Boat Rental in Malta – The Best Way to See Malta From the Sea


A boat rental in Malta is an enjoyable way to discover this charming island nation from the sea. With clear waters, gorgeous beaches, and world-famous landmarks nearby, renting a vessel provides the ideal way to take this scenic island nation from the water. Discover the best info about rent a boat in Malta.

No matter your skill level or experience level, there is a boat available that fits your needs perfectly. Use our advanced filters to find your dream vessel for your trip!


Malta’s capital city, Valletta, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site boasting spectacular architecture and masterpieces such as St John’s Co-Cathedral and Grand Master’s Palace. Valletta is also an excellent setting to rent a yacht and spend a day sailing around its clear, blue Mediterranean waters!

Sailo makes it simple and affordable to book a boat cruise in Valletta Harbour or nearby locations in Malta. Simply select the type of trip you would like, use the blue message button on each boat page to directly communicate with the captain/owner about your plans, make special arrangements if needed, discuss itinerary options, or ask any queries that arise about sailing on these beautiful islands.

As your experience and preferences vary, sailing with or chartering a bareboat are both viable options for your sailing vacation. A skippered charter is an ideal way for first-time cruisers to maximize their time on the water; skippers have access to local knowledge that most don’t and can show you places that others can’t access.

Prices depend on boat type, capacity, and whether a skipper crew and equipment are included. Fuel charges will be calculated after your journey, depending on the distance traveled.

Comino Island

Malta is an idyllic island nation boasting stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters. Home to numerous cultural attractions—like the world-famous Blue Lagoon—Malta can best be explored via boat. Rent one and enjoy its crystal-clear waters and picturesque views while making lasting memories on your journey! Be sure to bring along a camera, comfortable clothing, and sturdy shoes.

Boat trips to Comino Island offer an unforgettable experience of Malta’s natural beauty. Situated between Gozo and Malta, this small island features a natural lagoon. Although popular among tourists, renting a boat allows for uncrowded exploration of Comino’s pristine beaches.

Interested in renting a boat in Malta? With Click& Boat’s search filters – location and date filters among them – there is sure to be the perfect vessel for your needs. Additionally, choose between renting with or without skipper services, giving you complete freedom as the captain.

Renting a boat between May and October can also save money, with temperatures still warm but smaller crowds. While islands remain breathtaking throughout the year, shoulder season rentals provide a more relaxing experience.

The Blue Lagoon

If you’re planning a Malta boat tour that includes the Blue Lagoon, book early. As it is a trendy summertime tourist spot and often crowded, peak season visitors should aim to arrive before 10 am so as to avoid crowds. Furthermore, visiting during weekdays rather than weekends might give you a better opportunity to enjoy its tranquil beauty without massive tourist numbers around you.

The Blue Lagoon is an exquisite turquoise shallow bay on Comino Island that is ideal for idyllic swimming and snorkeling. There are also cave exploration opportunities nearby. Make sure your Malta cruise itinerary includes this stop!

Malta is a stunning island boasting crystal-clear waters and plenty of sandy beaches, making it the ideal location for romantic or family getaways alike. A cruise around Malta allows visitors to visit attractions like Blue Lagoon, Comino Island, and other notable landmarks while also providing the opportunity for picnicking or simply lazing about in the sun!

Boat tours in Malta typically include a visit to the Blue Lagoon, one of the Country’s most beloved spots. Most tours include an experienced skipper operating the vessel; for an even more personalized experience, consider renting your own vessel and exploring with a local skipper!


Malta offers warm temperatures, clear waters, gorgeous beaches, and a vibrant history – the ideal conditions for an exceptional sailing experience. Boating season in Malta typically runs between June and September, offering perfect sailing conditions. Enjoy romantic sunset cruises or adventure yacht trips; this Mediterranean island nation has something special in store.

Before selecting a boat for vacation, consider the length and amenities you’d like. For instance, if your plans involve only one or two days on board, choose an RIB or motorboat that provides speed and convenience; for longer journeys, we suggest booking a catamaran or yacht that offers enough room and comfort.

If you’re new to sailing or have no prior experience, we highly advise hiring a skipper for your trip. That way, you can enjoy Malta without worrying about operating the boat; plus, a local skipper may show you some fantastic hidden spots you wouldn’t otherwise discover on your own!

Click & amp; Boat makes finding your ideal boat rental easy: enter your location and dates before filtering results by price, vessel type, and more. When you see it, book it right away so you can begin exploring Malta!