ready to hit the road quick, while their durable construction withstands even rough treatment from kids and pets. Unfortunately, however, their lack of full-time camping capabilities limits their usefulness significantly.

As with anything, when shopping for a Coleman travel trailer, it’s essential to remember that you generally get what you pay for. Although these RVs tend to be more cost-effective than their competitors, provided they are properly maintained. When considering purchasing one, it is wise to compare its features against other brands available within its price range and consult an expert before making any final purchases – professional advice could help find you your perfect trailer!