Cincha Travel Belt


Start making traveling simpler with our stylish travel belt! Perfectly secure your bag to the luggage handle for hands-free maneuverability. Available in various colors, add a monogram for that personalized touch!

Ash and James Baker founded Cincha in 2019 out of their apartment in California, and its products have quickly earned positive feedback from customers. Furthermore, the pair actively supports initiatives aimed at reuniting migrant families.

Easy to release and reattach

Cincha Travel Belts offers an elegant and effective solution for securing personal bags and luggage. Their high-quality straps and buckles can be quickly released or reattached – perfect for busy travelers on the go. Plus, with multiple colors to choose from and customizable features available – you’re sure to find one that suits your style perfectly!

Ash and James designed Cincha to solve an everyday travel dilemma they experienced while traveling. To make their trip more manageable and stylish, they wanted an effective solution for securely attaching duffle bags, handbags, backpacks, messenger bags, or other small travel accessories to luggage to free one hand up for using passports or taking out wallets, etc.

After pitching their products on “Shark Tank,” the duo received much positive response – enough to land themselves on BuzzFeed’s list of “17 Cool Products You’ve Seen On Shark Tank This Year.” Additionally, sales have experienced an exponential rise since appearing on the show.

Travel Belts are made with solid nylon flexible yet sturdy straps, featuring an easily adjustable quick-release metal buckle that ensures your bag is always secure. Available in multiple sizes to fit most bags, including suitcases, this accessory also features an elastic fitter designed to reduce extra slack and avoid slippage.

Unlike other travel belts, the Travel Belt is designed for easy removal and reattachment. Compatible with most luggage brands and styles, its adjustable strap fits both right- and left-handed travelers comfortably and comes complete with an instructional manual and video footage showing how to attach and detach it from its carrier.

The Travel Belt comes in various colors and can be personalized with a monogram, featuring a stowaway pocket and Belt Buddy pouch for additional storage needs. Orders typically arrive within 72 hours in the U.S. and approximately one week for international shipments; returns are free except in instances of personalized items.

Stylish design

As an elegant traveler or just someone looking for a more effortless traveling experience, the Cincha Travel Belt is a must-have. It securely fastens personal bags to luggage while relieving strain off shoulders and backs – plus, its stylish design makes it a fashionable addition.

Cincha was inspired by Ash Sharma and James Baker’s experiences traveling. Frustrated with juggling their carry-on bags with their rolling luggage, they created this belt as an easy solution. Since appearing on Shark Tank, Cincha has gained significant attention.

Cincha offers stylish travel belts as part of its assortment of products designed to make travel more straightforward, such as the Stowaway Pocket for secure storage of accessories and essential travel essentials. If desired, there’s also an option to personalize it further by adding monogrammed initials.

Cincha’s cinchable travel belt is designed for ease of use and fits most bag sizes and styles, featuring a stretchy slip that easily slides over luggage handles and snaps securely into place. Choose from multiple vibrant colors, or add your personalization with hand-painted or debossed monograms!

Cincha offers travel belts directly through its website, where all major credit cards are accepted, and free shipping to destinations within the US is provided. Orders may also be returned within 30 days for purchases that don’t contain personalized items – making their user-friendly website highly user-friendly with a comprehensive FAQ section for added support.

Ash Sharma and James Baker launched Cincha Travel from their Oakland apartment. Their inspiration for creating their travel products came after they realized there weren’t any stylish yet functional effects on the market; since then, their business has experienced rapid expansion – BuzzFeed and Architectural Digest have featured their products!

The company stands out with a clear social mission evident in their products: They donate 100 airline miles for every Travel Belt sold and partner with Miles4Migrants to reunite migrant families. Their strong dedication to social responsibility has secured them a place among other luggage brands.

Durable material

If you want a travel belt that will stand the test of time, look for one made of high-quality materials. Thick straps with tightly woven weaves should be preferred over those featuring Velcro patches that may peel over time. A great belt should also feature wide, rigid buckles that won’t bend or break easily; easy adjustment and fitting processes should make fitting easier while being robust enough to withstand multiple trips and heavy loads.

Cincha Travel was established by Ash Sharma and James Baker, two BIPOC couples living in Los Angeles. Their unique products offer solutions for everyday problems without compromising a traveler’s style – belts, minimalist passport holders, or versatile luggage totes.

Cincha Travel, after its appearance on Shark Tank, has received significant exposure. Their founders managed to secure an investment deal with investor Barbara Corcoran in April 2023 and since have expanded their range of travel products, which have become immensely popular worldwide – many are available for sale online as well.

Cincha Travel belt’s key feature is its secret slip, which securely fastens your carry-on bag to your luggage handle. Available in various colors and prints – customizable with any name or initials! – the Cincha Travel belt makes travel much simpler!

Cincha Travel Belts combine style and function. Constructed of high-grade materials, their sleek designs make them the ideal travel companion. Made of vegan leather straps with various color choices available – even opting for standout patterns to increase visibility at airports!

The Cincha Travel belt is ideal for travelers tired of wrestling with their bags and luggage. Constructed from durable material with a stylish aesthetic, its durable yet elegant design will reduce stress while traveling and comes in multiple sizes for you to select the one that best fits your body type.

Easy to customize

Cincha’s Travel Belts are easy to customize. Choose from 18 vibrant colors and add your monogram for a personal touch. Wear your belt around your waist or chest, depending on your preferred style; its herringbone-patterned nylon construction features vegan leather accents and quick-release metal buckles. Adapts easily to fit medium to large bags up to 38 inches!

Travel Belt is designed to securely attach bags to luggage handles and free up the hands of travelers who prefer hands-free travel. It features a secret slip that wraps over each luggage handle and connects your bag securely, as well as an elastic fitter to keep your belongings safe from being misplaced or falling off during transit.

James Baker and Ash Sharma, founders of Cincha, set out to design an attractive yet functional travel accessory in 2019. Based out of Oakland, California, where they resided before starting up Cincha in 2019, James and Ash are avid travelers themselves and wanted to create something that would make traveling simpler for themselves and other travelers.

Cincha Travel Belts and Bags was introduced as an innovative product that quickly gained consumer interest and received positive reviews. Since then, the company has continued its expansion, adding Stowaway Pockets, which hold personal items, and Travel Belts, which will be both regular and mini versions released.

James and Ash’s “Shark Tank” pitch was an unqualified success, winning them a $200,000 deal with Barbara Corcoran for a 25% stake in their company in exchange for socks, hotel pen sets, and notepad sets as products to sell.

Cincha was established by two passionate travelers, James Baker and Ash Sharma, as a family-run company dedicated to creating functional yet fashionable travel accessories. Each product’s design frees your hands from managing luggage while giving you room to carry other essentials such as passports or wallets. Available in an array of colors with hand-painted initials or debossed initials available as customization services, Cincha offers convenient yet stylish solutions.